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Israeli Police Prepare for Coming of the ‘Messiah’

[ Ed. note – Below is an article I wrote and posted back in February of this year, but I thought I would re-post it in light of the tense situation now developing in the Golan Heights, with Israel threatening war over the issue of Iranian troops stationed in Syria.

The Iranians have been in Syria fighting ISIS for a while now–at least two years–but suddenly, with ISIS and Al-Nusra both on the verge of defeat, Israel is throwing a temper tantrum about it. This I discussed in a post yesterday that includes a video of Netanyahu addressing a Jewish Federation meeting earlier this week. In that talk the Israeli prime minister accused Iran of “scheming to entrench itself militarily in Syria” with the establishment of a permanent military base.

Of course no other governmental entity has the right to tell a sovereign nation who it may or may not invite into its country. The Russians already have a military base in Syria. If the Syrians want to allow Iran to set up a base as well, this is none of Israel’s business. But as always  the Jewish state assumes to itself the “divine right of kings,” violating the airspace of both Syria and Lebanon on a routine basis, firing missiles into Syria, attacking other countries as it sees fit–and it does all this with impunity–and telling Syria it can’t have an Iranian base fits right in. I think Talmudic tutelage and Jewish supremacist impulses have a lot to do with these imperious ultimatums, but I also think what might be thought of as “messianic fervor” plays a role as well.

Recently it was reported that the Orthodox Jewish group Aish HaTorah (“Fire of the Torah”) is promoting a new smart phone app that causes the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem to disappear while imposing a virtual Jewish temple in its place. The app enables visitors to the Haram al-Sharif, or Temple Mount, to take souvenir photos with the Islamic sites eradicated from view, and it has been promoted in conjunction with “The Western Wall Experience”–an elaborate tourist attraction developed by Aish with Israeli government funding. As the Electronic Intifada comments (emphasis added):

This fits into the broader agenda promoted by many senior Israeli politicians and clerics who advocate the construction of a Jewish temple in the place where the al-Aqsa mosque and the Dome of the Rock have stood for more than 1,000 years.

The chief rabbi of this so-called Temple movement is Yisrael Ariel, a religious extremist who has called for the wholesale destruction of churches and mosques unless Muslims and Christians “raise the flag of [surrender] and say, ‘From now on, there is no more Christianity and no more Islam,’ and the mosques and Christian spires come down.”…

Israeli government-funded extremist groups have already made detailed blueprints – complete with 3D computer animations – of what the new temple will look like once the Muslim holy sites have been destroyed.

Similarly, the ultimate aim of the designers of the Western Wall Experience is barely concealed: its website calls for “Laying the foundation” – presumably for the temple.

Given all this, it should probably come as no surprise that in Israel are those eagerly awaiting the coming of the “Mosiach” or the Jewish messiah. What many Christians might not be aware of is that there is a longstanding tradition in the Church–going all the way back to the time of Irenaeus–that the antichrist will be a Jew. This is something I discuss in the article below, initially posted on February 1 this year. ]


Israeli Police Prepare for the Coming of the ‘Messiah’

By Richard Edmondson

In the photo above we see Israeli Police Commissioner Roni Alsheikh along with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. It is reported that Alsheikh is anticipating the coming of the Jewish messiah in the not-terribly-distant future and that he and his police forces are preparing for large crowds expected to converge upon the Jewish state when the glorious arrival takes place.

“When the Messiah comes, everyone will want to [approach] him so it will get very crowded,” he said. “That will be a time when we will have to be very strong in respecting our fellow.”

The police commissioner added: “Soon, God willing, we will need to start preparing for the security operation necessary upon the arrival of the Messiah.”

The story was initially reported January 2 by the Jewish website Breaking Israel News, (H/T Ariadna) and has since been picked up on a number of Christian Zionist sites, including the obnoxious World Net Daily (the WND is not exclusively Christian Zionist, but it does take that slant in a number of its articles).

“No one knows the day or the hour, but the Israeli police seem to believe the Messiah is coming soon,” the WND titillates in an article published January 8.

So are the Israelis planning to stage an “event” of some sort? Will the top rabbis in Israel hold a press conference at some point and designate a hired actor as the “messiah”?


