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Now That Trump Handed Them Jerusalem, Zionists Turn Their Eyes on the Golan

Donald Trump, you could pretty much say, has handed Jerusalem to the Israelis on a silver platter. Will that be the end of it, or will there be more major US concessions to Israel in the future?  Might the Zionists now turn their covetous gaze upon, for instance, the Golan Heights?

An article published Friday by the Jewish Insider website seems to suggest this could become the case. Here is a brief excerpt:

After US President Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, 22 years after Congress originally passed the Jerusalem Embassy Act, we asked Israel’s Ambassador to the United States Ron Dermer whether the Golan Heights should be next? Dermer replied that the Golan Heights is an “issue that we’ve raised many times. We think all governments should recognize our sovereignty there. So yes, the answer for that would be yes. Maybe we’ll have another historic day during the Trump Presidency. We’ll see. Meanwhile, we should all appreciate what happened Wednesday.”

Yes, I’m sure the Israelis are quite appreciative.

And by the way, it isn’t just the Golan Heights and Jerusalem that Dermer seems to feel the Jewish state is entitled to. He is also an outspoken defender of Israeli settlements in the West Bank. Two Christmases ago the Israeli ambassador handed out holiday gifts from the Washington embassy which were comprised entirely of West Bank products. These included wine, olive  oil, body cream, and halva. Dermer described his gift-giving spree as an effort to “combat the latest effort by Israel’s enemies to destroy the one and only Jewish state.”

As for Trump’s big announcement last week on the embassy move, Dermer claims the US “did not move goal posts,” but that the president was instead “righting a historic wrong, puncturing the campaign to deny Jewish history and claims in Jerusalem and laying a cornerstone for a peace based on truth.”

I’m not sure exactly what “truth” Dermer is hoping to base his “peace” upon, but if the past week is any indication, Donald Trump and Jared Kushner will likely be more than happy to serve it up to him on a silver platter if it’s at all within their power.

8 thoughts on “Now That Trump Handed Them Jerusalem, Zionists Turn Their Eyes on the Golan

  1. The Kushner -Trump Administration ,run out of “Star Of Saturn/David 666 5th Avenue ,will push for the “Greater Israel Project “.. Golan is just the first step. The Jews exclusive diety Yahweh ,promised them much,much more then the Palestine Perimeter. Just as “New israel “, the British Empire ,was called with its beginnings ,as a “little Island nation”,to foster sympathy with word deception, so has Israel been titled for sympathy. “Poor little Israel”,and the Jews as “victims”, is Orwellian Double Speak. They want the Golan,and as far as the Tigress,and Euphrates. Kushner -Trump will work to keep that promise too. The stage set by Bush 2,and his Neoconservative /Fundamentalist Puppet administration. Obama set the table by demolishing Syria,(redeemed by Putin), Libya ,and Yemen. . But the world damage is not just physical,but mental, and above all spiritual. Kushner -Trump has reversed the New Covenant of Christ ,by giving Jerusalem formally to the Jews ala recognition. The world will be forced to follow…..”Your house shall now be made desolate”. The words of Christ ,when the Jews shouted,” May the blood of this man be on us,and our children forever , “

  2. As I recall, the Golan Heights were seized by the Zionist entity AFTER the cease-fire in 1967. These Zionists never miss an opportunity to take advantage of an opportunity to stick it to one and all who might think of challenging their faux-Jewish “chosenness.” The Despicable Dermer is just one of an endless host of Zionist parasites corrupting humanity with their bluster, bombast, and bombs. Pity, especially, Palestine.

  3. It’s an interesting analogy you make about the handing over of Jerusalem being a “reversal” of the New Covenant of Christ. I’ll give that one some thought. Thank you, Dante.

  4. There’s really no reason to believe this will end with the Golan Heights. It’s not at all hard to imagine some Zionist, years from now, popping up and arguing for a land grab of the Nile-to-Euphrates as a “peace based on truth.”

  5. Thank you Richard. This study is my life . For the Jews to have Jerusalem is the ultimate in reactionary theology . The Jews Yahweh ( He had a wife named Ashera ,hence Asher ) promised his ” Chosen People ” ,not salvation, (they have no ” sin” ,only Gentiles do ) , control of THIS planet . Nothing else . ” My kingdom is not of this Earth “. Christ explained ,as His New Covenant is a spiritual bond of light ,not temporal poliical power . To reaffirm Jerusalem formally as the Jews elevates them ,and their version of ” God ” ,which is tribal , man centered, and enslaving above Christ’s passion ,and in the Muslim world Mohommed revelation. Trump Kushner has truly set the stage for ” Lights camera action. ” For Israel Old Covenant ,and promise to make ONLY the Jews master of the earth with ” divinly ordered ” deception, subversion ,and war ” of ALL Gentile culture and claim , has been lifted to the center . These are truly bad times ,and it has taken a ” Patriot Conservative ,and his dear ( Godly ) , Orthodox Jew” , co – President Kushner to set the stage for the real NWO. I saw Breitbart ( wide beard ) pushing this …the Neoconservative website founded by the late addict of the same name ,and Goldman Sachs executive and drinking partner Bannon with Israeli money ,morph into a ” Nationalist ” site with the Kosher 666 seal to deceive . They can now say : Mission accomplished.

  6. The zionist Christians might just get their anticipated Armageddon .There are possibly going to be many long faces when they find out that they were deceived by their supposed zionist friends.

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