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Philip Giraldi: Is Nikki Haley an ‘Agent of Influence’?

[ Ed. note – Whenever I see a picture of Nikki Haley it’s usually of her sitting in her chair at the UN, her face grimaced by a scowl. I’m pretty sure this is the only photo I’ve ever seen of her with a doting smile on her face. Below is an interesting article by Philip Giraldi, who explores the question of whether Haley is a “de facto agent of  influence” for Israel.  (Hat tip Ariadna) ]

By Philip Giraldi

The most recent claim that Russian President Vladimir Putin is “running” Donald Trump as if the U.S. president is a Russian intelligence asset comes from former Director of National Intelligence (DNI) James Clapper. “[Putin] knows how to handle an asset, and that’s what he’s doing with the president,” Clapper told CNN last Monday.

Clapper, who served as DNI under President Barack Obama, and who has repeatedly disparaged Trump both before and since the 2016 election, called the Russian president a “great case officer,” which might be the only nice thing said about Putin by a former senior U.S. official in quite some time.

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10 thoughts on “Philip Giraldi: Is Nikki Haley an ‘Agent of Influence’?

  1. Nikki “,hill billy”Haley was forced on the president, she is a war mongering Christian Zionist.The Republican party seems infested with zio cucks,they along with DNC ultra liberals are just as much a threat to the as global warming ,maybe more so,due to their philo Isreali sympathies and their unwillingness to accept the multi polar world ,because of the rise of Russia and China.

  2. P.S.,maybe the UN Assembly should be removed from New York, and if the US government wishes Not to fund it,the Chinese will happily do so,i say move it to Europe, because the Europeans are learning that the American people are their friends but the insane people who run it are Not,the globalists in Europe days are numbered..

  3. Thanks for this report. I entered essentially this comment at the AHT site:

    Kudos to the great American Phil Giraldi. Haley is so obviously not representing the core national-security and general interests of her (my!) country; instead, she genuflects to anything and everything the Zioentity so-called Israel stands for as it cultivates her malign personality to act on its behalf. She is accordingly a traitor and should be outed as such…and, as a priority matter, ousted from her position at the United Nations. Her words and actions toward the beleaguered Palestinians and their quest for truth, justice, liberation from the shackles of political/militant Zionism, and full statehood are odious and biased to the extreme. Palestine Is Still THE Issue!

  4. Happy New Year Richard ! I’m glad you are not the only one who notices the Haley Scowl ! Envoy to the UN has diminished in quality since Henry Cabot Lodge, Adlai Stevenson , Pat Moniyan , John Scali , HW ,Bush ,Bill Scranton ( yours truly met him / Israeli Lobby hated him ) , Vernon Walters ( recognized Arafat in 1988 ,to Neoconservative fury ) , with Arthur Goldberg ( taken from Supreme Court by LBJ , as gift to Ben Gurion ), Gene Kirkpatrick, ( Original Vatican 2 Front for Neoconservatives) , Samantha Power ,Condelleza Rice , with hick Haley some of the worse Ambassadors . Ms Haley is of course following the instructions of the now wholly Judaic Trump / Kushner Administration. They in turn follow the orders of International Jewish Finance. The former Tea Party politician more suited to be Dunkin Donuts store clerk ,( I’m not insulting the later ) , is vicious Evangelical Judeo Christian fool . Her ambition is overwhelming apparent. Haley the ex Seik wants to be VP / President. So like TR,Wilson , , IKE , LBJ , through our ” Israel First Trump ” , she knows where to go ; the most evil nation in world history – the anti Christ State of Israel . All must remember ,Israel.is not just ” a state ” , in the politcal sense ,but a lurking collective march of an evil , exclusive, earth centered Sumerian Diety called Yahweh ,who admits ,and instructs his ” Chosen People” , to ” Jealously ” ,lie persecute ,subvert , spy,and commit genocide for him. All until he ” arrives ” to enslave the Gentile world . Israel’s mere existence is an affront to the New Covenant. To recognize Jerusalem as the Zionist Entities ” Capital ” is in direct defience of Jesus Christ ; ” Your house shall be made desolate “.

  5. Trump and Haley both seem to be kind of enthralled to this power–like it’s kind of beguiled them and taken control of their minds or something.

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