Israeli Police Commissioner Roni Alsheikh is shown here along with Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovich (immediately to Alsheikh’s left), who holds the official title of “Rabbi of the Western Wall,” and Israeli Chief Rabbi Itzhak Yosef (to Rabinovich’s left). The occasion for the group photo, taken on December 28, 2016, was the lighting of a large menorah at the Western Wall in observance of Hanukkah.

Or alternately–and let your imagination wander here–is a “messiah” of one description or another on the horizon? Will it be a real messiah, a false messiah, or, possibly, an “antichrist”…or maybe even the antichrist?

Perhaps worth mentioning is that a long-standing tradition in Church history holds that the antichrist will be a Jew. This was discussed in a treatise entitled “Against Heresies,” written by one of the early Church fathers, Irenaeus, who served as bishop of Lyons in the latter part of the second century. And in Irenaeus’ view, not only would the antichrist be a Jew, but he would be a Jew specifically from the tribe of Dan:

[Let them learn] to acknowledge that he who shall come claiming the kingdom for himself, and shall terrify those men of whom we have been speaking, having a name containing the aforesaid number [666], is truly the abomination of desolation. This, too, the apostle [Paul] affirms: “When they shall say, Peace and safety, then sudden destruction shall come upon them.” And Jeremiah does not merely point out his sudden coming, but he even indicates the tribe from which he shall come, where he says, “We shall hear the voice of his swift horses from Dan; the whole earth shall be moved by the voice of the neighing of his galloping horses: he shall also come and devour the earth, and the fulness thereof, the city also, and they that dwell therein.” This, too, is the reason that this tribe is not reckoned in the Apocalypse along with those which are saved.

In the above, Irenaeus mentions three scriptural passages—I Thessalonians 5:3, Jeremiah 8:16, and Revelation 7:5-8. The first passage, from Thessalonians, does not specifically point to Dan, however, the latter two do. The passage from Revelation lists the tribes of Israel which would have the “seal of God” on their foreheads at the end of days. Curiously, Dan is omitted from the list.

The passage from Jeremiah 8, though singling out Dan in particular, also discusses the sins of the Israelite nation as a whole. For instance, verses 9-12 read as follows:

The wise shall be put to shame, they shall be dismayed and taken; since they have rejected the word of the Lord, what wisdom is in them? Therefore I will give their wives to others and their fields to conquerors, because from the least to the greatest everyone is greedy for unjust gain; from prophet to priest everyone deals falsely. They have treated the wound of my people carelessly, saying, “Peace, peace,” when there is no peace. They acted shamefully, they committed abomination; yet they were not at all ashamed, they did not know how to blush. Therefore they shall fall among those who fall; at the time when I punish them, they shall be overthrown, says the Lord.

Dan is fingered in other biblical passages as well. Let’s have a look at Genesis 49:1, 16-17:

And Jacob called unto his sons, and said, ‘Gather yourselves together, that I may tell you that which shall befall you in the last days…Dan shall judge his people, as one of the tribes of Israel. Dan shall be a serpent by the way, an adder in the path, that biteth the horse heels, so that his rider shall fall backward.

I often wonder why Christian Zionists don’t take biblical passages like these into consideration. In their blind support for Israel, Christian Zionists seem to have utterly cast aside the entire body of Jesus’ teachings. What happened to love? Where is compassion for “the least of these”? How is it possible, if you’re a Christian, to declare your allegiance to a country like Israel and to those “greedy for unjust gain” who so lavishly support it?

How also is it possible the human mind cannot reflect upon the sacking and burning of Jerusalem and the destruction of the Jewish temple in 70 AD…and wonder if it might not have been God’s punishment, God’s retribution, for the event which occurred in that very same city a mere 40 years earlier, an event which is observed today on the Christian calendar as “Good Friday”? But of course we live in a world of strictly-enforced political correctness, wherein pointing out things like this can get you branded an “anti-Semite” with significant repercussions. The early Church fathers were under no such constraints.

Another such father, though one who came along some 200 years after Irenaeus, was John Chrysostom, archbishop of Constantinople. In a homily entitled “Adversus Judaeos,” John referred to Jews as “the enemies of the truth,” and he warned especially against “Judaizers” within the Christian Church, i.e. those Christians with a predilection for observing Jewish festivals, attending synagogue services, etc. The views of such people were “an illness which has become implanted in the body of the Church,” he said, and he urged the members of his diocese, “When you observe someone Judaizing, take hold of him, show him what he is doing, so that you may not yourself be an accessory to the risk he runs.”

