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Lewd Sky-Drawing Sprayed in Sky Over Washington State

A Spokane, Washington TV station has aired a report concerning lewd, obscene drawings being sprayed into the sky by aircraft. The skydrawings were spotted in Okanogan County, located in the northern part of the state. According to a report from KREM-2 News, a spokesperson for the US Navy has admitted that one of its aircraft was involved in the episode.

The incident provides us with graphic testimony of how decadent and depraved US culture has become. But of course it also testifies to something else as well: geoengineering. You can tell by the partially-blotted-out sun on the left-hand side of the image above that heavy spraying had already been going on in the area when the pilot(s) decided to get “cute” and draw a picture. But beyond that, let’s consider what they drew–i.e. the portion of the human anatomy depicted. Is the Navy–assuming the spokesperson is telling the truth and that it was their plane that did the drawing–basically sending us an “up yours”?

Are they in effect saying, “We can saturate the sky above your heads with aerosol sprays and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it”?

That’s certainly one way it could be interpreted–although maybe it wasn’t intended that way. But geoengineering–the spraying of aerosolized particulates into the sky for weather modification purposes–is not something that’s just being talked about hypothetically. It is going on in reality. The government did not ask the public’s permission to use human beings as guinea pigs in a host of scientific experiments.  They did not ask our permission to invade Iraq or torture prisoners. They haven’t asked permission to put genetically modified organisms in our food supply. So why would they ask permission for this?

At any rate, clearly we can see, from the “art” drawn above, that the pilot, or pilots, who sprayed this knew full well that the substance they were spraying  would not dissipate in the manner of an ordinary contrail. They knew it would linger. And so it did.




Below is the report from KREM. It of course does not mention geoengineering because the mainstream media do not acknowledge geoengineering is taking place. But still it is a very telling report nonetheless.


Graphic: Navy admits to being involved in obscene skydrawings spotted in Okanogan Co.


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WARNING: Some viewers may find the photos in this story offensive

OKANOGAN COUNTY, Wash. – Officials with the Naval Air Station Whidbey Island said one of their aircraft was involved in the obscene skywritings spotted in Okanogan County.

Photos sent to KREM 2 by multiple sources show skydrawings of what some people are saying is male genitalia. Some sources have even tweeted pictures of what they saw.

A mother who lives in Okanogan who took pictures of the drawings reached out to KREM 2 to complain about the images, saying she was upset she might have to explain to her young children what the drawings were.

In a statement to KREM 2 News navy officials said, “The Navy holds its aircrew to the highest standards and we find this absolutely unacceptable, of zero training value and we are holding the crew accountable.”

KREM 2 spoke to the Federal Aviation Administration to get some information about who may have made the drawings. FAA officials said unless the act poses a safety risk, there is nothing they can do about. The official said they “cannot police morality.”

16 thoughts on “Lewd Sky-Drawing Sprayed in Sky Over Washington State

  1. I have been watching these trails in the sky for years .When you point it out to people you get labeled right away .i guess it is true that some can’t believe their eyes.

  2. Military discipline, order and competence are breaking down in startling progression, and I deplore that my tax dollars are funding the chaos. We have had the two separate-incident Navy ships’ colliding with commercial ships; the Commander-in-Chief Pacific’s (I think that was the title) wife draping a flag over her body as Trump visited the Arizona Memorial in Hawaii; the grossly inexcusable Air Force failure to address the danger posed by one of its airmen who recently shot up the Texas church in a 26-deaths massacre; now this display of arrogance, immaturity, and immorality by a Navy pilot/crew. Navy seabees in (Niger–of all places) murdered an Army green beret to cover up their theft of money several weeks ago. Those 4 green berets in the same Niger were apparently outthought, outmaneuvered, and killed by natives with no resources or millions-of-dollars of training. I won’t even go into the earlier/circa 2004 tortures and indecencies perpetrated at Abu Ghraib and other spots in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. Military and civilian leadership (sic) heads should roll; retirement benefits of the world’s most generous welfare system should lead the drive for accountability, etc.. Cut the DoD budget in half, require leadership to lead, and use the proceeds for medical research, infrastructural needs and social-service betterment!

    Thanks to FT&V for fast and thorough investigative reporing!

  3. As a historian literally since childhood, with an interest in military .amd political history ,this type of action by the US Airforce does not surprise me. The American people fool themselves into thinking in “good guys v bad guy” terms which is not reality. The Judaic Military /Industrial /Meda/Hollywood complex ,which has produced one sided war propaganda since the 90s, to feed the Neoconservative /Neoliberal ,”Project For A New (Jew ) American Century has gilded their image more. Always note how the International Jews “enemies “, are the only people one is allowed to stereotype ? So one can see if the Airforce is not wiping out entire “enemy of the month ” ,peoples cities,including stafing their innocent civilians on their own streets, they would be doing doing this . So arent they just so cool ? Real “Top Guns”. This vile trash ,presented in Gods gorgeous sky, is so typical of a decaying ,failed Judaic USA ….and dont think any of this recent ? This slide began a Long time ago,and is really accelerating at present. “USA NUMBER ONE “, “USA NUMBER ONE !”

  4. The Khazar Kingdom which adopted Judaism in the 11th Century ,because its rulers admired its tribal exclusionary diety, war theology,and materialistic .parasitic, world bound views rapped in a “religion “,had originally been into phallic worship. Maybe you see the same appeal, in this vile display by dear JEWSA’s , “Top Guns ?”

