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‘War to Save the Children’ — Talk By Vanessa Beeley

Recently Vanessa Beeley discussed the cynical manipulation of children to promote war in Syria.  Entitled “War to Save the Children,” her presentation was given as part of a London event entitled “Media On Trial.” It is a very important talk, and Beeley does a superb job of underscoring the hypocrisy behind the so-called “humanitarian interventions” so incessantly pursued by those who decidedly are not humane. The irony here of course: that the “war to save the children,” as it were, is in reality a war that kills children.

Held last month at a church in London, the Media On Trial event was organized by Frome Stop War, an independent anti-war group formed in 2011 in response to the bombing of Libya.

2 thoughts on “‘War to Save the Children’ — Talk By Vanessa Beeley

  1. Thank God for reporters like Vanessa Beeley and also Eva Bartlett who have been on the ground in Syria to provide truth to the world about the misleading mainstream corporate reporting to manipulate the narrative about what is actually going on. It is with a heavy heart indeed that I feel especially for the children in these war ton countries .
    What have we become as human beings ……….

  2. Vanessa Beeley is a heroin, her reporting helped educate us in the west know the truth on Syria,she and Eva Bartlett helped challenge mainstream media and it’s support of neocon regime change and war ,which would have Syria have the same fate as Iraq and Libya, ‘these good ladies deserve a noble peace prize..p.s.,Obama should give his prize back..

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