John Chrysostom would today be viewed as an “anti-Semite,” though as we look around at the current state of Christianity in the West, one might surmise it’s a pity the Church did not pay closer heed to some of his warnings.

All of this is not to say that what may be (or may not be) about to show up in Israel will be the antichrist or anything other than a hired actor. Certainly we should not dismiss the Zionist state’s proclivities for “waging war by way of deception.” Worth noting also is that there is very strong support in Israel now, including from Knessett members, to build a new Jewish Temple, and you can imagine how the two issues–the arrival of the “messiah” and the rebuilding of the Temple–would tie in and lend a synergistic effect to each other. Also, it doesn’t take much imagination to figure out as well what the impact upon, say, the BDS movement might be if millions of Christians around the world were to become convinced that their messiah had arrived.

“Religious Jews are more excited about Messiah’s return than Christians are,” says Jan Markell, a Christian Zionist author quoted in the WND story.

“Muslims are more anticipatory about their Mahdi’s return than are Christians about Jesus’s return,” she adds. “This shows the deplorable state of the church today that is ‘majoring in minors.’ They have their finance seminars and marriage conferences but have shoved the idea of the Lord’s imminent return not just to the back burner, perhaps to the back yard.”

That of course could change were the mass media to start hinting that something “strange” was happening in Israel, with thousands of people, including Christian Zionists like Markell, crowding excitedly around a new religious figure on the scene. Imagine CNN covering the story, or the treatment it might get from news anchors like Jake Tapper. Lots of grist for the fake news mill.

A bit more here from the WND story:

As a “pre-Tribulation” believer, Markell believes the rapture could occur at any moment. She calls for both increased attention by Christians to the subject of the end times and dedication to the Jewish state of Israel.

“In my lifetime, the biggest change in the church is the switch of church loyalty from Israel to the Palestinians,” Markell said. “This is called ‘Christian Palestinianism.’ Before the state of Israel was born in 1948, most evangelical churches embraced ‘Christian Zionism.’ They were loyal to the state of Israel even before it was formed.

“Today the religious left and others have swung support away from Israel to an ‘invented people,’ the Palestinians. Yasser Arafat was a superb salesman and sold the world on the idea that the Palestinians had their land stolen. Arafat was an Egyptian and there was no Palestinian people. Yet today much of the world believes the Jews live in ‘occupied territory’ rather than God-given land. This is the biggest change in my lifetime. I cannot believe what I am seeing.

“If the church were functioning properly, this confusion would never have happened, but the church shredded maps of Israel 25 years ago when it decided to be politically correct rather than biblically correct.”

I’m not sure what maps Markell is referring to, but I doubt she means these:

 photo disappearingpalesitine_zpsekdyuzb6.jpg

It would be enormously helpful to modern day Christians if they understood that Jewish antipathy to Christianity did not arise as a result of the “anti-Semitism” of church fathers like John Chrysostom, and that it was present in Christianity’s earliest, most formative years, before the gospels were even written. A few passages from the Book of Acts help to underscore this. One of them is Acts 18:12:

While Gallio was proconsul of Achaia, the Jews made a united attack on Paul and brought him into court. “This man,” they charged, “is persuading people to worship God in ways contrary to the law.”

Another is Acts 20:18-19:

When they arrived, he said to them: “You know how I lived the whole time I was with you from the first day I came into the province of Asia. I served the Lord with great humility and with tears, although I was severely tested by the plots of the Jews.”

Acts 21:30-32:

The whole city was aroused, and people came running from all directions. Seizing Paul, they dragged him from the temple, and immediately the gates were shut. While they were trying to kill him, news reached the commander of the Roman troops that the whole city of Jerusalem was in an uproar. He at once took some officers and soldiers and ran down to the crowd. When the rioters saw the commanders and soldiers, they stopped beating Paul.

Acts 22:21-22:

Then the Lord said to me, “Go, I will send you far away to the Gentiles.

The crowd listened to Paul until he said this. Then they raised their voices and shouted, “Rid the earth of him! He’s not fit to live!”

Acts 23:12-14:

The next morning the Jews formed a conspiracy and bound themselves with an oath not to eat or drink until they had killed Paul. More than forty men were involved in this plot. They went to the chief priests and elders and said, “We have taken a solemn oath not to eat anything until we have killed Paul.”

