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Bana Alabed and ‘Dear World’–A Book Review By a Conscientious Objector

[ Ed. note – The book Dear World was published last month by Simon and Schuster–or “Simon and Shyster” as the author of the review below refers to them–purporting to tell the story of a courageous young girl and her “heartrending” tweets from war-torn Syria.

The girl in question is Bana Alabed, who apparently doesn’t speak English very fluently and who is only eight years old, but who nonetheless is being marketed as the “author” of the book.

That the fanfare surrounding this child is nothing more than a well-orchestrated propaganda exercise has been obvious from the start–at least to me anyway. But one of the more intriguing aspects here is the extent to which J.K. Rowling has jumped on this bandwagon.

Rowling is one of the world’s top selling authors, whose Harry Potter books have been made into Hollywood movies, and she is currently ranked as the “197th richest person” in the UK–with a personal fortune reputed to be in the neighborhood of £600 million, and with more than 30 books to her credit. Quite obviously she is a smart woman. Was she really taken in by what in essence is a hoax aimed at facilitating regime change in Syria? Has she really swallowed the mainstream media hype about the “evil Assad”? Or did she lend her name to what some have referred to as the “Bana Project” for other reasons? I don’t have the answer to these questions, but interested readers might want to check out an article posted by Barbara McKenzie on this subject.

Entitled “JK Rowling and the Bana Fraud,” the article includes a discussion of Rowling’s literary agent, Neil Blair, with McKenzie asserting that the latter has close ties to Israel. This probably should come as no major surprise given Rowling’s support for the anti-BDS movement and which is discussed more fully in an article published a couple of years ago at Mondoweiss.

As for the piece below–well, I would describe it as part book review and part tour de force aimed at exploding the myth of a family of innocent victims caught up in the horrors of war. The author, Judith Tanner, takes to task not only Bana’s parents, who she accuses of terrorist affiliations (the child’s father, Ghassan Alabed, she alleges, served as a sharia judge during the terrorist occupation of Aleppo), but even the editor at Simon and Schuster who helped give birth to the book.

“Like the tweets, this book was obviously written by adults and a child’s memories and imaginations of reality are exploited by those wanting regime change in Syria,” she writes–and she also refers to the book as “a case study in child indoctrination.”

Accompanying the article are several videos, including an interview with the uncle of Bana’s mother that was conducted in July of this year by Vanessa Beeley and Khaled Iskef, an independent Syrian journalist. All in all it’s an interesting piece–interesting not only as a book review but as an analysis of war propaganda. ]


By Judith Tanner

With its dedication to every child suffering in war and quote from Anne Frank “ where there’s hope there’s life. It fills us with fresh courage and makes us strong again”, this book from the girl whose tweets asked Donald Trump to start World War Three, is presented to the reader as the faithful account of a courageous and innocent child about her family’s suffering through the siege of Aleppo, Syria.

Presenting anyone with a child’s alleged testimony engenders immediate sympathy and a sense of moral outrage and indignation at what war does to children. Despite this, Bana’s book fails to meet the brief for anyone with any passing understanding of the war in Syria. As the “moderate” FSA (Free Syrian Army) and other terror groups continue to pound ordinary civilians inside Syria with US coalition-supplied weapons and missiles, it is extremely difficult to feel anything but contempt for this egregious example of propaganda or for the Bana project in its entirety.

Bana Alabed may only now be eight years old- we see her blowing out candles on her birthday cake at the end of the book – but she is also the daughter of criminals who, despite denials and claims of being innocent bystanders, were intimately connected with Al Nusra Front and affiliates  in East Aleppo and lived in an apartment next door to Al Nusra headquarters.

Continued here

3 thoughts on “Bana Alabed and ‘Dear World’–A Book Review By a Conscientious Objector

  1. Celebrity useful idiots seem to be News illiterate and seem blind to how corp msm use falsehoods and trickey to sell war,i mean are they stupid to get fooled again as we were by WMD s in Iraq,or previous trickery and deception, heres a historical list of msm using lies/babies thrown out of incubators by Iraqis soldiers during the invasion of Kuwait, the false story of the rape of US soldier Jessica Lynch during Afghan/Iraq wars,the lies of WMD s in Iraq,and now we come to the Libyan revolt where more false claims were made of Gaddafi’s impending genocide and the invasion black African armed militia supposedly outraging Libyan womanhood while high on viagra,the recent lies of msm and the use of fake stories using cute children is now legendary, ‘of course they were found out when they cynically used the image of the Syrian child Omran covered in dust ,and we had to hear and see the crocodile tears of a CNN female anchor,this fake story used to ferment hate and condemnation of Russia during Aleppo campaign, but when the truth came out that Omran’s father is pro Assad and the shelling was actually by US supported jihadis Al Nusra,CNN quickly ditched the story and warmonger Christiane Amonpour quickly was silent on the Omran story..The “Syrian girl”, fake news story is one of a long list,these fakeries are used to sell humanitarian war,a oxymoron that has been a disaster for the world,the likes of JK Rowling write wonderful fantasy stories but seem unaware that corp media also write fantasy stories but their purpose is not to entertain but to sell genocidal wars in the near east, that only benefit big business, the military industrial complex and the Apartheid state of Israel..

  2. p.s.,’As one of your American founding fathers said,and i para phrase,”it takes a informed public for a Democracy to work”,to be uninformed in this day and age cost lives ,maybe your own,meaning when you see media being weaponized to sell a war that could lead to more terror attacks or destruction of whole societies, we do need to question and investigate these stories..

  3. I’m not sure it’s so much that they’re blind, Ozy. I think celebrities, maybe even more so than politicians, just have very, very little latitude or leeway in terms of free speech. Say the wrong thing and your career can come to an end real fast. When you consider Israel–it’s apartheid policies, illegal settlements, periodic attacks on Gaza that result in bodies of dead children, sometimes numbering up in the hundreds–when you stop and consider that Roger Waters is about the only high-profile celebrity to come out and criticize a country like that, it’s quite amazing when you think about it.

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