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Recent Trip To Syria Discussed by Brandon Turbeville

American writer Brandon Turbeville has recently given an interview about a trip he made to Syria back in early October. In listening to his account I was struck by the rather marked similarities to my own impressions formed when I journeyed to Syria in 2014. Here is a bit of what he says:

“We did fly into Beiruit and traveled from Beirut into Syria…Lebanon is great, but there was a definitive shift in energy when you go into Syria. Syrian soldiers, who have been demonized in Western media, were extremely nice and polite and welcoming. When they found out that I was an American–because everybody in Syria is well aware of what the United States has done–they’re well aware that America supports terrorists; they’re well aware that Israel supports terrorists–even if Americans aren’t, the Syrians know full well. As an American they have every reason to be apprehensive about me, and possibly be not quite so nice, but that was not the case. And this was not just at check points, but whenever you met Syrian people on the street, they were the nicest, friendliest, most welcoming people I have ever met. There was not one ounce of hostility that I received from anyone for being American, for anything.”

While in Syria, Turbeville visited Damascus, Aleppo, Homs, and Tartus, as well as a number of smaller towns and villages. In the interview he explodes the myth of the “moderate rebels” while discussing other aspects of the war as well. All in all a quite engaging and informative discussion. Turbeville was interviewed on the Vin Armani show. You can go here to access a video showing just Turbeville’s segment on the show (a bit under 50 minutes), or go here to access the entire show, which runs just over two hours.

7 thoughts on “Recent Trip To Syria Discussed by Brandon Turbeville

  1. An excellent post; thank you! I’ve only had time to read the first 5-plus minutes of the 50-minute video and must watch the remainder today. I’m wondering if Mr. Turbeville will go to the event that I — obstinately? — ascribe to being the tipping point of the Syrian tragedy: Ambassador (sic) Robert Ford’s reaching out to rebels in 2010 or so and, in effect, encouraging (“goosing”) their resistance…in his mind, I have no doubt, by whatever means. I believe that this overture was part of a pattern of ZioIsrael’s, and its various Zionist-Jewish neocons, lust to take out Syria and solidify the Zioentity’s hegemony in the Mideast.

  2. I think it dawned on everyone as to the extent of US collusion with the terrorists when the Russians bombed the miles-long terrorist oil convoy going to Turkey.
    It could be seen from five miles up by any spotter drone, yet the US ignored it.
    ‘Treachery’ hardly does the word justice.

  3. Sssh! The MSM and a certain group of ethnic gangsters, land thieves and false flag experts don’t want Americans to know that Syrians are beautiful people. We’re supposed to hate them and demand their extinction, because we’re good Christians following the Talmud.

    I imagine you’d get the same reception in Gaza or the West Bank, as long as you avoided the thuggish IDF and Shin Bet assholes, the Palestinians would welcome you warmly and give you a good meal, even if it meant they’d have to skip eating tomorrow.

    That’s one reason why I love Semites, the REAL Semites and not some assholes pretending to be Semites to sucker Americans into their nightmare that we’re financing and the REAL Semites are paying for in blood and land.

  4. Thank you Mr. Edmondson,and Mr . Turberville for your insights . I have been outraged by the Orwellian Double speak about the conflict in Syria from the beginning. Syria ( Assyria ) , like Iran ( Land of the Aryan ) , Germany ( Amalek ) ,Russia ( Magog / Gog ) has been a ” eternal” target to the ” eternal Jew “. The controlled Left / Right Talmudic Matrix has cheerleaded the support of the West backing ” moderate Rebels ” in order to overthrow a sovereign nation ,without threat ,or attack by them ,on anyone. Obama ” The Liberal ” accelerated the Neoconservative Jew ,” Project For A New ( Jew ) American Century ,in targeting Libyas Nationalist regime , and Syria begun by ” Compassionate Conservative” ,cretionious Bush 2 . Obama in an interview with the Establishment mouthpiece Washington Post admited early on , that it was ” madness “,to think moderates ,and extremist forces would not be colluding . Of course ,he obeyed the US International Jew masters and went along with : ” Assad must go “. Who was HE ,or ANY Western ” Leader ” to determine that ? Many lessons here. All wise observers know that the Jews ever malleable in tactic ,and kin to Fundamentalist Islam ,along with Fundamentalist Judeo – Christianity easily created ,ignited , and supports ISIS ,El Quaddi ,and the Nusra Front . When have they ever threatened or attacked Israel ? Never . The International Jews know ,that the world’s brain washed masses ,divided in the Matrix ,and fixated on the Jews media would be obtuse to this. So determined to complete there ” Greater Israel Project ” ,and truncate the Middle East into quarreling , petty States ,they are willing to risk WW3 with a Nationalist determined Russia . Putin cannot allow his treaty bound Ally Syria fall . No real Russian leader could ,or risk second rate world status . It has been reported that Trump has cut off the Syrian ” rebels “. That along with Russia ,and Syrian will to resist has seemingly turned the tide. What you see in ALL of those rebels are the full subversive terror of what Judaism insane motivation are . Destroy , destabilize,overthrow any ,and all cultures , people’s,and nation who oppose them no matter the cost ,and by the motto : ” By deception thou shall do war “.

  5. The Obama adminsitration’s actions in Syria were shameful, and now the Trump administration’s actions are turning out to be just as despicable. I think it kind of goes to show you that it doesn’t really matter who is president. The policies don’t change.

  6. To the best of my recollection he doesn’t mention Ford, but he does talk about the early days of the conflict when the “peaceful, nonviolent protestors” (as the media referred to them) were sniping at people from rooftops and killing men, women, and children indiscriminately.

  7. When are the US forces going home???,the war is nearly over ,they superfluous to requirements, the empire had a chance to be part of the peace process with Russia, Iran and Turkey, but instead the ultra liberals/neocons sulked,it’s about time Washington sent the US lads home..p.s. it’s wrong to hate,but i really hate neocons,neoconservative ideology is anti human..

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