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US, North Korea Trade Accusations at UN Security Council Meeting

In addition to the above report from RT, Sputnik is now reporting:

Beijing government advisors observe that the risk of war on the Korean peninsula is at its highest point in decades.

Senior government advisers and military officers warned Beijing on Saturday that the escalation of the war of words between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un indicates that China must remain on high alert for war on the Korean peninsula, as the risk of conflict has never been greater.

“North Korea is a time bomb,” detailed China’s executive-level State Council cabinet advisor Shi Yinhong during a Beijing conference on the Korean crisis.

“We can only delay the explosion, hoping that by delaying it, a time will come to remove the detonator,” said Shi, a Renmin University international relations professor, cited by the South China Morning Post (SCMP).

Recent moves by China, including support for Western sanctions against Pyongyang, indicate that Beijing is losing control of what influence it has in the ongoing crisis, Chinese government advisors have warned.

“Conditions on the peninsula now make for the biggest risk of a war in decades,” added Shi.

In his warnings, Shi asserted that it was already too late to avert open war, as Trump and Kim remain locked in a rapidly escalating exchange of threats.

During the conference, Wang Hongguang, a former Chinese high-ranking military commander and current Beijing advisor, warned that war on the Korean peninsula could erupt at any time, particularly as the US and South Korea will hold their large-scale annual military drills in March.

“It is a highly dangerous period,” said Wang, adding, “China should mobilize [its] defences for war.”

All that being said, Moon Jae-in, the president of South Korea, is now on a state visit to China. The timing of the visit is quite interesting. If you look at a report here at Xinhua you can see that the Chinese have quite literally rolled out the red carpet for Moon. It looks as if the strategy is to woo the South Koreans out of the US orbit, which, if so, might perhaps be likened to a desperate gambit. And yes, a long-shot surely. Yet given the god-awful, full-blown insanity that US officials seem habitually to display to the world, it just might work.

“We must unswervingly uphold the goal of a nuclear-free peninsula and never allow war or chaos on the peninsula,” said Chinese President Xi Jinping as the two leaders met.

Considering China either is now or soon to become the world’s largest economy, doubtless Xi has the wherewithal to sweeten the pot considerably. So maybe there is hope of avoiding war.

3 thoughts on “US, North Korea Trade Accusations at UN Security Council Meeting

  1. Trump is very good at enraging people and very poor at diplomacy .South Korea would do well to disengage from US hegemony and form an economic alliance with their neighbors .China to begin with .It would be a win win for all concerned in this part of the world .It is my firm belief that North Korea would eventually join this alliance once they felt safe and knew that their neighbors were legitimately seeking peace and not war. Trump be damned. After all ,what is the US doing in someone else’s back yard anyway.We finally have a South Korean president that seeks peace .Let peace break out.

  2. Well…let’s hope he seeks peace. The only way he’s going to achieve peace is by breaking with the US, but with thousands of US troops in his country that might not be easy for him to do, assuming he’s even willing to make the effort.

  3. I am Not soo pessimistic about the N Korea crisis, as Dr Johnson once said,”knowledge that your to be hung in the morning concentrates the mind”,the Koreans, and i speak of both Koreas ,want to survive,being alive is a beautiful thing.The good thing about the Trump administration is that the mask is off,the people that run the dark state are quite simply mad,a world of war crazed neocons/ultra liberals,who act against even their own nations interests, pax Americana is a dead end,the world must remove their safety wheels and prepare for a world post empire, both the Obama and Trump administration are presiding over a dying empire, America has failed generals who can’t even defeat primitive tribes peoples armed with ancient AK 47s.Trump is was elected to save the republic Not the empire, so like Rome they might aswell open the gates and let the Visigoths in,meaning the days of empire are Over..

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