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Bull-in-a-China Shop Nikki Haley Says N. Korea Will Be ‘Utterly Destroyed’ Should War Break Out

One might find Nikki Haley’s comment at the UN–that North Korea will be “utterly destroyed” in the event of war–inflammatory and unproductive, though certainly it is not terribly different from similar statements from Trump himself in the past. But the timing is perhaps the newsworthy part of this.

Haley’s comments were made late yesterday. Suddenly this morning Americans awoke to the news that Rex Tillerson is apparently being ousted as secretary of state. Say what you will about Tillerson, he was at least, relatively speaking, a voice of sanity from within the Trump administration, and of course there aren’t many voices of sanity in Washington these days. It was Tillerson who proposed a diplomatic solution to the crisis on the Korean peninsula, while Trump told him he was wasting his time.

Apparently Tillerson is to be replaced by CIA Director Mike Pompeo, although some in the administration thought that Haley herself would get the job–or at least this is what is being reported by the New York Times.

In any event, Daniel McAdams of the Ron Paul Institute has referred to Haley as a “bull in a china shop,” while Gregory Elich of the Korea Policy Institute has issued almost perhaps even stronger language, this is an interview with RT:

It is not North Korea that is pushing the world closer to war, I think the Trump administration is doing so. Going back, Joseph Yun, who is US Special Representative for North Korea Policy, told a meeting at the Council on Foreign Relations that if North Korea refrained from nuclear and missile testing for 60 days, the US would engage in direct dialogue with North Korea. 

North Korea did better than that – they went two and a half months without doing any tests whatsoever. And what kind of reward did they get? The Trump administration sent B-1 bombers over South Korea practicing the bombing of North Korea. The Trump administration sent three aircraft carriers off the shore of the Korean Peninsula to practice bombing over North Korea. Then Trump designated North Korea as a state-sponsor of terrorism. The Trump administration is doing absolutely everything possible to kill off any possibilities of diplomacy. I think the North Koreans got fed up with this one-sided approach. So they went back to fast-track development of their missile program, which they see as a defensive measure against the threats that they are getting from the Trump administration.

Elich’s comment that the Trump administration is trying to “kill off any possibilities of diplomacy,” is a rather accurate and astute comment–and the hostile opposition to diplomacy in the Deep State is probably the main reason  Tillerson is on his way out.

Haley’s outburst was prompted of course by the latest missile test by North Korea. However, the US conducts ballistic missile tests on a routine basis–something I made note of in a post back in May of this year. This was just after the US not only conducted a launch of an ICBM Minuteman Missile, but even released a video of it:

After hypocritically lambasting North Korea for test firing missiles, the US has conducted its second test of an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile in seven days. The latest ICBM test launch, of a Minuteman III missile, took off from Vandenberg Air Force Base at two minutes past midnight local time on Wednesday, May 3. This follows by seven days the last test, which took place on April 26.

ICBMS are capable of traveling thousands of miles and delivering a nuclear payload.

What is the world to make of the fact that the US not only is conducting such a tests but also makes a practice of uploading videos of them to YouTube? The US military has made an effort to portray these as routine missile tests, but does anyone believe that? Someone in Washington seems to be trying hard to send a message–but to whom?

You can go here to read my full post, which includes the video of the test.

The DPRK has now released video as well–of the most recent missile test, the one that sent Haley into convulsions of fury. You can go here to see that video.

Pompeo, according to the NY Times, will be replaced at the CIA by Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas, one of the most ardent supporters of Israel in the Senate.

Officials in Washington clearly feel the US should have the right to test as many nuclear missiles as it wants, but that North Korea should not have the same right. Meanwhile, Israel’s nuclear arsenal should not even be questioned or acknowledged. It’s the kind of double standard the rest of the world is getting fed up with.

10 thoughts on “Bull-in-a-China Shop Nikki Haley Says N. Korea Will Be ‘Utterly Destroyed’ Should War Break Out

  1. Oh yea lets put more zionists like the rabid Haley,in control of US policy in North Korea and elsewhere , what could possibly go wrong ?

