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8 thoughts on “Eva Bartlett Gives Talk on North Korea and Syria

  1. If wasn’t for independent journalists like Eva Bartlett, Syria would now be a desolate ruin,she and many others including Fig Trees have challenged a false narrative created by special interests who wanted not only Assad dead but Syria and its culture wiped out forever,we know who the interested parties are,US/Israelis Zionists and other crypto jews and ultra liberals, their first weapon of choice is weaponized msm,afterall CNN has never seen a war it didn’t like,the intended parties thought they could sell another great lie as they did in 2003 and before in the 90’s,corp media are as much complicit in the carnage created by warmongering politicians,infact the likes of CNN, CNBC, ABC,BBC etc ,have proven more dangerous than isis ever were,i mean they can propagandize a war and lie ,then a country is destroyed and it’s leader killed.It is good msm liars are challenged by truthful journalism because lives both here in the west and abroad depend on it..

  2. I attended a lecture given by Eva in Winnipeg Manitoba ,close to where I live . She is a very good soul ,honest and gentle .I also support her financially with my small contributions whenever I can . She has traveled the war torn countries and is very brave to have done so to tell us ,who do seek truth in reporting,what is actually happening on the ground .
    Bless her heart .

  3. Iblib is the last al qeada stronghold, they need to be obliterated, as for the downed Russian pilot,that Man was totally heroic!!,A True warrior,a real life Spartan..

  4. Something Needs to be done about that Al Qeada stronghold in Iblib,and All non invited alien forces should leave Syrian sovereign soil..p.s. the Russian pilot Roman Filipov was courageous, a true warrior and hero,also thanks again to Eva Bartlett for revealing the truth,she too has been heroic…

  5. Like most websites, if you critique the feature in any way? Your comment is disappeared. Such sites are waste of time

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