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US to Hold Massive Military Exercise on Korean Peninsula…Again

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov

US Trying to Deliberately ‘Provoke’ North Korea, says Lavrov

It was back in August that the US staged a massive 10-day war war games exercise on the Korean peninsula. Involving some 75,000 US and South Korean troops, the exercise, dubbed “Ulchi-Freedom Guardian,” saw forces deployed on land, sea, and in the air–a massive display of military power denounced by the North Koreans as a “reckless behavior driving the situation into the uncontrollable phase of a nuclear war”…and it was also around this time that the DPRK threatened to attack Guam.

Now here we are three months later, and the US is about to do it all again. An exercise called “Vigilance Ace” is scheduled to run December 4-8, and according to Sputnik it will involve 230 war planes, including F-22 Raptors and F-35 Joint Strike Fighters.

The “realistic” combat exercise is tailored to “enhance interoperability between US and Republic of Korea forces and crease the combat effectiveness of both nations,” the Seventh US Air Force, which operates out of South Korea, said in a Friday statement.

All this comes just 10 days after reports emerged of three US aircraft carrier groups taking positions in waters around the Korean peninsula in what North Korea’s UN ambassador described as a “strike posture.”

As in the previous two incidents–the Ulchi-Freedom exercise in August and the carrier deployments earlier this month–the North Koreans are again speaking out in protest, calling the upcoming Vigilance Ace games a “serious provocation.”

But perhaps the most arresting, eye-brow-raising remarks of all have come from Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who suggested that the US is intentionally trying to provoke the North Koreans.

“We are alarmed that in the last two months when North Korea conducted no tests or rocket launches, it seemed that Washington was not happy about that, and tried to do things that would irritate and provoke Pyongyang,” Lavrov said.

He has a good point. It has been approximately 70 days since North Korea’s last missile test. Why the need for a massive military exercise now?

Lavrov also suggested that the confrontation with North Korea is a pretext, and that the real objective is the placement of US missiles on Russia’s doorstep. He is almost certainly correct in this, but of course it is extremely rare for a high-ranking Russian official to speak this candidly.

“We are expressing deep concern, with facts to back it up, that Japan, along with South Korea, is becoming a territory for the deployment of elements of the US global missile defence system which is being rolled out in that region under the pretext of the North Korea threat,” Lavrov said.

“We have no problems directly with Japan, we do not see risks there. We see risks because of the proliferation of a global US missile defence system on the territory of countries that neighbour Russia, including Japan,” he added.

Lavrov made the remarks during a visit to Moscow by Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono.

Russia and China have proposed an agreement calling for an end to US war games on the Korean peninsula in exchange for a halt in missile testing by the North. The proposal has been rejected by the US and South Korea.

11 thoughts on “US to Hold Massive Military Exercise on Korean Peninsula…Again

  1. Dangerous waters, land and air…roiled by the US empire that I expect, inter alia, is an indication that the US has to do SOMETHING to keep those 30,000 troops from doing drugs and booze, frequenting Korean prostitution venues, and otherwise keeping themselves occupied in the “occupied” Korean Peninsula. FM Lavrov, of course, is right on, and he should continue to speak out in countering the empire. Russia is reportedly establishing a steady, welcome warming of political-economic relations with Japan, and I’d be interested in learning of FM Kono’s body language and words while he visited Moscow and heard his astute fellow FM’s assessment.

  2. Just as the Treaty Of Versailles , which cut up Germany ,Eastern ,South Eastern Europe ,and pushed for the ” Balfour Declaration ” at the end of WW 1 , what International Jewery’ s , ” Big Three , did at Yalta is not discussed. Churchill ,and FDR brought Stalin into WW2 , against Japan ,at the very end . They divided Vietnam (Vichy French) ,and Korea ( Japan ) into the famous parallel ( s) . All was just fine ! Then post war ,Stalin turned in the Trotzkites ( International Jewery / became Wests Neoconservative Cold Warriors / Globalist NEO) ,and the Cold War was declared . Korea the first big hot test …..fast forward today . South Korea is a US puppet . A CIA / NSA state. It’s Industry / banking Rothschild’s. It’s ” faith ” , Judaic Fundamentalist Christianity ala Reverend Moon. The North is morhping into Nationalism ,and has NO Central Banking system. This foundation of the heavy tension …..PPK bothered nobody until the Neoconservative Bush declared a real Cold War against it ….” Axis of Evil ” ( Jews are so unoriginal) , and it’s coming to this under Trump . As has been said : ” The more things change ,the more they stay the same “.

  3. How do you keep therr American people confused and terrorized? Bombard them with false flag attacks and manufactured propaganda regarding alleged threats from nations that pose no credible military threat to America, which most hysterical Americans who suffer from seriosuly distorted thinking (a form of mental illness) will never figure out.

    Why are our Jewish globalist masters creating so many diversions? To keep our eyes, minds and focus off of the imminent second comingof Christ, which could happen at any moment. We certainly cannot allow the masses to ever figure out that the KJV Bible is 100% trustworthy, true and reliable, now can we? If they did, they would turn the world upside down.

  4. I must add . Donald J. Trump got out of Vietnam. Delivered papers in a Limousine as a child , and had nothing but fun ,and games all of his life . He knows not poverty , struggling, or war . He will seek glory on the blood ,and tears of others ,as his domestic agenda is floping ,and promises unravel . ” Be wise as serpents “: Jesus Christ.

  5. He took issue with it, Robert. Basically his position is the same as America’s–that Kim Jong-Un is a madman, etc., has to be stopped, etc. Japan is pretty much America’s puppet.

  6. I don’t know, Watchman, you may be right on the second coming, maybe not. No one knows the day or the hour. I definitely agree with you on the King James Bible, though.

  7. Having N Korea with nukes is Not a good idea but the reality is they do and being that this is the new reality it would be preferable that they are No provocations by America, after all both the hermit state are technically still at war, the rational members on the US side Need understand their fear and grievances and having more threats and military manoeuvres on the DPK is both Insane and stupid..The fact is US imperial aggression around the world has impacted the world causing a new arms race, which is another fallout of the destruction of both Saddam Hussein and colonel Gaddafi’s regimes which has caused the DPK to accelerate their nuclear program, the aggression of the empire has given regimes like N Korea the belief if you want to keep America OUT you must arm yourself to the teeth.America needs hear the words of President Putin when he said,’the North Koreans would rather eat grass than give up their nuclear program.Imperial over reach has has hit a wall ,the US must realize there are nations that will Not bow to their false hegemonic belief, we are in a new multi polar world and the belief in total global hegemony is the stuff of mad men, in ancient times the Roman leader Crassus thought he could impose Roman power on another major power of the age in the form of Persia/Parthia, ‘well he did Not fear to well ,he and his army were destroyed, his downfall was imperial over reach,perhaps the US empire should be more aware that this too may be their fate and learn from history…

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