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11 thoughts on “Silent Night in German

  1. Thank you very much for posting this. I am very proud of my German heritage ,and appreciate this very much. So manyChristmas traditions the world cherishes ,Jews or their minions despise originated there. Christmas trees,Manger Scenes,Mistle Toe,Wreaths, and festive “Balls” ,made of glass. The “Christmas Yard “,or “Putz,which included an electric train ,which originated there with Marklin also. Prominent among the little figures would be a Creche ,and Three Kings …magnicent music like this rendition of Stille Nacht too. On Advent, children receive a gift…hence the “Advent Calender, which each little door sometimes revealing a tiny gift,or candy until the Christ Child is revealed December 25 ! Before Germany lost its world markets after WW1,and the rise of Chinese goods in our Globalist Era ,Germany was known as “the land of Christmas,”, as 90 % of the worlds Christmas Toys,and decorations came from there .

  2. How come I feel you’re going out on a limb posting this song in German? Aren’t we the most vilified people in some circles? Thank you, Richard.

  3. This song reminds me of the anecdotal tale of world war 1 when the Germans sang this in deutsche and the Brits joined in when they recognised the song despite it being in German,(a sister tongue of english)both sides aknowledging their kindred christian heritage as they sang this chrismas carole together,but alas this was all to end when the generals got wind and so the war resumed..The madness of war :/

  4. Hopefully something like that will happen in the Middle East this Christmas. It would be nice to think so.

  5. I don’t mind going out on a limb for beauty, and it’s a truly beautiful video. Glad you liked it!

  6. I think Germans should celebrate their heritage, Dante. They have much to be proud of. Some of the greatest New Testament scholars, Rudolph Bultmann for instance, were German. When I was researching my book, The Memoirs of Saint John, I kept coming across all sorts of essays and scholarly papers on Christianity that had been written by Germans.

  7. Post war Germany is not fully sovereign,and wholly Zionist Occupied. Its run by an ex East German Communist /Neoconservative Merkel ,who was called by NWO publication TIME Magazine ,”Chancellor Of The World”. She even publically rejected holding the German flag ! Germany is Continental Europes dynamic Gentile Center. All of Gentile Europes , power emits from there . Its a nation which blends the Hellenes,Rome, Reformation, Techical /Scientific advance ,Order, art ,music ,and Gentile Foundations application of the finest traditions. The Jews despise traditional Germany for this . Its Amalek to them,and must be abolished. This time not by war,as modern Germany serves them well,but by shame, guilt, , Cultural Marxism,and open borders. Theologically German scholers,always emphasized The New Testament /New Covenant…unlike “New israel “,Britain ,and Jew run Holland . This is another huge reason for the hatred .

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