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British Government Speaks Out on the Arrest of Ahed Tamimi

[ Ed. note – Another sign of Israel’s growing pariah status ]

The British government has responded to the arrest of Palestinian teen activist Ahed Tamimi saying that the Israeli occupation forces should not have been in Nabi Saleh in the first place.

In oral questions yesterday, Labour MP Julie Elliott asked Alistair Burt, minister of state for the Middle East at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, whether he shared her “outrage” over the “continued detention of 16-year-old Ahed Tamimi”.

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8 thoughts on “British Government Speaks Out on the Arrest of Ahed Tamimi

  1. Thanks for this significant posting. Governments as well as ordinary compassionate people must stand up to this Zionist scourge with steely resolve and a determination to put paid to it. Perhaps Ahed will, in the process of sacrificing her childhood, provide the tipping point toward solution of the longest-running, most vexing and fraught justice and human-rights dilemma on the planet. Palestine Is Still THE Issue!

  2. The British Government might speak out,but it is Israels owners Rothschilds who control whats left of its truncated “Empire “, they lost fighting for International Jewry in two world wars. Their comments window dressing to try and seem independent ,and sovereign to the world. . But one must pick up gold were you find it,and for now,we can hope it has some effect, for Taminis sake.

  3. Maybe it’s the optimist in me speaking, Robert, but I do think it’s headed in that direction.

  4. Britain is certainly not an independent country any more. The iron curtain basically has flipped. Vladimir Putin is now the leader of the “free world.”

  5. So true ! International Jewry march began in England with the Jewish funded Puritan Oliver Cromwell in the 1600s. This ” Judeo Christian hero “, put them in charge ,and the world never looked back . Bit by bit the eternal Jew built , influenced and took ,” The Empire ” ) . Rothchilds IS the Bank Of England ,since 1912 US Fed too ,hence the ” Special Relationship”. For a time the growing British Empire “( The sun does not set “) was seen by it’s enthusiasts ,and detractors ,as ” The New Israel “.

  6. ‘yes, Britain is certainly Not free,our PM’s right hand lady Amber Rudd is a arch ultra liberal, linked to neocon think tanks,the Zionists hold sway in our green and pleasant land.Tahed Tamimi should be released at once ,especially because she is under 18,therefore still a minor….

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