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Mass Animal Die-Offs in 2017

One issue I’ve followed off and on over the past year is that of mass animal die-offs. A website that keeps regular tabs on this issue is a site here, which reports on mass deaths occurring throughout the world, documenting each instance with a link to a news story on each one.

As of this posting the site is showing 442 known mass death events in 79 countries so far for the year 2017–but that’s just deaths that occurred between January 1 and December 12. I suspect that at some point in the next few days the site will be updated to reflect the running cumulative total through December 31. Perhaps then the number will reach 450 or maybe 475 or possibly even 500–I don’t know, but in any case it’s a staggering number.

We are destroying the planet we live on. Human greed and stupidity have usurped wisdom and common sense, and we are headed toward planetary omnicide if we don’t change our ways quickly. When the bees are gone, when the oceans are dead, our own deaths will be sealed.

Here is a video posted back in May of this year, which to some degree spells out what we’re facing–although what it does not mention is geoengineering, which is also a major factor in all this. You simply cannot spray millions of tons of particulates into the sky day after day without having a major impact on the planetary ecosystem. But that is what is being done…in addition to the US Navy firing depleted uranium weapons into the Pacific Ocean–which is mentioned in the video, and which, like geoengineering, is also doubtless poisoning the environment.

4 thoughts on “Mass Animal Die-Offs in 2017

  1. Thank god our leaders have pinpointed the problem, just a pinch too much co2. Of course everything else is fine… we just need to breath less air, better yet destroy china and maybe Russia and the middle east, those people produce too much co2.

  2. Since chemtrails contain nano-size aluminum particles and aluminum has been shown to cause Alzhemier’s and dementia in adults, do they also affect dogs?

    Four years ago, when the chemtrails around here were modest in number, there were three different yards–while walking about–where I encountered dogs that were friendly. I could stand there and talk to them, even pet two of them.

    Four years later, with the chemtrails polluting the skies from horizon to horizon on most days, those same dogs have become stark-raving mad. They snap, snarl, growl and jump against the fence like they were insane.

    Either all three owners are beating the dogs to make them mean, or something else is affecting their minds.

  3. I remember reading about animal species disappearing as a new world is being born .So sad to see some go. I also read about the world climate becoming entirely temperate in the same article.

  4. I don’t know, Greg, it’s possible. Dogs’ personalities can change, but usually, as you say, it’s in response to some sort of mistreatment inflicted upon them by humans.

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