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The Widow, Jesus, and the Drawing Nigh of the Apocalypse

One of the more common Christian precepts is that greed and decadence lead to corruption and the eventual collapse of societies. This is an observation made by Jesus 2000 years ago.

In Luke 21, a widow, passing by a receptacle strategically placed for making gifts to the Temple, is observed by Jesus dropping in two small coins. Taking note of her, he turns to his disciples and remarks:

I tell you the truth, this poor widow has put in more than all the others. All these people gave their gifts out of their wealth; but she out of her poverty put in all that she had to live on.

It is a commentary upon the corruption of society at that time, with Jesus contrasting the greed and avarice of the wealthy–seemingly the majority of those present–with the humble piety of this lone widow. And apparently the sight triggered a premonition in his mind, for immediately upon making his observation on the widow, Jesus launches into his prophecy of coming wars and destruction–destruction not only of Jerusalem and the temple (wherein “not one stone will be left on another,” and which indeed happened 40 years later), but seemingly destruction of the earth itself–in which “heavenly bodies will be shaken” while whole nations and peoples will find themselves caught up in “anguish” and “terror.”

The reason I mention it is because I spent several minutes reading the full text of Trump’s speech before the South Korea National Assembly. It is one of the most insane, warmongering speeches I’ve heard/read from any US official, and ranks right up there with John McCain’s “bomb-bomb-bomb Iran” remarks of several years ago.

The speech runs well in excess of 3,000 words, and throughout most of it Trump engages in childish, simplistic–almost school-boyish–demonization of North Korea and its leadership. Here are a few examples:

“An estimated 100,000 North Koreans suffer in gulags, toiling in forced labor, and enduring torture, starvation, rape, and murder on a constant basis”

“North Korean women are forced to abort babies that are considered ethnically inferior. And if these babies are born, the newborns are murdered”

“The horror of life in North Korea is so complete that citizens pay bribes to government officials to have themselves exported aboard as slaves. They would rather be slaves than live in North Korea”

As far as I can tell, none of the revered “fact checkers” have attempted to verify any of this. It is simply taken for granted, I guess, that no enemy of the United States can be other than the personification of evil. Does Trump have the slightest clue as to why smaller nations might want to develop nuclear weapons as a deterrent to US invasions? The text of the speech gives no indication that he does.

Just a few days before Trump’s stop in Seoul, news broke of a Pentagon risk assessment of a possible US attack upon the DPRK. The Pentagon strategists determined that “forcible removal of nuclear weapons from North Korea would require a bloody and protracted ground war” that would leave an estimated 300,000 dead on both sides just within the first few days, this according to a report on the assessment published by Sputnik–an article which notes that the assessment was carried out at the request of two members of Congress, one of whom referred to the findings as “grim.”

The grimness of the matter seems to have been lost upon Trump, however, as he hinted at the possibility of military engagement with the North.

“Currently stationed in the vicinity of this peninsula are the three largest aircraft carriers in the world loaded to the maximum with magnificent F-35 and F-18 fighter jets,” he extolled in his speech before the National Assembly. “In addition, we have nuclear submarines appropriately positioned. The United States, under my administration, is completely rebuilding its military and is spending hundreds of billions of dollars to the newest and finest military equipment anywhere in the world being built, right now. I want peace through strength.”

In demonizing North Korea while bragging about US military might, Trump clearly is fanning the flames of war. But it isn’t just North Korea. Another target is Iran. Trump’s threats to tear up the international nuclear agreement were given extra impetus by escalating tensions over a ballistic missile fired recently into Saudi Arabia from Yemen.

“It was an Iranian missile, launched by Hizballah from territory occupied by the Houthis in Yemen,” claimed the Saudi foreign minister on November 6, three days after the attack.

No evidence was produced to verify the Saudi claims, yet that same day Trump gave the Saudis his blessings, tweeting: “I have great confidence in King Salman and the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, they know exactly what they are doing…”

This comes after Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner made an unannounced visit to Saudi Arabia in late October–his third trip to the kingdom this year.

The Saudi campaign in Yemen has created starvation and a cholera epidemic and has been carried out with US assistance, this coming in the form of intelligence assistance as well as midair refueling of Saudi bombers–and through it all the people of Yemen have been caught up in “anguish” and “terror.”

As have the people of Syria…and Iraq…and possibly soon the Korean peninsula.

In addition to vilifying the DPRK, Trump at the same time, in his speech in Seoul, waxed panegyrically on the US, claiming we are “going through something of a miracle,” that “our stock market is at an all-time high” while unemployment “is at a 17-year low.” The plaudits in praise of America were almost as cartoonish as the railing vituperations against North Korea.