In the passages above, the one in Acts 18 takes place in Corinth; Acts 20 is a reference to events in the province of Asia Minor (the conversation specifically takes place in the coastal town of Miletus); the final three passages, in Acts 21-23, take place in Jerusalem. Thus it would appear that just about everywhere Paul went he encountered Jews who were hostile to him and his message. Perhaps not surprisingly then do we hear Jesus say, in John 15:18, “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first.” And yet Christians today blame themselves for the rift that occurred between Christianity and Judaism and hold themselves responsible for “Christian anti-Semitism.”

Hatred for Christ–it does seem to peer “through a glass darkly” from time to time as we look about at the world these days–which brings us in a roundabout manner back to the topic of an antichrist/messiah/hired actor. Whatever it is the Israeli police commissioner may be anticipating, clearly there exists at least the potential for deception. Recently I published an article entitled Reality Reversal wherein I discussed the mainstream media’s tendency to invert reality into its mirror opposite. This it does in reporting on the Palestine-Israel conflict, as well as in a number of other areas–the war on Syria, for instance, or the mendacious inventions of “Russian aggression” churned out to no end. The article discusses in particular the comments of Caroline Glick, an editor at the Jerusalem post, who in a speech portrayed Palestinians as racists while casting Talmudic Jewish settlers as the embodiment of liberal tolerance. It also talks about the book, The Jewish Century, by Yuri Slezkine, who describes Jews as “Mercurian,” a reference to the Roman god Mercury who was thought of as the god of financial gain and whose attributes included trickery and eloquence. Mercury was also deemed the patron of thieves and travelers, and it’s interesting that Slezkine would advance a theory endowing Jews with the “Mercurian” denominator, for in doing so he seems to be at least tacitly admitting that anti-Semitism is given rise to by certain behaviors and practices of Jews–something we don’t commonly see from Jewish writers.

Maybe at some point the Palestine-Israel conflict will be resolved. But the world has been trying to do that for close onto 70 years–and with people now relentlessly devoting themselves to standing reality on its head, the prospects for the future don’t look too good. In any event, we must become “watchers” and be alert, and in so doing dedicate ourselves to following Christ–at all times and to the best of our ability. Only by following Him do we gradually learn to see through all of the deceptions.

27 thoughts on “Israeli Police Prepare for Coming of the ‘Messiah’

  1. So Project Bluebeam is ready to launch? Back in 2003, when we were illegally invading Iraq, read a story claiming the Pentagon was going to hologram a pic of Allah over Baghdad, urging Iraqis to surrender until someone figured out that making images of Allah is big NO-NO in Islam and might PO the Iraqis and make then fight harder, so no light show.

    But if they had that back in 2003, can you imagine how potent is must be now?

    Israel is like a spoiled rotten kid–with nukes–that is PO it hasn’t got its way and got Syria totally destroyed, so now they’re trying everything to make that happen, except getting the Saudis to do their dirty work isn’t working out too well, now this?

    American Christians who follow the OT and not the NT will have orgasms over the light show..

    Israel better hope the REAL Messiah doesn’t come back, because I’m guessing JC isn’t going to be too happy about his people, the Palestinians, getting treated like slaves and disposable items.

    Bet those sick bastards have already put HE into those tunnels under the al Aqsa mosque and it will be blown up when the hologram Messiah appears and they’ll say it was the will of G-d.

  2. perhaps someday you might do a treatise on [Kiss Jew Ass Hagee]….this bird breined jew cop is as stupid as those fools that thought they could build a tower to heaven

