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Russia heeds ‘the Inner Voice of Conscience’–Patriarch Kirill

Several days ago I posted a video of an interview with Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church conducted over Russian TV. The interview aired live on January 7–Russian Orthodox Christmas Day. What I posted was only a four and a half minute segment that had been translated into English–this of an interview which ran on for more than half and hour–but in that segment Kirill expressed the view that “evil is not viable,” and that “systems where the evil is dominant cannot survive.”

“If evil drives away good from human society, then the end will come,” he added.

The video I am posting above is an additional segment from the same interview and that has now also been translated into English. In it Kirill talks about how Russia “is a country which pays heed to the inner voice of conscience.”

11 thoughts on “Russia heeds ‘the Inner Voice of Conscience’–Patriarch Kirill

  1. As Western Civilization goes into decline due to the infection if Judaic poision . Materialism , Globalism, Modernism, Nilism ; Traditionalist Russia rises . So far ,it is Moscow under Putin ,who transends the Left / Right Talmudic divide , for unity v defacto International Jewry it’s most effective opposition to what Huxly described as ,” a brave New World .”

  2. Russia is NOT ” the Inner Voice of Conscience’.
    Russia is in bed with all the demonic, masonic satanists.
    It is not the ‘savior of the world’, but an active participant in the destruction of the world.

    a nice photoof Kirill in front of athe statue of dead communist and known FREEMASON ,Jose Marti. Marti. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jos%C3%A9_Mart%C3%AD

    interesting video

    masonic hand shake


    “..Ther is no incidents , there are ONLY signs..” One has to learn to read them

  3. “..Such lofty figures as Carlos Manuel de Cespedes, Ignacio Agramonte, Perucho Figueredo, Calixto Garcia, Antonio Maceo
    AND JOSE Marti were freemasons…”
    memorial of the freemason Jose Marti in Havana.

    Kirill and his buddies in front of the a.m. memorial.

  4. Your comments sound like but a slight variation on all the Russia-gate conspiracy theories to prevalent in the mainstream media.

  5. I am sorry, but I am a great skeptic and I don’t believe in a ‘good/bad ‘ guy division among the global politicians.
    I know that this division exists, as for now, FOR the general public, so they can ‘cheer’ either side. But I suspect that it is just one, big show for the gullible goyim, so they can root for one ‘team’ or the other.
    There maybe some genuine frictions/dissensions between those . seemingly opposite, Powers , yet I believe that , all in all, they do have the same , final goals.
    Maybe a bit different methods or tactics on how to achieve it , but I do n’t trust either of them. I know a bit of the Russian past ,dark history and I do read some Russian, independent, ( not MSM) sites.. I try to observe those ‘subtle’ signals, signs that are often disregarded and omitted. In my opinion they tell the most.
    Thevery fact the Russian Patriarch and his little helpers make themselves a photo in front of the statue of the known Cuban Freemason and Communist says a LOT. It is not a pure coincidence. It is a mega sign for those who know how to interpret it.
    “..By those signs we recognize each other.. “

  6. Your comments (Kirill and his “little helpers,” etc.) are callow and infantile. This is not a site for anti-Russian propaganda. Also, I would suggest to you that if you want to post your favorite videos on YouTube that you start your own website and embed them there.

  7. Russia today is not the Russia of the past..Under Putin he’s made all things possible he’s taken that Country out of the dark ages and is doing more for humanity then any other world leader..

  8. well. it looks like many people in the so- called West feed themselves on gullibility and
    hurra-naivety. They hate the truth when it doesn’t fit their personal agenda or views.
    You are not the first one and not the last one. I know I am right. Unfortunately.
    Time will tell,

  9. very important article to read.
    “… That hijacking extends all the way to the Russian Orthodox Church’s present-day leadership. In 2009, Vladimir Mikhailovich Gundyaev, known today as Metropolitan Kirill, was chosen to serve as the “Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia,” the highest position of authority in the Russian Orthodox Church.
    Metropolitan Kirill took over after the death of Patriarch Alexy II, who led the ROC from 1990. Prior to his post at the head of the ROC, he WAS a longtime KGB agent code-named Drozdov, or “Blackbird.” All three of the candidates to replace Alexy II were ALSO reliably identified as agents of the KGB/FSB,
    including Metropolitan Kirill, who ultimately got the job.

    “According to material from the Soviet archives, Kirill was a KGB agent (as was Alexei),” explained Russia expert David Satter, a former Moscow correspondent for the Financial Times and the Wall Street Journal, in a 2009 article for Forbes. “This means he was more than just an informer, of whom there were millions in the Soviet Union. He was an active officer of the organization.
    Neither Kirill nor Alexei ever acknowledged or apologized for their ties with the security agencies.” With Putin and Kirill both tracing their careers back to the murderous KGB, their public affinity for each other should hardly be considered surprising.

    While the ROC is officially celebrated in Putin’s Russia today, other Christian denominations have not fared so well. Under the guise of targeting “extremism,” the Kremlin has been cracking down on protestants, evangelicals, and more. In 2016, Moscow even adopted a law purporting to ban Christian evangelism anywhere outside of church buildings registered with the state. The law also purports to ban house churches and requires that missionaries seek and obtain government permits. A wide range of other draconian restrictions have also been imposed. And they have been widely condemned by Christians across Russia and around the world…”

  10. “..The notion that communism and socialism are somehow compatible with “Christianity” has become increasingly widespread among younger Americans indoctrinated into a phony version of history and offered only a cheap caricature of Christianity.
    Unfortunately, though, a world leader — one whose fan club is growing in the United States, even among conservatives — is now spreading that same dangerous lie.
    Christian leaders from around the world should speak out clearly to ensure that their flocks do not fall into such grave error. Communism remains an extreme threat to this day…”

  11. Renne, I think people are capable for the most part of only fighting one evil at a time. It may be that one day, should Russia dethrone the US as the major world power, that its leaders will equal or even exceed the evil now carried out by US leaders, but we’ll deal with that when and if the time comes. Right now it is the US that is sowing chaos and destruction around the world and Russia that is taking a moral stand against it. That’s the reality we’re dealing with now. I’m not a fan of Freemasons. Basically they strike me as Zionists in a slightly different guise. It may be that Putin is a closet Freemason, I don’t know. You seem to make a big to-do about his recent comment comparing communism to Christianity. Two things to keep in mind about that: 1) Putin is in a re-election campaign now and there are many voters in Russia who still cling to communist ideology; 2) look up Acts 2:44 and 4:32 and read what it says. Basically it’s describing communism. Not the depraved, murderous type that existed under the Bolsheviks, but the utopian ideal–i.e. common ownership of property–that the early Christians clearly practiced and adhered to.

    Russia is not a perfect country, but then no country is. Yes, you can post videos about Russia showing poverty and other bad things, but you can post similar videos about every other country in the world, including the US.

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