Perhaps Trump should have told his distinguished audience that we are also $20 trillion in debt; that we have an Israeli lobby that wields enormous influence; a media that churns out propaganda on a scale far vaster than the North Koreans; central bankers who print money out of thin air; and Americans numbering in the millions who, like the widow observed by Jesus, are so poor they barely have two copper coins to rub together. He could also have mentioned that we have a deep state run by maniacs intent on staying in power even if it means killing a billion or more people. All of this would have been true.

9 thoughts on “The Widow, Jesus, and the Drawing Nigh of the Apocalypse

  1. While growing up, can remember the USSR and China issuing proclamations stating the the USA was the Great Satan.
    Used to laugh at that, why the freedom-loving USA couldn’t be that…..

    Now I realize how close to the truth they were.

    One spoiled self-centered brat, Kushner is snuggling up to another spoiled, self-centered brat, MBS.
    Yes, this will end well.

    Wonder if Kushner has any ‘shorts’ placed on various stocks that would be affected if/when another ME war breaks out?

  2. Thank you Mr. Edmondson for this courageous,and wise commentary . International Jewry needs as Laurence Dennis once phrased it : ” Perpetual War For Perpetual Peace “. North Korea was targeted fully since the cretinous George W .Bush included them in his ” Axis of Evil ” speech written for him by Jew Neoconservative ( is there any other kind ? ) Michael Frum . Of course ,they have national Interests, Sovereignty, and have taken steps of defense . However ,in the Western Judaic mind , and propaganda this is ” a threat “. Nothing new since the modern rise of Jewish power . In 1916 ,the erudite, and cultured Crown Prince of Germany was interviewed by the world press ; Speaking in English ( focus on then ” nuetral ” USA ) , he said : ” Germany did not want this war ,but because we where well prepared are now being accused of wanting to conquer the world ” …( Absurd , as the British and French controlled most of the Globe ,and had declared war without threat ,or attack by Germany) and this humane young Christian man ,who had nominal command of the 5 th German Army at 33 ,and opposed the bloody battle of Verdun to no avail , explained succinctly what the method always is ….a Jewish method . Attack the victim ,but accuse them of ” threat “. Did not the Chief High Priest of Israel Caiphus say,” Better one man die ,then an entire nation ? ” ” They then met at his house to kill Him “. Trump promised ” America First “. He defeated the dominant Neoconservatives in his party ,and the ” New Democrat ” , Neoconservative Globalist Clinton’s ( they are NO Liberals ,as the Matrix tells us ) ,and he ran the Jews Media guantlet to victory . But ,as things change ,they often stay the same . Trump is desperate to survive . He will run to the International Jews for safety, and obey the war agenda . But it will not be enough for the Jews ,and he will be discarded when used up. Beware ; Jared Kushner of 666 5th Avenue ( Star of David/.Saturn / Hexogram) is a devote of the late Rabbi Sneerson ,who was constantly urging world leaders to ” hasten the return of Mosisch”. That is the Jews exclusive diety ( Yahweh) , and NOT Christ in disguise as Evangelical types want you to believe …he is the Anti Christ ,and arrives through chaos , subversion,and war .

  3. Shorts on the stock market–yeah, it’s a good question. A terror attack that could be blamed on North Korea or Iran–that would probably get a war started for sure.

  4. We also have to keep in mind that the CIA and the Pentagon is rushing to the aid of their Hollywood buddies, always reliable for pro-war propaganda.
    The deluge from Hurricane Harvey Weinstein was turning into a flood, with more sordid details coming out of various movie moguls raping more Gentile women, threatening to seriously impacting Hollywood’s bottom line.

    So along come the Pentagon to divert the GOY with wars and threats of war, to get the Hollywood pervs off the front pages…..and it worked.

  5. You might recall Eva Bartlett, the brave independent journalist who went to Syria to find out what was going on there and spoke at a press conference. ‘This is what real journalism looks like’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g1VNQGsiP8M

    She recently took a trip to North Korea. Here is her report, which needless to say, contradicts Trump’s mad rant; https://ingaza.wordpress.com/2017/10/28/photo-report-the-north-korea-neither-trump-nor-western-media-wants-the-world-to-see/

    Appreciate your blog ! God bless you Richard.

  6. For people who don’t take the time to watch the whole press conference video, please watch from 13:25 when Ms. Bartlett puts a smug MSM journalist in his place. Priceless.

  7. Blessings to you as well, Siljan, and thank you also for the link to the wonderful and informative article by Eva Bartlett on North Korea. Ms. Bartlett is indeed a wonderful truth-teller.

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