  3. The Jews are masters of contriving images,myths, and manipulation of the masses ;the Jew Karl Marx referred to as “The Proliteriate “. The “Right “side of the Judaic Matrix, promotes the notion of “Messiah is near “,to intice Isrealis ,,and titulate its Zio-Christian Goyem base ,mostly in the Jews puppet nation ;the USA. The unitiated, Evangelical ,Fundamentalists , and other assorted oxymoronic “Judeo -Christians “, morph the Jews ,firebreathing, war “Messiah “, who will install his “Chosen People “,the Jews into full world rule, with Jesus Christ ! This is pure nonsense , from a people who are commanded by their exclusive diety to,”By deception thou shall do war”. If one is wise to Jewish symbolism,and esoterica,methods,and manuvers many times they reveal themselves through their control of Hollywood. They are inspired by Judaic inner writings, such as the Talmud,and Kabbalah. The mid 90s Film INDEPENDENCE DAY epic,whuch was wholly a Jew subjective affair ,displayed early in the production a group of people enthusiastically welcoming the aliens ,huge space ships hovering atop a skyscrapper. Then in a flash,the ships open up,and blast them with lasers. As someone familiar with the Jews mindset,and creative process in writing /film production,I assure everyone that scene was initiated by the Jews production staff,on how they see the Jews “Mosiachs” return ! Israel ,along with a complient USA, is npreparing to justify a new war front,in Syria as their proxie,ISIS ,goes down to defeat. They need “Divine ” ,justification of the usual “Existential Threat “,to “The Messiahs Isreal (he cannot come without Isreal as a landing pad apparently ) so war against Syria,and even Russia (Zog) is justified. Beware of this.

  4. This toxic mix of “religion” and present-day geopolitics cannot legitimately continue, but it will continue because the psychosis enwrapping Zionism and its every adherent is so dementedly focused and insanely clever that the inmates have maneuvered and manipulated the discourse to such an extent that they are in charge of the asylum.

  5. I’m not sure “nonsense” is exactly the word you were looking for. Perhaps you meant instead to call me a “freier.”

    Freierim: An Israeli word for ‘suckers’ or ‘losers.’ The philosophy that laws are made to be circumvented, views those who fail to circumvent them as freierim. In the Israeli state someone who patiently stands in line, or pays his bill on time and in full, is a freier. ‘Don’t be a freier’ is the eleventh commandment among many Israelis.” (Judaism’s Strange Gods, by Michael Hoffman)

  6. I don’t think the insane asylum is going to last forever, Robert. As Jesus said, “There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known.” (Luke 12:2).

  7. I write exactly what your articles are:
    All complaints concerning Israel is coming from your Jewish god-the Haaretz. This newspaper does not value the cost of the ink/color of one letter.
    Paying taxes is none of your business and the fact that Israel is in such a good economical situation rejects your, and Haaretz’s philosophy.
    I feel that your jealousy is overflowing. You can fix/adjust it. Just tell your Muslim God to behave differently. You, all of you, the Haters of istael, not to call you antisemites, don’t know what to say so you write fake nonsenses. Please make your mind, stop it. This way you will help all Arabs. Egypt and Jordan made peace with Israel. S. Arabia is on the right way. They are sensible. You need/must learn from them. Do it a.s.a.p for the sake of the people that you admire-the Arabs.

  8. I’ll have my “Jewish god” call my “Muslim God” and talk this over. You are so blind I actually pity you. How to explain so many “haters of Israel”? It has nothing to do with land grabs, killing children, or melting people’s flesh with white phosphorous bombs. No. The reason we criticize Israel is because we’re all JEALOUS! We all wish we were YOU!

  9. “In any event, we must become “watchers” and be alert, and in so doing dedicate ourselves to following Christ–at all times and to the best of our ability. Only by following Him do we gradually learn to see through all of the deceptions.”

    Richard, how are you? I’ve stayed away for a while because I found several of your followers a little difficult to reason with. I commented on your previous post, as you saw, and received yet another attack. I’ll deal.

    Richard, I am beginning to wonder what your goal is in your work. I follow Jesus, not just in His example of how to treat people and in what He taught, but I have been following His example of how to give up my life (my attachments to stuff, goals, resentments, pride, need for vindication, validation, …) so that I might reveal more of Christ in my day to day life. This shedding of ‘me,’ in order to show more of Christ, has led to a stronger, clearer awareness of His will, His voice, and His love. And I believe this path, this process of Kenosis is what Jesus meant for us to do when He said, “Follow Me.”

    How is what you are doing in any way following Him? You are not teaching what He taught. You are not following His teachings in loving your enemies. In fact, the way you are stirring up people who are first and foremost interested in hating Jews makes me wonder what your actual intent is? You are not following Jesus yourself and you are not teaching what following Jesus means.

    Nowhere did Jesus say to hate the Jews. They hated Him because He claimed to be the Messiah, the one they hoped would come as a warrior, a King to beat up on their enemies and restore the Kingdom. He was not what they wanted. They hated Him because He was such a disappointment to them. They did not understand that His power, His Kingdom, is an internal one.

