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Controlling the Weather? Lionel Interviews Dane Wigington

I was not aware that Lionel, most widely known as a regular political commentator on RT, was conscious and aware of the aerial spraying taking place in the skies, but he definitely is and seems to recognize it for what it is. The interview covers a lot of ground–from the basic nuts and bolts of geoengineering to future prospects for survival of life on the planet. There is also an interesting turn in the conversation when the subject shifts to the mysterious deaths of three climate scientists as well as to the existence of “allies behind the curtain,” i.e. present and former government employees, who recognize the insanity of climate engineering and want to see the program exposed.

3 thoughts on “Controlling the Weather? Lionel Interviews Dane Wigington

  1. I find Lionel highly entertaining but this time discussing a very serious topic.I have been aware for a number of years about the chemtrails .Flight paths are usually at certain elevations , i.e. North traveling at say 45,000 ft , South traveling at say 40,000 ft. and the same goes for East-West .When one sees a North traveling aircraft leaving a chemtrail for all to see for hours upon hours and another North bound 1/2 hour later with no chemtrails at all ,this is all that needs to be said .Your eyes are not playing trick on you.Something is going on and it isn’t normal .My question is WHY ? It surely is not good for the environment .

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