  5. US fighter pilots don’t have much to do i guess,they have no heroic exploits to boast about unlike the Russians,who truly were the knights of the air in the war against isis..p.s. isn’t jet fuel expensive??, pity the US tax payer,another waste like the F-35 fighter jet…

  6. Kitsy, what you are telling us, if I’ve got this correct, is that a Christian woman who wears hats to church, loves Jesus, and tries to follow his teachings, finds a larger-than-life penis, plastered lewdly in the sky overhead for all to see, including young children, is a “trivial matter.” If this is the case, then I think you must be one of a kind. But my wider point, beyond just the sky-drawing itself, is that it is symptomatic of the decadence of American culture. That may be a trivial matter to you, but it is of concern to a lot of us.

  7. Richard, when I was in college and the Voyager spacecraft was being prepared for launch, the gold disk that was engraved with lots of well-thought out information came under scrutiny and attack because it showed a naked man and woman. It was considered lewd, Think about that for a minute, Richard. If sentient beings on some distant planet were to intercept the Voyager, would the figures be considered lewd to beings who didn’t know anything about clothing or even human bodies?

    Think about how our culture, our mindset is what has turned a part of the male anatomy into something we call “lewd.” Really? Richard, young children think a penis is just a small part of a boy’s body out of which comes his ‘pee-pee.’ Get a grip. This was a prank by little boys for little boys…juvenile minds.

    And if you are upset about the salting of clouds with silver halide crystals, we can discuss that, too.

    Decay of American culture to me is how we have become more interested in walls than in bridges, in who is ‘in’ and who is ‘out’ of ‘we the people.’ We are so focused on ‘us’ and ‘them’ that we forget that God created them and loves ‘them’ just like He loves ‘us.’

    Grow up, Richard.

  8. Kitsy, you are being silly, and you are also comparing apples to oranges. This is not the Voyager spacecraft.

  9. Silliness is what this is, Richard. You were worried about how children might react to seeing a large penis in the sky. I’m telling you, Richard, children would giggle. You are the one taking a silly prank and holding it up, calling for moral outrage.

  10. I think it’s time people should feel outrage about geoengineering. If you don’t feel outrage about spraying aluminum particulates into the air without our permission–and then a pilot who’s been doing the spraying turning around and making a joke out of it–then there is something wrong with you. You do know aluminum causes Alzheimers, don’t you, Kitsy? Maybe that’s what’s wrong with you. Maybe you’ve been breathing the air column too much.

  11. I don’t need to defend Richard Edmondson, Ms. Stratton, but your “silly prank” words show a shallowness, a lack of discerning larger pictures (far larger than the adolescent-level, snickering-as-they-flew depiction of a phallus in the sky by “professionals” who are undoubtedly unashamed, for starters, of their misuse of government property and offense to good, moral people) that is disturbing and elicits my protest.

    Each evening, I stress my 74-year-old body by exercising up and down a community hill with a neighbor’s dog for 90 minutes. Besides the health benefits and greetings to fellow fitness buffs and their dogs, I take exquisite pleasure in noting the specially blue skies, clouds both cirrus and cumulus in breathtakingly myriad patterns, rainbows often in twos or threes, and glorious sunsets over Hawaii’s Oahu. The last two evenings, I have witnessed, and pointed out to friends, the setting moon in the merest-sliver phase with earthshine filling out the perfect roundness of our satellite treasure. I would not be pleased to find a (wise guy-drawn) penis among my scans of the sky; I would not admire even a Mickey or Minnie Mouse up there…unless it were cloud-fashioned via the glory of God and His atmospheric talents.

  12. Robert, mine is not a shallowness nor a lack of discernment. You are probably unaware that Richard and I have discussed before how well-meaning bloggers can often mislead their followers who do not have his perspective. Richard has an understanding of what is truly important and yet speaks out on peripheral issues. Followers who do not have his understanding of our purpose as ambassadors of Christ (and therefore conveyors of God’s love) may interpret his posts as implying that these ‘issues’ are what is important. I would remind you both, “You are anxious and troubled about many things, but one thing is necessary.”

    There are thousands times thousands of things wrong going on and I am not implying aluminum poisoning or offensive gaffiti are not bad things. But I have read some of the comments by Richard’s readers, including the one’s attacking me, and what I see is a lack of perspective. My objection is not to the subject matter, per se, but in the way it is presented and without the perspective. For example, the article on geoengineering does not relate the goal and intent of geoengineering but merely the potential side effects; plus the arguement is presented hyped-up with sensationalism. He completely misses the opportunity to put the issue in perspective of the gift of this world from God and our responsibility to be good stewards or more importantly that it is perhaps because of a lack of personal knowedge of God that we behave the way we do.

    But I am done here. Richard has suggested I “find a new mission in life.,” and to leave him alone, so I shall. But I will leave you both with one thought: while there is much wrong in this world (chemical side effects, offensive graffiti, hate…) as well as much right (clouds, rainbows, scientific attempts to counteract the damage we have already done to our climate,…) there is also much that is hidden, understood by some, but not well shared. I was hoping to encourage Richard to spend more time and effort in the sharing with his followers, the power of facing evil with a heart of love. He could have started with teaching his followers how to attain that heart and keep their faith when faced with ‘issues.’.

  13. Kitsy, you and I have had no discussions about “how well-meaning bloggers can often mislead their followers who do not have his perspective.” We have had no discussions at all, in fact, beyond your petulant comments posted in choler and with a degree of distemper. As for various readers who come here and post comments, the views they express do not necessarily reflect my own views (your own comments, of course, being a prime example of this). Yes, I did suggest you embark upon a new “mission in life” because my beliefs are my own and your attempts to “reform” me are bound to end in failure.

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