    Just for a moment, take the high road; look on the world the way Jesus, who had the Mind of God, did. He saw that they…the Jewish people, the Pharasees and Sadducees, the Samaritans, His disciples, the Gentiles, all of all of us…”knew not what we were doing” because we were blind, confused, misled, grasping onto schools of thought that promised control and guarantees of relief. And He asked His Father to forgive all of them and all of us.

    Richard, you are leading your readers astray in even thinly implying that Jews threaten Christ. That isn’t even possible. You are encouraging your followers to fear…which leads to hate. Fighting Jews is a deflection from what really matters: each person’s personal reconcilliation with God. Christ will come again regardless of how informed or obsessed your followers are concerning the Palastinians, the Syrians, or some obscure phallic worshiping sect of whatever. You have a strong voice and a good following. Use it to teach the truth. The mainstream Christian Church has strayed far off the path Jesus showed us. Please, let go of the need to destroy the Jews. What they do does not matter.
    Fear, and it’s first-born: Hate, are the real enemies of Christ.

    If you think I am wrong in what I am saying, have a good heart-to-heart with Him. What does He say?

    God Bless you, Richard.

  10. Shalom Richard
    I am very happy to open a line of conversation with you.
    The problem, as I feel it, is that you try to convert serious discussions into joke and controversy. I can’t admit it.
    You can stay with your Muslim God. It is OK. But you must take the long history of the Arab’s wars against Israel and analyze it seriously, step by step, in order to understand that all you and your friends/cooperators, that I called “Haters of Israel” start your view from a certain point. This is very bad. I am not sure if you receive and you read my posts, but I repeated the long story of the Israeli-Arabs relations, a couple of times.
    Anyway, the 70 years old started after immediately, the same day,, that the UN decided upon establishment of a Jewish state in the land of Israel. All the rest, the list of Jewish crimes”, that you listed, are just the outcome of the UN resolution and the Arabs resistance to it.
    All the rest, all you and your allies write, are fake because you can fi8nd, anytime, anywhere facts that will you point, if they were right. Your position concerning the said conflicts, unfortunately, is based on a very poor understanding of the situation.

  11. ” The reason we criticize Israel is because we’re all JEALOUS! We all wish we were YOU!”
    Very good reply Richard . He/she probably believes what you said .LOL

  12. In 1947 the UN basically divided Palestine and gave part of it to the Jews and the other part (the smaller part) to the Palestinians. Suppose instead of Palestine, the UN had drawn an arbitrary line through the United States of America instead. And suppose they had passed a resolution saying in effect, “Alright Americans, everything west of the Mississippi River now belongs to this other group of people over here who immigrated to your country from another continent and who don’t even speak your language. You’ll just have to be satisfied and make do with what’s left.” There would probably have been a small percentage of Americans who would have gone along, but the majority would not have. Why should we expect anything different from the Palestinians? I don’t mean to make jokes, because this is a serious topic, but your approach to this discussion seems to be based on the premise that the whole issue is way too “complicated” for the average person to grasp and that your knowledge on the subject is vastly superior to ours. I also get the feeling that you harbor the same sense of entitlement to the land that a lot of Jews in Israel exhibit–i.e. that you are “chosen” and that “G-d” gave it to you, etc., but to many, many people, myself included, this is not a valid legal or juridical basis for laying claim to a land. I also find it ironic that you operate a website called–I guess–“See Listen Understand” when you don’t seem to see or listen very well, and you don’t appear to understand anything much beyond your narrow Jewish supremacist view of the world.

  13. Kitsy, again you are being silly. You are also being a hypocrite. You tell Dante that Jesus “cautionned against judging anyone,” but yet you are judging me by asserting that I am not following Jesus’ teachings and accusing me of “stirring up people.” When Jesus said not to judge others, he didn’t mean we should all submissively follow along with evil without putting up any protest. Jesus spoke truth to power (see Matthew 23, John 8, etc.) I try in my writing to make a distinction between those Jews who support the state of Israel and those who do not. I have always done that, and I find your accusation that I have a “need to destroy the Jews” extremely offensive (as well as distinctly judgemental again). You might want to consider also that in Israel there are Jews who not only kill Palestinians, but who have even killed other Jews–including assassinating the prime minister in 1995. You may believe Jesus would not have denounced murderers like this, and if so, you are certainly free to hold that opinion. But I think you are WRONG. Yet in contrast to your judgemental statements about me, I give you the benefit of the doubt–that is to say, I believe you are following Jesus’ teachings to the best of your ability based upon your own interpretation of scripture. You apparently do not accord me the same benefit, however, which is a shame. I maintain this website to the best of my ability, but if I’m not living up to your standards, maybe you should just give up on me a stop coming here.

