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Why Do the Media Ignore the ‘Big Three’? Please Support This Website

It has long been a matter of curiosity for me. Just as the media ignore the overwhelming evidence that 9/11 was a false flag attack–evidence as plain as the hand in front of your face–so, too, do they ignore geoengineering and the dangers posed by vaccines. I have come to think of all three of these stories–9/11…the aerial spraying in the skies…and the link between vaccines and autism…as the “big three.”

Each one is as obvious as the hand in front of your face–and each, despite this glaring obviousness, is doggedly, nay even ferociously, ignored by the media. Ignored to the point that the media will jump upon you (at least if you’re a sufficiently prominent public figure), viciously accusing you of being a “conspiracy theorist” should you even dare talk about them. What gives?

  1. Building 7–never hit by an airplane–was brought down by controlled demolition
  2. Tanker jets spray particulates into the skies that form grid patterns and filter out sunlight
  3. Children in large numbers are descending into autism and other disorders after being over-vaccinated in a CDC-approved vaccination schedule that recommends 49 doses of 14 vaccines by the age of six

The evidence on all three of these points is indisputable. Yet the media refuse to report on them. In the case of number 1, above, we know, or at least we can deduce, what the answer is: a sizeable body of evidence exists pointing to Israeli involvement in 9/11. The media are pro-Israel. Hence the media silence on the collapse of Building 7. But what accounts for the silence on numbers 2 and 3?

The grid patterns in the sky, the milky white haze blocking out the sun–these things are clearly visible. All you have to do is look up. The evidence regarding vaccines and autism is just as abundant–as abundant almost as the particulates floating in the skies and forming those white clouds above our heads. In other words, there is a huge body of it. All you have to do is avail yourself of it. A case in point? A recent study found record high levels of aluminum in the brain tissue of autistic children. Consider the findings of this study in light of the fact that vaccine manufacturers use aluminum “adjuvants” to intensify the vaccine’s immune response.

Besides autism, aluminum causes other neurological disorders as well, including Alzheimers–and curiously, aluminum is also one of the main substances being sprayed into the sky in the geoengineering cascade. We are all breathing it…so it is not surprising that it is now showing up in the brain tissue of human beings.

Human health is at stake. The survival of the planet is at stake. And the coverup of a heinous crime that unleashed wars and death on a massive scale is at stake. All of these are at stake.

And it all begs the question: what are the agendas behind these “big three” unreported news stories? Why do the media remain equally as silent on numbers 2 and 3 as they do on number 1? Are the agendas all separate? Or is there a connection or point of commonality? In other words, are they in some manner related?

If media owners also own stock in the pharmaceutical companies, then that might explain the silence on number 3. But it does not explain the media’s refusal to report on number 2. Why not report, or at least occasionally comment on, something as obvious as the geoengineered grid patterns? Grid patterns and artificial clouds that are present on some days but not on others? Not only does the story go unreported, but the very subject itself is meticulously avoided, so much so that we don’t even hear weather forecasters comment on it.

Again–what is the likely connection, if there is one? Why this uniform silence on three major stories? Three stories that have life and death consequences and implications? Is there a commonality or similitude that binds all three together and results in this congruity of silence?

These are questions that need to be pondered. And I have a feeling that more and more people are going to be pondering them, and I also think this will apply equally to Jews as well as Gentiles. In terms of the geoengineering, at least, we’re all getting rained on.

Additionally I have a feeling that all of it is going to blow full-out into the open at some point. You can’t keep stuff like this covered up forever–and here the words of Jesus come to mind. The following he spoke to his disciples in Luke chapter 12:

Be on your guard against the yeast of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy. There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known. What you have said in the dark will be heard in the daylight, and what you have whispered in the ear in the inner rooms will be proclaimed from the roofs.

Yes, the answers to these questions will be proclaimed from the rooftops. The conspiracy of silence will come tumbling down and the cabals will be exposed. It is a matter of time. And the time may be nearer than we think. Faith in God and his son Jesus Christ, who taught that we are all equal in the eyes of the Father–this is the key to our survival. This is the key to restoring sanity to the world.

Something to consider.

At any rate, it is time for our twice-yearly fundraising drive. This website has long been dedicated to bringing truth to the light of day. If you can help us continue our work, please make a donation through our PayPal account.

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7 thoughts on “Why Do the Media Ignore the ‘Big Three’? Please Support This Website

  1. Jews have rule of psychology ,medicine , science in government ,and the media. ” By deception thou shall do war .” Do not be fooled by ” Judeo Christianity” , as to what the Jews believe . They are NOT God without Christ. Judaism in spirit ,and application ; defacto ,and facto Anti Christ. The ” Big Three ” as laid out by Mr . Edmondson are ” hidden ” ,just as true faith , Theology,and history are.

  2. I tried to donate via my Visa card (not via Paypal) and was unsuccessful. I admit to being a computer/IT dunce, but I feel that I was subjected to unfriendly service. (After all, I was given the option to donate “via credit card.”) I’ll try to remember to try again tomorrow morning.

  3. Please everyone..send this site anything you can. Humble or generous . I do not know Mr. Edmondson,and I might even be more radical then he as a former podcaster , but he is doing fine work. Jews GIVE to there cause . This is how they rule ! Unity and power of MONEY . Please help this site with YOUR power .

  4. Success! I think my mistake was in clicking “Save my information for next time.” Doing that threw me into the Paypal arena…this time I omitted that step.

    I surely echo Dante’s “You are doing fine work”!

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