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The Last Encounter with my Atheist Friend

You hear stories like this from time to time–atheists turning to God on their deathbeds.

Poetry for Palestine

A few day ago, I lost a dear friend, with whom I worked for supporting Palestine and the Palestinian cause.
We also had deep existential discussions about meaning of life, God, faith…etc.

Unfortunately, for many years, he joined the crowd who accused me of “antisemitism”, however about a year ago, he rethought his position and regretted what was done, came many times to visit me despite his very ill-health.

This is my tribute to Sam’s good memory, sharing with the world, our last encounter:

*  *  *
In his hospital bed
He spoke of agony and the torment in his head
“The closest I could describe”, he said
“As if my head is full of chains, entangled and rattling inside
While being pulled in every direction”
He told me he’s yearning to find some peace
Not through brain-numbing tablets
But the other way, the spiritual way

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2 thoughts on “The Last Encounter with my Atheist Friend

  1. Commented in source :
    ‘Religion brings out the very best in people. Unfortunately it also brings out the very worst.’

  2. Religion and the enlightenment can coexist ,much of the perceived conflict has been a bi-product of this post 911 war on terror madness that has seen a rise of rigid religiosity, islamophobia ,aggressive atheism ,much of these enmities are driven by hidden hands.The enlightenment and the teaching of Christ are all part of Western culture and expression..

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