  14. You have a following so I would say I am speaking truth to power. My objections are not to your calling out the killings of Palastinitans but I will point out that fanning the flames of hate and fear is also evil. What the Israeli’s do is between them and God. How you respond is between you and God. When you stand before Jesus, is he going to say to you, “Richard, I wish you had been able to teach more of my followers to hate my people.” or is He going to say, “Richard, why didn’t you just do what I said to do: Love God and Love all people…even your enemies.” ?

  15. Israel is a conundrum, No rational person wants to see the jews in Israel destroyed, but they really need to change their leadership, and to stop antagonising their near and close neighbours.Israel’s creation was a imposition on the indigenous people of the region, if they changed and a two state solution was found,and the jews wanted to build a settlement outside their legal designated area,would mean jews applying for Palestinian citizenship and the rights to build a settlement would be done according to Palestinian laws and statutes,this could be done if the Jewish community ended their imperialist racist attitudes, then all can live in Peace!!!,just a suggestion..p.s.,the book of revelations always scared me as a kid since i watched the original classic film the Omen and was inspired by film to read the passage about the Antichrist…

  16. You again are making a lot of foolish surmises, including your postulation that everyone today who calls himself or herself a “Jew” is one of “Jesus’ people” (does that include descendants of the Khazars?). Likewise, I am not “fanning” any flames, but on the contrary am trying to put them out. Maybe Jesus would appreciate that. I hope he would. But my main point, Kitsy, is that you and I have differing views and that maybe you should give up trying to “reform” me. Perhaps find a new mission in life.

  17. Shalom Richard
    I am not sure how much you are familiar with the case. But I want to agree/assume that you do. If so, please explain to me why the UN resolution was based on Historical documents in which each side laid out its arguments The different committees discussed the issues and came to the conclusions. The top Arab argument was that they live in the land of Israel since its beginning. They brought ancient documentation, that did not satisfy the committees. Israel brought, among the others, the written in the bible and the written in the Quran beside historical maps and books. You can like it or not, this is the way to discuss and to take a decision all over the world on any subject. So, whether I am more professional than you or not – everything is written in the books. You just have to know where and to look for it and to read and understand. If you cross it you may have the conclusions that I came. I don’t intend to answer your last 3 lines as they are disrespectful to the writer and I am not going to argue with you about me being Jew as this is a fact and I think that everybody has the right to live his way provided that he does not give troubles/problems and as far as I understand the complicated situation we don’t cause any. All problems, fights, wars in the world are coming, all history long, from the side that you support. You don’t have to, agree with my opinion but, Please give a minute to think of.
    In friendship

  18. Please quote one of my “communicates” in which I have expressed hatred for Jews. Why do you sign some of your posts with the words “in friendship, Amir” and then accuse me of Jew-hatred in others? My only response here is to note that equating criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism is a disingenuous tactic, though one that is often used by defenders of Israel.

  19. Presenting the Bible or the Quran to a UN committee in 1947 does not justify what was done to the Palestinians in 1948. It also seems quite remarkable that the resolution was debated and voted on the year following the bombing of the King David Hotel by the Irgun terror group. The resolution, UN Resolution 181, passed by a vote of 33 in favor with 10 against and 13 abstentions “after a period of intense lobbying by pro-Jewish groups and individuals,” as the Encyclopedia Britannica puts it. Following the vote the Zionists repaid this benevolent gesture from the UN by assassinating the Security Council’s own mediator, Folke Bernadotte, this after Bernadotte had negotiated the release of approximately 31,000 prisoners from German concentration camps during World War II. The assassination took place on September 17, 1948 and was carried out by the Lehi terrorist group. One of the leaders of Lehi was Yitzhak Shamir, who later became prime minister of Israel. I could go on with all this history, but maybe you don’t want to hear it.

  20. Jews are NOT rational ,and naturally esotericly understand it’s limits ! As long as Israel exists ,and Jews have any power ,the world will be at constant war ,and ” rumors of war “.

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