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Video: Pence Smirks as Palestinian MKs are Removed During His Knesset Speach

While you watch the video above pay particular attention as the camera zooms back into Mike Pence’s face following the altercation. The crucial segment you want to scrutinize starts at about 50 seconds in. Notice what appears to be the faint trace of a smile on the vice president’s face. I don’t think I’m exaggerating by describing it as a “smirk.”

What you’re looking at is a portion of Pence’s speech before the Israeli Knesset on Monday, January 22. As the US vice president begins his remarks, Palestinian members of the Knesset attempt to protest, but are forcibly removed from the chamber. According to a report at Al Jazeera, they were shouting “Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine” and attempting to hold up pictures of Al Aqsa Mosque.

“We oppose the policies of Mr Trump. He is not only the enemy of Palestinians, he is the enemy of peace,” said Jamal Zahalka, one of the protesting MKs.

Just like the Jewish Knesset members clapping their hands, Pence seems to have been very happy to see the Palestinians thrown out.

Some of Pence’s remarks before the Knesset are quoted in a Jerusalem Post report here. They make for a study in Orwellian doublethink.

“We stand with Israel, because we believe in right over wrong, in good over evil, and in liberty over tyranny,” he said.

The vice president is in essence saying that Palestinians are evil, while Israel is the embodiment of all that is good in the world. There are not many other ways you can interpret this. After all, we’re talking about a conflict between two people that has been going on for most of the past century. The side that has launched missiles into hospitals and schools is the “good” side. The side that has resisted the theft of its land is “evil.” Or at least this is the way Pence sees it. The side that locks people up indefinitely in administrative detention and operates the world’s largest open-air prison represents “liberty,” while the side that has protested encirclement by an apartheid wall is viewed by the vice president as “tyrannical.”

No wonder people have little respect for America when we have leaders who utter such nonsense.

During his speech, Pence of course also talked about moving the US embassy to Jerusalem, saying he anticipated the move will be completed sometime in 2019.

The speech naturally was lauded by Israeli leaders.

“Pence will head back to America on Tuesday having gotten at least one thing he came for: affirmation that the Israeli government is delighted with the Trump administration,” reports The Atlantic.

Of course, one way of evaluating a nation’s propensity for good or evil is by examining how it treats children.

Pence doesn’t strike me as particularly bright or informed, but I’m reasonably certain that he must have heard something, somewhere, regarding Israel’s treatment of Palestinian child prisoners, for the issue has gotten a huge amount of attention, and has even been criticized by the UN among others.

Last year, a member of the British Parliament got a sobering, eye-opening epiphany on this issue during a trip to the West Bank. Sarah Champion is a member of the British Labour Party who spent a day observing proceedings in an Israeli military court as Palestinian child detainees were brought in one-by-one before a judge. Her account of the experience was published by the Huffington Post, and reading it today adds something of a new light to the words of our smirking vice president. Here in part is what she writes:

In the cramped confines, I almost didn’t notice the two little boys, little in age and in stature. At first sight I thought they were disabled as they both appeared to have a similar facial palsy and were sitting in an awkward manner. A side door was thrown open and a man in jeans and a sweatshirt entered, which seemed odd as everyone else I had seen was in uniform. As he strode in, to shake hands with the judge and slap the clerks on the back, the two little boys instinctively flinched away from him. As they cowered, they turned in my direction and I got a proper look at their faces; they didn’t have a palsy, they had been beaten.

“That man is the interrogator” whispered my chaperone as the judge fixed his gaze on us, got up and then left the room.

A charming, uniformed woman walked over to us.

“The judge has decided that we will try this case tomorrow” she said.

As the children were led out, I just sat there, staring ahead, simply trying to process what I had seen.

What on earth is going on in this country, and how is the world just letting it happen?

The answer to that should be abundantly clear to anyone that can ascertain the difference between right and wrong, good and evil, and liberty and tyranny…but of course a sizeable number of humans lack that capability. And as is the case in other areas, Jews seem to be disproportionately represented in this category as well.