  2. what kind of a non-human uses terms like “utterly destroyed?” how does their inner self not give them even the slightest restraint for what such brutality does to those on the receiving end. hey, we’re all fellow occupants of earth planet. how can we even think of destroying what we did not create? show some fear and respect for nature, and empathy for fellow creatures, for christ’s sake. all the NK’s are demanding is sovereignty. is such not a country’s right? as christ so wisely reminded peter, “put away your sword. don’t you know, those who live by the sword die by the sword?” i’d rather be on the receiving end of evil than on the giving end of a dark side that is stealing/ killing/ destroying another sovereign nation. killing begets more killing. sadly, peace does not beget more peace. because doers of evil not respecting the golden rule live on this planet and take advantage of others.

  3. Nikki Haley is what the Trump Administration was NOT supposed to be. Globalist , Fundamentalist , Zio Christian , Neoconservative. Elected Governor of SC in the 2010 Koch Brothers ,Tea Party Wave , she is merely a clice speaking sock puppet ,of Kosher Matrix ” Right “. Her prominent role today ,as a Trump Administration diplomat , proves Trump’s has either redefined the phrase ” America First ” , or just used it as an empty piece of rhetoric. This women knows nothing ,and is a fool . As I write this Secretary Of State Tillerson , a pragmatic pro ,is being pushed out ,and his replacement might be another hapless pol, in the Haley image : CIA Director ,and Ex Congressman ….but worse still …. Beware ,the chair shuffling means Neoconservative Plow Boy , Tom Cotton goes to the CIA ! She will have good company. He is a dangerous protege of ” Never Trumper ” , King of Neoconservatives Bill Kristol ! Trump is getting worse by the day. He has been co-opted . His policies just warmed over Bush 2 ….his personal attacks on Kim outrageously ugly ,and unbecoming of a US President. The red meat he ,and his increasingly Kushner run Administration, with drunken Zionist Goldman Sachs man Bannon on the sideline , could mean real war . Don’t cheer . A conflict with a fresh , Spartan State like the PPK will be like NO OTHER . This country ,with powerfull Allies ” defeated ” a poor Spain , exhausted Germany in WW1 , waning Axis heavily committed on multiple fronts , stalemated Korea ,lost Vietnam, then beat third rate Iraq ,Libya ,and cannot close Afganisthan. Russia ,and China will get into it too a new Korean War too. Is all of this worth it ? To International Jewry yes. It promises more fall of nation’s , truncated regions , confusion ,and promise of their war God Yahweh ” arriving “. Israel to be the new world capital. The Gentiles knee shall bend !

  4. I think it’s worth noting that North Korea has issued principled, articulate statements of support of the Palestinian people and their land. That fact in itself is reason enough to make the zionazineocons froth at the mouth. The bi*ch Haley, sadly, is in a position to put voice to their criminal and psychotic designs that increasingly span the globe. It’s enough to cause an adult, sane person to despair.

  5. I don’t think for a moment that all this venom being spouted has anything to do with any “threat” that North Korea poses to the rest of the world. It’s about making an example of a country that has become a worldwide symbol of resistance to US power–that and positioning nuclear missiles near the borders of Russia and China. Kim Jong-Un has been even more defiant than the Iranians. Every time the US threatens him, he responds in effect by giving them the middle finger. The US is in a position now where it has to destroy him or else it will look weak. This is what the Trump administration has accomplished with all its inflammatory rhetoric–it has backed itself into a corner. It’s a very dangerous situation.

  6. I’m kind of of two minds right now about Trump: either, A) he never intended to work for peaceful relations with Russia, never intended to drain the swamp, never intended to make America great or put a stop to all the useless wars fought under false pretexts, that all his noble talk of doing these things was just a ruse, and an elaborate one at that, to get elected; or, B) the Shadow Government/Deep State went to work on him, forcing him to change course, possibly through blackmail, threats to destroy his business empire, kill his children, etc. Those, or some combination thereof, are pretty much the only explanations that make any sense.

  7. Washington must relish this NK diversion as it distracts attention away from the illegal US build-up of some 2000 troops + airstrips in the soverign state of Syria, entirely against international law.
    The Ziocons don’t give a fig about NK; Syria is the big plum they want.

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