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‘We will not follow in the footsteps of Iraq and Libya’–North Korean Diplomat

Senior North Korean diplomat Choi Sun Hee arrives at Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow to attend an international non-proliferation conference.

[ Ed. note – The non-proliferation conference mentioned in the article took place in Moscow October 19-21. Choi Sun Hee, North Korea’s delegate, announced that while attending she had no plans to meet with either the representatives from the US or South Korea. ]

Oct. 23 (UPI) North Korea’s senior diplomat on North America said her country will “not follow in the footsteps of Iraq and Libya” at the 2017 Moscow Nonproliferation Conference.

Choi Sun Hee, the only known senior-ranking woman in Pyongyang’s foreign ministry, said Saturday her country had a right to defend itself, and building weapons of mass destruction was the solution, South Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo reported Monday.

The sole way to defend sovereignty is to retain nuclear weapons, Choi said, adding, “We will not follow in the footsteps of Iraq and Libya.”

North Korea has maintained Iraq was invaded in 2003 because it did not own nuclear weapons.

Supporters of the Iraq invasion believed Baghdad was manufacturing weapons of mass destruction and action was required.

Pyongyang has also blamed a deal Libya made with the United States for the eventual demise of former leader Moammar Gadhafi.

In her remarks in Moscow, Choi also said the “ultimate goal” of North Korea is to prevent the United States from making references to any future military action.

“We will not negotiate with nuclear weapons, and the United States must recognize us as a nuclear weapons state,” Choi said. “We will not return to the six-party talks until the issue with the United States is resolved.

“Our supreme leader has said we will ‘fight fire with fire’.”

Choi did not make official contact with her South Korea counterpart at the forum.

On Monday Choi traveled to St. Petersburg to speak to students at the University of St. Petersburg, Yonhap reported.

The lecture is expected to take behind closed doors, according to the report.

6 thoughts on “‘We will not follow in the footsteps of Iraq and Libya’–North Korean Diplomat

  1. It is unfortunate that it has come to this but having nuclear weaponry is the safeguard form invasion . Like the diplomat states , we will not follow in the steps of Iraq and Libya and for good reason.

  2. Every country on earth has learned the lesson: if you don’t have nuclear weapons you’ll get invaded by the US.

  3. The proposal put forward by Russia and China–end nuclear testing by the north in exchange for an end to US war games on the peninsula–was an eminently reasonable one. Not surprising that the US rejected it.

  4. I think it`s about time South Korea distanced itself from the empire for their own self preservation..i have to say one of the good things about POTUS Trump is that the deliberate blindness of the vassal states of the empire can now be discarded,there is no smoothie Obama with his silver tongue words to calm fears,for the people who run the empire care not for the rest of us,i mean they did not care about the migrant crisis in Europe or the terrorists attacks caused by the US imperial adventurism, or staring a war on our continent in Ukraine,South Korea needs look out for itself if it wants to exist,the only country they care about is Israel…p.s,American people are a great people,but the ruling elite of the empire, :/ `hmm Not soo great…

  5. I think the US needs to quit trying to tell other countries what to do, and I have a feeling that one day it’s going to learn that lesson the hard way.

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