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70th Anniversary of the Greatest Blunder Ever Committed by the United Nations

Seventy years ago today the United Nations adopted UN Resolution 181, which partitioned Palestine into an Arab state and a Jewish state. It was an act which led to 70 years of bloodshed and turmoil in the Middle East, and was the greatest blunder ever perpetrated by the UN.

Apparently the Trump administration is now intending to perpetuate the blunder. According to Vice President Mike Pence, Trump is now “actively considering” how to make good on his pledge to move the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

9 thoughts on “70th Anniversary of the Greatest Blunder Ever Committed by the United Nations

  1. The controlled opposition to the UN ,on the Right/ Left Matrix ,including false flag Kosher Stamped Conspiracy Theorist organizations like the old John Birch Society ( Masonic / Zio – Christian ) will not tell you this : The UN was originally,as it’s foreruner The League Of Nation’s , was created in the aftermath of two world wars ,in which the forces of Nationism ,was defeated by Globalism as a proto world government ,the eternal Jew always dreamed of . The first was reversed for a.time ,while the second victory was overwhelming. The International Jews expected to rule from eventually through there ,and control of an International Atomic Energy Commision . The ” Big Three “, USA ,Soviet Union ,and British Empire controlling the Security Council ….where the real power lies . Of course this body , along with the Truman Administration caught up in a desperate Presidential Campaign would ” Recognize a Jewish State . Stalin recognized Israel first . He thought the old Jew Trotzkites, and Leftists which Israel first pioneers where ,would give him a “‘warm water port”. Golda Maier was Israel first Ambassador To Moscow . But Stalins about face with the International Bankers post war ,ruined this ,and the Jews knew the real power was in London / New York as Rothschild’s had funded Zionism from it’s inception . ..As the British ,and French Empires fell post WW2 ,and new nation’s emerged ,Israel lost support in the body . But do not be fooled by any UN Resolution hitting Isreal …they are never enforced . As long as the Jews rule the USA / West this always will be .

  2. And partitioning Syria still…

    Last night, watched a few minutes of that VICE ‘news’ show, the one that Muslim hater Bill Maher has $$$ invested in.

    They had a segment on Syria and it was a splendid piece of propaganda. They even showed the head chopper buds, the White Helmets for a bit, running to another something..

    Then they showed stock footage of some jet dropping bombs and blabbed that Assad was still killing his people, using bombs and missiles–I won’t get this exact on the quotes, but close enough.

    They then showed Ghouta (sp?) that has been decimated, mostly by ISIS thugs, but not in VICE land. They went to a room or so, showing mostly kids and some babies, crying from pain from the wounds Assad had inflicted upon them. Except I never saw any actual wounds, did see what looked like blood, but the wounds I’ve tended to over the years had blood spilling all over the body, not looking like someone had dabbed some red dye on the body.
    They zoomed in close to one baby that was crying his head off, nice touch.

    Then they claimed Assad was also using starvation to kill Syrians, denying food shipments to parts of Syria.

    That’s when I turned it off, before I puked.

    Syria is still in the batshit crazy NeoCONs and blood-sucking Zionists sights.

    Guess they and the rest of the ME won’t be safe until that parasitic entity that has caused a world of problems since 1947 is made to heel and disarmed of its WMDs.

  3. Didn’t know Bill Maher was invested in Vice News but it doesn’t surprise me. I’ve found some of the stuff they’re put out pretty nauseous as well. The program on Syria you describe sounds pretty horrid.

  4. Yes, well the Zionists still rant and rave about the Zionism-equals-racism resolution passed by the UN General Assembly in 1975.

  5. how exactly do the mamzer khazars becomes “Hebrews”…?

    how did the GLOBAL JEWISH CRIME SYNDICATE get to pick and choose
    who has “rights” and who doesn’t…?

    how did the Palestinians become anti-semitic by opposing Zionist/Bolshevik
    “PROSELYTES” to Talmudic Judaism, “JEWISH TERRORISTS” taking their
    land and murdering their families…?


    how do Liars and Murderers acquire “Authority”…to make
    “LEGAL” what is against the Law of the Almighty, who is not “JEWISH”..?


    who wrote the first Talmud…?

  6. The creation of Israel has certainly caused pain and suffering to all nations in the mid east and North Africa,also the once great American Republic organs of power have been corrupted and distorted.The machinations of jewish in agents have twisted the US foreign policy for Isreal`s benefit and survival,which has deadly consequences for the Arab/Iranian world,i mean just look at the project ZIO America project,the destruction of 7 near east countries in 5 years,also not to mention the daily humiliations the Palistinians endure,plus the occasional mowing of the lawn,`yes,the creation of Israel was a folly…p.s.,I think many in the world just how did soo many zio agents be so over-represented in the most powerful arms of the US Republic???,though it seems the US military officer class still remain a jewish free,mostly christian Anglo/German heritage ,or atleast judging by the names of US commanders,i guess jews dont join the US ARMY????

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