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Russian News Anchor Analyzes Evidence Pointing to US Hand in Plane Shootdown

Dmitry Kiselyov is probably the most famous face of Russian TV news. He is viewed by millions. In this video he assembles a body of evidence tending to suggest that the Russian Su-25 shot down over Syria on February 3 was most likely brought down by a US-made MANPAD. No wreckage has as yet been recovered, he avers, so at this point the evidence he presents is entirely circumstantial. Yet all of it taken together makes for a rather  foreboding and incriminating picture.

6 thoughts on “Russian News Anchor Analyzes Evidence Pointing to US Hand in Plane Shootdown

    • The difference between the cold war of today and that of decades past is that today one of the two sides actually wants war. This was not the case 40 and 50 years ago, and that’s a huge difference.

  1. Not that many nations make those manpads .The Russians will play this close to their vests I’m sure .If indeed the Russians find that it was supplied by the US , now would be a good time to settle some differences behind the curtain.i.e. proper disclosure of the MH 17 downing for a start .

    • Imagine how this program would be viewed by TV viewing audiences in Russia. Putin is already taking heat from critics who say he isn’t standing up enough against America.

  2. All the evidence points to the Obama administration, who perhaps had a limited armament of the soo called FSA, the arming of what he knew deep down were al qeada affiliates,he was obviously concerned at the possible use of these Man Pad anti aircraft missiles might be used to down civilian aircraft, it kinda shows the collusion or cognitive dissonance, that he and the more hawkish wing of the government were willing to risk to bring down the Assad government..

  3. p.s. ,The Russians must view the US government as insane to arm these al qeada proxies, especially as they have formed this 911 narrative that this crime was committed by al qeada.The US seems to trip up over it’s own lies,for it looks like the Russian fighter jet was downed by a US made man pad gifted to al qeada in Syria..

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