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Angels Heard on High! Hanan Ashrawi Responds to Mike Pence’s Biblical Defense of Jerusalem

Hanan Ashrawi is a Palestinian Christian and a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council–and she has a few words to say to US Vice President Mike Pence:

Ashrawi was a close friend and protege of Palestinian writer and scholar Edward Said, and she was also an important leader in the First Intifada. According to Wikipedia, she received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in literature in the Department of English at the American University of Beirut and earned a Ph.D. in Medieval and Comparative Literature from the University of Virginia.

Pence and other Christians who support the US embassy move truly seem to worship the Old Testament god of vengeance and wrath. It is difficult to believe that they have one ounce of regard for the teachings of Jesus.

The following is a video posted a couple of days ago on Twitter. I can’t tell you what the Arabic voices narrating the event are saying, but the images we see–a protestor run down by an Israeli jeep and Israeli soldiers pepper spraying Palestinian medics–kind of speaks for itself. I can only conclude that Christian Zionists must fully approve of these sorts of things when they are carried out by Israeli soldiers:

The following is from the website of Christians United for Israel:

Since its inception, CUFI has been unequivocal in its position that Jerusalem is the eternal and undivided capital of the Jewish state. Each-and-every time Pastor Hagee has met with President Trump or Vice President Pence, he has reiterated the centrality of Jerusalem’s status to CUFI’s policy agenda. In January of 2017, just days before President Trump took office, the CUFI Action Fund held a Washington fly-in during which more than 260 leaders representing 49 states urged that the embassy be moved. And prior to the President’s announcement Wednesday, CUFI members sent more than 137,000 emails to the White House in support of moving the embassy to Jerusalem.

“Millions of Americans in every state and congressional district across the country are celebrating President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem and move the US Embassy there. We hope the President’s decisive support for Israel will help other elected officials in both parties see that the American people want their leaders to stand up and speak up for the Jewish state,” noted CUFI Action Fund Chairwoman Sandra Parker.

The CUFI also ran a full page ad in the Washington Post thanking Trump for his announcement on the embassy move. “We and the millions of Christians we represent will never forget your courageous act,” the ad states.

Apparently anything done by an Israeli soldier to a Palestinian is acceptable to the CUFI.

Christian Zionism is a heresy. It is a pity that the “millions of Christians” purportedly represented by this group have no ears to hear the words of people like Hanan Ashrawi.

In a post I put up yesterday I reported that Palestinian Christians have announced they will not meet with Pence during his visit to Israel next week. As I commented in that post:

It is rather ironic that Pence, who professes to be a Christian, will be visiting Israel one week before Christmas but will be snubbed by Christians in the town of Christ’s birth. This plus the fact that the pope of the Coptic Church of Egypt is also refusing to meet with him would tend to make something of a mockery of his entire visit to the Middle East.

Jesus said “Blessed are the peacemakers.” Who is following that teaching–Mike Pence or Hanan Asrawi?

Gloria in excelsis deo.

7 thoughts on “Angels Heard on High! Hanan Ashrawi Responds to Mike Pence’s Biblical Defense of Jerusalem

  1. The proposal to relocate the United States embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem should be handled this way:
    The United States embassy should be located on the “green line” (border) between East and West Jerusalem. The embassy building itself should be delineated as such: The portion of the building in East Jerusalem should be the United States embassy to Palestine; the portion of the building in West Jerusalem should be the United States embassy to Israel. Problem solved.

  2. Flowers Never Lie (Except While Telling The Truth) –
    Poem by Ted Sheridan.
    “..There is no need to be afraid of them child
    they are only men.
    Men who are afraid themselves of death
    or of flowers.
    Men of black and white
    Who spend hours reading between pages
    of black and white.
    Men who never take sides on anything
    unless it is a battlefield.
    Where they fight from behind the lines
    with pins on a deadly game board.
    While soldiers die, they reap the profits
    until their prophets scream death to them.
    until the flowers on a cemetery’s lawn
    scare them back into their mass graves
    of reason, or the lack of it.
    Men who fear a God of love.
    Men who obey what they were taught
    never questioning why.
    Less they be struck dead by their idols.
    Men who are themselves confused by themselves.
    Men who are only men.
    There is no need to fear them.
    They FEAR EACH OTEHR MORE than you and me.
    Fear only their ignorance of you
    and above all fear your ignorance of them.
    See them for WHAT THEY REALLY ARE.
    Men who are afraid of the flowers. …..”
    What are THEY so afraid of ??
    Are they afraid of a child, a teenager, an older woman, a flag , an olive tree ???

  3. The US Constitution is a Classicaly inspired document. Pence ,Trump ,Kushner is defying the Separation Of Church ( Synagogue), State Clause . His use of Zio – Christian Theology as a basis for any political decesion is grotesque ,and offensive to true faith ,as well as temperal government. What the Trump / Kushner Administration has done is absolute evil. It spits on Christ Himself, just as the Jew mob did at his trial before the Sanhedrin. Trump is defacto raising the Old Covenant , and cancelled the New . ” Your House shall be made desolate “. Christ cursed the Jews . He predicted the destruction of the Temple ,and said Jews Fig Tree will ” no longer bear fruit. Trump ,is desperate to survive . He knows by igniting the GOP s Zio Christian base ,( who he beat in the primary,as the where for Cruz ) , he will get fanatical support . By doing the International Jews bidding ,he will get media ,and financial backing . What price victory ? We ,who know better ,must STOP endorsing Trump / Kushner ,and his phony agenda in everything.

  4. That blowhard Hattee distorts the Bible when he brays that God will protect those who protect Israel.
    The Big Guy didn’t say that, he promised Abraham and his descendants that they will have a nation to themselves or something, and since Muslims also worship Abraham, those CZ types might be in for one helluva surprise one day, especailly when DNA testing has shown that the majority of Israelis proclaiming to be Jews are actually from Europe.

  5. cufi should at least consider who they tout as speaking for. as a life long believer, at 62, i had tired of the genocidal rants of the israeli war god yahweh, to the point i could no longer stomach reading much of the O.T. add the thread bare knee jerk response of the modern day christian collective conscience, “poor little israel, always having to live under the threat of rocket attacks from their arab neighbors.” i hated the middle east’s forever wars. and battling the cognitive dissonance between the usual cufi offense/ defense and the big emotional firestorms any disagreeing resulted in and jesus telling peter to put his sword away. i chose to walk and over the course of 5 years, finally stopped having to empty the weekly garbage. now, i just shake my head and think, “only 18-year olds believe that shit.”

  6. Didn’t Christ say; ‘the New Jerusalem is in your hearts!’ It’s not a physical place under the New Covenant. His Church is the New Israel. Jesus Christ came to put an end to the Talmudic teachings of hate. He came to comfort the downtrodden and heal the wounded. The heresy that Hagee and his ilk convey makes a mockery of the teachings of the Prince of Peace.

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