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Report: US Plans to Recognize Kurdish Area in Syria 3x the Size of Lebanon

[ Ed. note – If the report below is true, then the US is setting the stage for continued warfare in Syria, with the possibility of dramatic escalation depending on whether Russia will be content to sit back and allow the plans to proceed. A partitioning of this nature would also be an affront to the sacrifices made by the brave Syrians who fought and died for their country. ]


Washington is planning ‘concrete steps’ toward providing a Syrian Democratic Forces-controlled area in northern Syria’s eastern Euphrates area three times the size of Lebanon with diplomatic recognition, a leading Arabic international newspaper has reported.

The 28,000 square km territory, controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces, a collection of predominantly Kurdish militias including the YPG People’s Protection Units, took its first step toward US recognition after US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis promised to send US diplomats to SDF-controlled areas to work alongside US troops operating in the region, the official said.

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4 thoughts on “Report: US Plans to Recognize Kurdish Area in Syria 3x the Size of Lebanon

  1. If the statement is true then I would expect Turkey to drop out of NATO very promptly .
    Not a bad thing as far as I am concerned .NATO is a warmongering organization run by the US of A ,administered out of Brussels .

  2. The Kurds were always favorites of International Jewry . This is very alarming . We are seeing the Greater Israel Project moving forward under Kushner Trump . This is the method of the Treaty of Westphalia which wiped out the Holy Roman Empire , and put Central Europe into Petty State statis until Bismarck in 1870. The always vigilant Eternal Jew , doing this with the Treaty Of Versailles in 1919. When European Nationalism tried to reverse this ,another war incited by Jewry . It’s all the same method for the world . It can be Asia ,North South Korea , formally Vietnam division , ( Agreement Stalin ,by Jewry 20 Centuries minions FDR ,and Churchill Europe cut up likewise ) ,or the Middle East . Arab Nationalism must go . Syria it’s last manifestation. Division as the created nation of Iraq ,it’s borders carved out by Rothschild’s man Churchillian, in the 20s of the last Century , and today the victim is Syria . Trump is surely selling out this planet. Kushner the Jude Suss at his shoulder . Nothing new ,as ” Jewish advisers ” have been the norm in the West whispering in their subjects ears since they remerged to be ” liberated ” . Kushner is a ” good Orthodox Jew “. ” A true Jew ” , devoted to the cult of the late Rabbi Sneerson . The Rabbi was noted for demanding world leaders provoke ,” the return of Mosisch”. ( See , YAHWEH God Of The NWO ,You Tube ) ,and now we have the Anti Christ agent ,Jared right in the White House . This Kurdish ” recognition” ,is as epic as Trump’s New Covenant reversal with the Jerusalem recognition .

  3. Absolutely Crazy!!!!,how does igniting a new war benefit anyone,other than Israel,these insane ziocons keep taking the world to the brink of oblivion,haven`t the Syrian people suffered enough!!,anyway any ethnos Kurdish state will be obliterated…

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