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Christopher Bollyn on Book Tour, Making Jews Unhappy

Christopher Bollyn, the author of a series of articles and books on “Solving 9/11,” is presently on tour promoting his latest book, The War on Terror: The Plot to Rule the Middle East. And wouldn’t you know it? With every stop he makes he seems to be infuriating local Jews in the towns and cities he visits.

Bollyn has never been shy about discussing the substantial evidence pointing to Israeli involvement in 9/11, and in the video below you’ll hear him discuss how his presentation in Santa Cruz, California had to be moved out to a local public beach after pressure was put on the venue owner, and he also talks about efforts to disrupt his presentation at a public library in Ashland, Oregon.

The following video contains footage from a talk Bollyn gave in Laguna Beach, California.

I first came across the Laguna Beach video a couple of days ago at the Green Crow as the Crow Flies blog. Here are some very pertinent comments about it made by the administrator of that blog:

Bollyn (and the cameraman off camera at the back of the room) try to reason with the Jewish questioner.  They keep running into total absence of logic.  The Questioner seems to have been brainwashed with all the buzz words and talking points of the M$M.  He starts off by lecturing Bollyn with the shopworn “definition” of a conspiracy theorist…”One who starts off with a conclusion and then dismisses anything that contravenes that conclusion to end up with a (conspiracy) theory.”  Bollyn counters by asking the Jewish questioner “what facts have I omitted?  Name just one“.  The questioner quickly moves away from that argument and does not present one fact.

Rather, he moves on to the ludicrous statement that “Bush started the war on Iraq because Saddam threatened his father”.  This is a 5 year old’s comic book (Superman and Batman) view of geopolitics.  Bollyn and the off screen cameraman keep drilling down to force the questioner to provide proof or theory to back up his ridiculous statements…like the Jews in the WTC didn’t get a warning so, out of 400 Jews working in the WTC, only four (according to Netanyahu) were killed in the atrocity.  The cameraman provides video proof that several prominent New York Jews, including former Senator, Al Franken who had offices in the WTC admitted they were warned.

The topic switches to the Middle East and the question of why the United States has been forced to go to war for Israeli interests.  This is where it gets interesting….the offscreen cameraman keeps drilling down on the Jewish questioner’s responses….Why is Israel so disliked in the middle east that it has to “defend itself” from all its neighbours?  Finally the truth is presented (by the cameraman):  “Because of what has happened to the Palestinians (and by extrapolation is threatened to all Arabs living on land that Jews covet).”

The questioner, to his credit, finally answers the question of why Israel wants to destroy Syria…He asks:  “Have you ever walked the Golan Heights?  Have you ever stood on top and seen the land spread out before you?  The Golan Heights is prime land for anyone to shoot down at Israel.”  So, in other words…any land in the middle east that is within shooting distance of Israel is fair game for Jewish takeover.  Is that logical?????

Bollyn points out that the Golan Heights are fertile and priceless oil fields as well as being geostrategically important.  He also points out that Israel’s occupation of those lands has never been accepted by the world community…BUT… that if Syria were destroyed…the lands would, of course, automatically and by default fall into Israeli hands.  So, it is all about the land after all….the debate finally drilled down to the ultimate nugget of truth.

At this point, the debate ended as the questioner and his wife got up and left the room.  The video cuts out but then takes up again as the cameraman briefly re-engaged with the couple in the hallway.  The wife, who had up until then been silent, told the cameraman that she was not going to engage with him anymore because “our people have been killed for this”.  Yes, the victim card…the last card to be played in any debate with Jewish ziofascists.  Not the Palestianians who have died and/or been existing for 60 years on the biggest outdoor concentration camp the world has ever seen, not the Iraqis, Syrians, Afghanis, Libyans, Yemenis etc., etc.,…but “our people”.

Far worse than gluten–it would appear that some people suffer a major allergic reaction to the truth. I’ll close here with some very wise words spoken by Bollyn himself–in a post on his website put up on August 30 at the outset of his book tour:

To believe the official myth about 9/11 is to be trapped in a joyless state of mind because joy cannot co-exist with fear and hate. This is why embracing 9/11 truth is essential for our well-being and sanity, as individuals and as a nation. There is immense spiritual value in freeing ourselves from deception and living in truth.

8 thoughts on “Christopher Bollyn on Book Tour, Making Jews Unhappy

  1. I remember the good old days when Bollyn headed over to France and drank all of Daryl B Smith’s wine. Smith was pretty hot about that.

    While I have not watched that video(I have seen plenty of these presentations live and on video) The guy in the white striped shirt looks like the one Jewish guy who vehemently disagreed with the AE911 presentation when it was in town, he also had a white shirt. The guy was a real desperate dude with serious cognitive dissonance. I tried to explain it to him but he wouldn’t have any of it and proceeded to make a fool out of himself by bringing up the “official myth”.

    It seems logical that they/zionists or adl would have a regular whiny jew show up at everyone of these presentations. Just to keep things fair and balanced don’t you know…

  2. Mr. Bollyn exhibits profound wisdom when referring to the difficult struggle for 9/11 truth and justice, while simultaneously ending the fictional war on terror, as a spiritual battle. Spiritual warfare is precisely what people are engaged in.

  3. Notice that the Tribe member and his wife/girlfriend are reading notes from pieces of paper they’re holding?
    Did that paper have questions the Jew scribbled on there to ask Bollyn or was it some kind of email/text from Jew Inc, sent to obedient Jews in the cities Bollyn is visiting, with info on how to disrupt or get his talks cancelled, which happened in Santa Cruz, or to ask him questions, which always focus on Jew victimhood or screeching that you’re some kind of Nazi-loving anti-Semite?

    I’ve bought and read Bollyn’s book, “Solving 9/11” and recommend it to anybody, even those who know we’ve been sold a line of Zionist BS about what happened on that day.

    And in other Occupation News….

    At least on city in Texas is requiring those who want hurricane relief to sign a statement saying they won’t now or ever boycott Israel?

    So much for that Texas spirit of independence. Guess the star on the Texas state flag is six-pointed?

    TX City Requires That Aid Recipients Do Not Boycott Israel


  4. clearly the first order of business is pointing out the fact that
    the Children of Israel in the Old Testament did not ‘Turn Into’
    modern day so-called ‘Jews” who are merely “PROSELYTES”
    to Talmudic Judaism….and are neither “Hebrews” nor


    “Israelites”….which means the Jewish so-called “STATE”
    cannot be “Israel”….


    no matter how puffed up {{{{THEY}}}} are about being


  5. Great post. Perhaps this post ought to have been tagged “Jews” as it does speak of them and their behavior. It would counter balance the glowing posts from Judeophiles and Christian Zionists on that tag page. Just a thought.

  6. It was easier to understand what was going on when I read this article and then see the video clip…then it was obviouse..this couple was there just to make a stand against Mr. Bollyn. I saw this earlier..but when I read this..it became even more obvious

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