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Aaron Neville – O Holy Night

Always a beautiful song no matter who sings it, though this version is particularly nice. I’m always amazed at singers who can hit that high note on the word “divine” at the end of the song. It takes talent to do that. Hope everyone is having a happy Christmas season.

11 thoughts on “Aaron Neville – O Holy Night

  1. Thankyou Richard for this beautiful piece of music. “Truth is beauty,beauty is truth ,that is all ye need to know “. Keats

  2. This is a voice and music that always touches my heart…It’s Christmas a-comin’ for sure…when you hear Aaron Neville’s voice…many thanks!!!

  3. A time of great joy–Christmas is indeed a-coming! Time to hang the ornaments on the Christmas tree!

  4. A blessed Christmas to you and yours as well, Bernard. The holiest night of the year in nine more nights!

  5. Thank you Richard, I had forgotten how wonderful Carols are.
    Whilst listening and looking, I came across this

    Never heard her before, now my favourite singer.

  6. Beautiful, PJ! A lady with a sensational voice accompanied by only an acoustic guitar–but it works superbly. A terrific rendition of a beautiful song!

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