10 thoughts on “Video: Pence Smirks as Palestinian MKs are Removed During His Knesset Speach

  1. The Jewish Mainstream media did not show this in the USA. Deutsche Welle ,and French Newscasts did . This reminds me ,about a time when vile Neoconservative Puppet VP Cheney went before AIPAC ,and they were reported as just ” a powerful group “. Jewish power must not be known. They cultivate an image of powerless victim . ” By deception thou shall do war “. VP Pence , protoge of Co – President Kushner is entirely a Jew atomiton , who knows to impress them means power . Plato warned of his type ,the relentlessly ambitious man pretending it’s service . Pence the son of a garage owner ,” wanted to be President since age 17 “. That’s a pretty sick young man if you ask me . He calls himself the oxymoronic term ,” born again Catholic ” , to satisfy the Jew Worshiping GOP Fundamentalist Base . Most of whom , despise Roman Catholics ,so he needs to play their game . Many people don’t know cult of Christian Fundamentalists , have their own subculture lingo . This is why they adored that idiot Bush , that ” born again Evangelical ” knew what buttons to push . Pence does too. Former number 3 Kosher Republican in the house , he served Israel there . As Governor of Indiania he even obeyed his kosher masters from there ! Israel says ” Jump ” , and the stiff starchy Pence says ,” How high ! ” Pence says ” he will use his influence to expedite the Embassy move “. Maybe he should start digging the foundation himself ! Trump better watch out , he has competition for who can be the biggest Jew server . He will fo the right thing ,Trump does not want to be ” Johnsoned “. Pence is a very anxious man !

  2. Thank you for this significant post. I would truly, truly love to wipe that self-satisfied smirk — yes, it’s a “Christian” Zionist smirk — off that hypocrite Pence’s face.

    Although I don’t have much respect for the King of Jordan, I think it appropriate to note that it was just hours before this paean to Zionism by Pence that Abdullah made forceful remarks to Hypocrite Pence regarding the evils of the USraeli “entangling alliance,” most recently and viscerally evidenced by Hypocrite Trump’s violation of international law and the rights of the Palestinian people via his declaration that Jerusalem is the undivided and eternal capital of the Zionist entity so-called Israel. (As far as I know, the 1947 UN Partition Plan, as dastardly as it was/is, demarking Jerusalem as the equivalent of an international protectorate is still operable international law.)

  3. Richard, it’s heartbreaking about those poor kids, stolen by narcisstic sociopaths, to not only be beaten, but sexually abused!

    I think we really need to concentrate on the depravity of the sexual abuse of tiny kids stolen from their beds ….to fulfil as Jesus himself said: to paraphrase ” the lusts of your father the devil”

    Normal rules like..umm the Geneva convention do not apply to sociopaths!

  4. I just fished reading a book called “Forcing the Hand of God ” by Grace Jalsell .Quite enlightening if one does not know what dispensation ideology is all about , like me for instance .
    Many are praying for the end of the world through any means ,and will do anything to bring this about . Having been brought up as a Christian , I wonder why many so called Christians insist that they know what God wants , when they have been told through the Christ , that it is definitely not murder of the other .
    From what I have read about Pence , he is rooting for Armageddon , war , which would be nuclear .

  5. Grace Halsell–yes, she was a good writer. I have her book, Prophecy and Politics. She shed a lot of light on the fallacy of Christian Zionism.

  6. Thank you for the correction Richard .I did not review my post enough to correct the proper spelling of her name..

  7. You should check out her book “Prophecy and Politics,” SF. In 1983, she went “undercover,” so to speak, and signed up to join a Christian Zionist tour group on a visit to Israel. The book relates what she witnessed on the trip, including conversations she had with some of the deranged Christian Zionists she came into contact with. She was a devoted Christian, a true follower of Christ, and deeply sympathetic to the Palestinian cause.

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