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‘Usual Suspects’ Behind Regime Change Operation Underway in Iran

Above and below are some very good reports from RT on the protests in Iran. The information presented strongly suggests that the usual suspects, as it were, are behind the unrest–i.e. the US and Israel. Obviously, you won’t see this type of reporting in the mainstream media, which of course is why RT is so despised by political elites in the West.

“Co-opting democracy for its own ends is a difficult habit (for the US) to break”

Trump administration established a “new center” within the CIA to work toward regime change in Iran. The CIA officer in charge of it is known by the name of “Dark Prince.” Meanwhile US media are cheering on the protests.

The “Dark Prince” epithet given to the head of the new CIA mission desk is reminiscent of Richard Perle, the Jewish neocon who led the Project for a New American Century and was a leading advocate for the war in Iraq. Perle’s nickname was “the Prince of Darkness.

Will the regime change operation in Iran succeed? Or will it flounder into miscarriage the way the one in Syria has? My guess is it’s probably going to fail.

6 thoughts on “‘Usual Suspects’ Behind Regime Change Operation Underway in Iran

  1. Since the US was deeply complicit in the fall of the Shah in 1979 it seems likely that US money will once again be used to foment trouble on the streets of that country.

    I would now expect a ‘contrived’ military incident to be concocted by the US or Israel to justify further action against Iran.

  2. “Co-opting democracy for its own ends is a difficult habit (for the US) to break”

    But, those ends are also always the ends of Israel. If only the US government pursued policies that served the Americans’ interests and not those of Israel and the pro-Israeli lobby.

  3. Nikki Hayley looked foolish as she spoke,while nearly all the security council looked on wondering why they were there at the security council meeting :/,perhaps a meeting should be called about Gitmo and why people are locked up without trial or the pipeline protests by Native Americans, who have suffered violence upon their persons for protesting..The US should butt out of the the internal affairs of Iran or any sovereign nation,we in the UK always took umbridge at foriegners sticking their beeks in the affairs of N Ireland..

  4. The US should definitely butt out, but US leaders think it’s their divine, God-giving right to dictate to the rest of the world. I hope I’m wrong, but I have a feeling this is going to end badly for average Americans.

  5. Nikki Hayley should understand her job description.Here are a few of her duties as ambassador of the UN,1,to prevent war between the major nuclear powers,2,to prevent nuclear proliferation, 3,to halt the spread of terrorism, thats just three of her duties to be done with the consensus of all members..The US as one of the members has the lives of billions in their hands,the likes of her should be reminded of this,Not that one should have to be reminded,after two of the bloodiest wars in history in the last century..

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