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Swedish Church Refers to Jesus Using Gender-Neutral Pronoun

The insanity sweeping Western countries just got a little bit crazier and more insane. Less than a week after Christmas, news has come out that a Swedish church has published an advertisement in which it refers to Jesus using a gender-neutral pronoun.

The ludicrousness of such a characterization should be apparent to anyone, and indeed according to the report below it has “triggered a backlash,” which I suppose is a hopeful sign–but I really don’t see the insanity abating, at least not in the near future.

From RT:

A church in a Swedish city has defended its choice of gender-neutral pronoun ‘hen’ in reference to Jesus in an advertisement. The church insists the word gives “new perspective.”

In November, the largest religious institution in the country, the Church of Sweden, advised its clergy to avoid terms like ‘Lord’ and ‘He’ in worship services in order to not highlight that God is male, in the new version of a handbook on how to conduct services. The move has triggered a backlash, with critics saying the change undermines the Christian concept of the Holy Trinity and politicizes faith.

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8 thoughts on “Swedish Church Refers to Jesus Using Gender-Neutral Pronoun

  1. Cultural Marxist think humans are interchangeable amphibians, well we are Not ,there are two sexes,and perhaps various forms of beta and omega males.The book and film Fight Club touched something in men,as it exclaimed the virtue of manliness, it was only a film but in real life there will be a push back by males in society and those snow flakes won’t like it.Jesus/Jeshua was A MAN!!!!!

  2. I tried to add a reasonably intelligent comment to this thread but find myself unable to craft one. I’ll cop out by simply using this means to ensure that any follow-on comments are directed to my inbox.

  3. Take a good look. Sweden is a nation felled by Jewish International Banking. Remember the the Jews creating a cause celeb out of Raul Wallenberg ? Kosher Conservatives,and Politically Correct Liberals united within their Talmudic Matrix to sing the praises of the Swedish Diplomat who “saved Jews in Hungary during WW2”. Guess who he was ? A member of the Internationmal Jewish Banking Family who have financed the Swedish Nation for over 100 years. Of course linked to the Rothschilds in London ,the chickens came to roost post war. Bit ,by bit Sweden,that glorious golden example of the Nordic was targeted by Jewish Subversion. Their indiginous Industry bought out by Jewish Finance Capital,and their culture sold out to Cultural Marxism ,the twin fangs of the Jews snake head. Sweden is becoming sburnt out husk. Ethnic pride,and consciousness discredited by the Jews multicultural poision. Of course Jeus Chrsit would loose His gender to this !

  4. I think Sweden is sort of like the canary in the coal mine. A lot of other countries, including the US, will probably see similar crime and deterioration of the social order if we don’t begin to adopt different policies.

  5. I think that should STOP using the name’ Jesus ‘and ‘Christ’ all together.
    This way they won’t offend many other people .. except they may offend God, but they seem not to pay too much attention to that
    . Not offending LGBT and all alike seems to be their priority anyway .

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