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Hark the Herald Angels! Palestinian Christians Will Refuse to Meet with Pence

[ Ed. note – Palestinian Christians, who are most likely descended from some of the earliest followers of Jesus, will refuse to meet with US Vice President Mike Pence when he visits Israel next week–that at least is what is being reported on a Palestinian website (see article below).

Their refusal is due to President Donald Trump’s decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem–and the announcement was made at a protest held outside the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem just after worship services this past Sunday.

It is rather ironic that Pence, who professes to be a Christian, will be visiting Israel one week before Christmas but will be snubbed by Christians in the town of Christ’s birth. This plus the fact that the pope of the Coptic Church of Egypt is also refusing to meet with him would tend to make something of a mockery of his entire visit to the Middle East.

According to a report in Haaretz, the vice president will arrive in Israel on Sunday, December 17, and is expected to give a speech at the Knesset as well as light a menorah at the Western Wall. I guess we can probably anticipate photos of him wearing a yarmulke as he somberly stuffs his little note into the crack between the stones.

Haaretz is also reporting that Pence plans to visit the Pyramids near Cairo but that Pope Tawadros II, head of the Coptic Church, will refuse to meet with him as well.

“The Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Church declines to receive American Vice President Mike Pence,” the Coptic Church said in a statement, adding that it would pray for “wisdom and to address all issues that impact peace for the people of the Middle East.”

Another who reportedly will decline an audience with Pence is Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

“There will be no meeting with the vice president of America in Palestine,” said Abbas aide Majdi al-Khaldi. “The United States has crossed all the red lines with the Jerusalem decision.”

Below is an article published Monday by the International Middle East Media Center. It provides information on the event in front of the Church of the Nativity and the decision by Palestinian Christians not to receive the American vice president. People might also be interested in a commentary entitled “Israel Has Played Trump as a Complete Fool,” published by Robert Fantina, who notes that the “ultimate deal-maker” has made a huge blunder. He also supplies a bit of history, ending with the rather inescapable conclusion that Israel’s “history with the United States is one of constantly taking, and giving nothing in return.”

And finally–the glorious carol, “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing,” was written in 1739 by Charles Wesley. The version in the video above is by the King’s College Choir of London. ]


Christian Palestinians Not Welcoming of Mike Pence


Christian Palestinians, along with Muslims, held a protest in front of the historic Church of the Nativity, after Sunday prayers, to express their rejection of US president Donald Trump’s decision to consider Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel.

The protesters assured that they would not meet with Trump’s second in command, Vice President Mike Pence, because of the US administration’s pro-Israel  positions.

Participants raised Palestinian flags and slogans, in both English and Arabic, denouncing the decision on Jerusalem and warning against the vice president’s visit to the city.

George Zina, who spoke on behalf of Palestinian factions, the Follow–Up Christian Committee, and Christian institutions in Bethlehem, stressed the popular position which rejects the visit to the city, which carries for them a meaning of war and aggression.

Zina added that Trump’s decision harms both Palestinian Christians and Muslims, and that the US president has no right to forget the religious and historical significance of the city, or its indigenous inhabitants.

He stressed that the decision is in violation of international laws and conventions, and will not change the Christian and Islamic reality of the city.

He called on the international community to challenge this arrogance, and to pressure Trump to withdraw his decision, adding that the Christians of the city are not welcoming of the visit, either.

Fateh Revolutionary Council member Mohammed Lahham also called for not receiving the vice president in Bethlehem.

He said: “We will receive [the] US vice president with shoes and more.”

He said that Pence was unwelcome and would be expelled from the city.

On Thursday, senior Fateh official Jibril Rajoub said that Pence was unwelcome in Palestine.

“In the name of Fateh, I say that we will not welcome Trump’s deputy in the Palestinian Territories.

“He asked to meet (Abbas) on the 19th of this month, in Bethlehem; such a meeting will not take place,” Jibril Rajoub  stated.

Continued here

6 thoughts on “Hark the Herald Angels! Palestinian Christians Will Refuse to Meet with Pence

  1. Bravo to the Palestinian Christians. This dark evening I was behind a women in a car . She had a “Christians Support Israel ” bumber sticker. I was not in the mood ,and when she was to slow as the light changed from red to green ,I gave her a blast on my big cars horn. Polite ? No. But its time to stop standing up for truth. The so called “Judeo -Christians “,there theology an oxymoronic abomination ,created with Eternal Jew Money must be defied nad countered. They are feeding the 666 Beast. Starchy Pence is a highly dangerous man. Disloyal,ambitious, calculating,and empty headed. He WAS a Catholic ,who saw how the winds were blowing in the Neoconservative/Fundamentalist GOP,and suddenly became an “Evangelical”. Originally for Creep Cruz ,he is the “religious one “, in the sell out administration. Before becoming Governor of Indiana ,he was the third ranking Republican in the House. Bowing to AIPAC ,and the manical Evangelicals was his obsession,because this son of a gas station owner wanted to be President badly. To dull to make it on his own,he was Co -President Kushners choice for VP. He is salivating at the prospect of Trumps Impeachment. He even ditched his running mate at the VP debates ,to stand up for the Jew NWO …. But since Trump is now dropped his original America First (Huge Anti War Movement ,that was very popular in Indiana,pre WW2) , little Pence has to wait his turn,because the President is now fully on board the International Jews Globalist agenda ,he might have to wait,and do it on his own. So a nice junket to Israel,the only place where US politicians care about ,and keep there promises to he was looking for a nice photo op. Well,he was fooled. Let him now bow down at the disgusting phony Wailing Wall,where the Anti Christ dwells . See SATAN AT THE WAILING WALL< Brother Nathanael Kaptner. You Tube. The Jews destroyed the Christian position in the Middle East by overthrowing Nationalist ,secular style Arab Regimes like Iraq pre war. Saddams VP ,and Foreign Minister Terek Aziz was a Coptic Christian for instance. No such person is in the the International Jew Occupied Iraq today. Only Assad survives todday. The Jews prefer ISIS to them. Before the abomination of Israel was pushed onto the world by conspiracy , fraud,and war, half of the Palestinian Population was Christian. Israel pushed most out. You will not hear this in so called "Christian Media". But of course Zionist Masonic "Judeo – Christians", do not consider Triniterian ,New Covenant Christians the real thing anyway.

  2. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas? Should be called ‘El Presidente’ since he’s appointed himself president for life–or until Israel no longer need his ass-kissing ways–back in 2009.

    What do you think the MSM and DC would say if Venezuela’s Maduro appointed himself president and canceled elections, citing security concerns? The 82nd Airborne would have already landed and distributed freedom and democracy thru the barrel of a gun…

  3. You’re right, Aziz was a Christian. I noted that about him at the time he was captured. He spent the last ten or twelve years of his life in the torture dungeons that were set up in Iraq.

  4. Saddam had Christians all over his government. He was an Arab Nationalist ,and was only taken out for his oil ,and not selling it through the US Petrodollar , created by International Jewry. Now the Christian Community in ” freed Iraq , ” is gone.

  5. It is undeniably true: the Jews rule America – but with the help and support of Christian Zionists! Not to get off topic, but we are now saying that Christian Zionism is one of the great heresies of our times. (For clarification: Christian Zionism is not found in the Orthodox Christian churches and is not part of official Catholic Church teachings. It is mostly a Protestant phenomena.)

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