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6 thoughts on “Ahed Tamimi’s Twitter Account Deleted

  1. It’s the zio neocon dark state on the rampage,she is considered a threat, and she is not the only one,anyone who speaks out has their account deleted. Twitter is destroying it’s business model along with Google, they are having their arms twisted,the old men/women in Washington who many are tech illiterate as we witnessed with the Hilary Clinton e email debacle don’t seem to realize that the Internet will be fractured and balkanized, leading to the destruction of a industry that currently America leads the world in…

  2. ‘they will do her like Mandela’, I have absolutely no idea what that means.
    None of Mandela’s family were arrested or targeted.
    He was arrested with arms and ammunition to kill thousands of people.
    He was the founder and leader of a terrorist organisation (Umkhonto we Sizwe) that had carried out bombings and killings at his direct orders.

    “The campaign(MK terror and sabotage) began on December 16, 1961 when Umkhonto we Sizwe saboteurs lit explosives at an electricity sub-station.  Dozens of other acts of sabotage followed over the next eighteen months.  (Indeed, the government would allege the defendants committed 235 separate acts of sabotage.)  The sabotage included attacks on government posts, machines, and power facilities, as well as deliberate crop burning.
    It is also interesting to know that although Mr Mandela was sent to jail, he was never on the list of “Political Prisoners” put out by the very Left wing Amnesty International.  The reason was that at his trial, he made no effort to defend himself against the charges laid against him, and he admitted in court that he had brought enough arms, guns, bombs etc. into Johannesburg to kill 250,000 people.  He also stated in court, which is on tape, that “We are going to push you whites into the sea”

    He was as nice and cuddly as “Uncle Joe”.

  3. PJ,I dearly hope the Young lady is done like Mandela, that kid needs to be freed pronto,like yesterday, Ahed Tamimi had right on her side when confronting the IDF who had shot her beloved cousin in the head with a plastic bullit,plastic bullits can kill as the Catholic Irish in N Ireland can attest to..

  4. p.s. type o ,”Not done”,young Ahed Tamimi profile needs to be kept high as to put pressure on the Israelis…

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