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Parasites Which Take Over Their Hosts

The fact that Israel receives billions each year from the US taxpayer as our politicians in Washington endlessly pledge their devotion to the “special relationship,”  has led many observers to liken the pro-Israel lobby in America to a parasite that has invaded a host.

It’s a powerful analogy, so much so that even books have been published expounding at length upon the idea.

Most of us, when we hear the word “parasite,” think of such creatures as ticks, tapeworms, or giardia, which, upon gaining a foothold, may feed upon a host’s blood or gastrointestinal microbiota.

But within the world of parasitology, we come across the phenomenon of parasites that literally take over the host, compelling it into certain acts and behaviors that it otherwise would not exhibit. In many cases these actions can be quite pronouncedly detrimental to the host’s own interests.

In other words, there are certain parasites that can, strictly speaking, literally take control of the host’s mind.

Examples of this in the biological world can be found here, here, and here.

One such example is a microbial creature known as Toxoplasma gondii, a parasite that infects rats and mice. Upon ingestion, it produces a condition known as toxoplasmosis, the main symptom of which is that the rodent is drawn to cats, losing its natural fear of them. This occurs because the rodent, under the influence of the parasite, becomes sexually attracted to a pheromone in cat urine.

In inducing this effect, the Toxoplasma gondii is clearly acting in its own interests rather than the mouse’s. The parasite’s goal is to get inside a cat’s stomach–because cats are the only medium in which the parasite can sexually reproduce. But of course it produces a pattern of behavior in the rodent that eventually leads to the latter’s own destruction.

Another example is the Glyptapanteles, a genus of wasp that is classified as a parasitoid, a parasite that kills its own host. This wasp will single out a baby caterpillar and lay its eggs upon the rather hapless creature, and as the caterpillar grows, so do the eggs–inside the caterpillar.

When the eggs, or larvae, reach a certain stage of development, they will emerge from the caterpillar, literally boring through its skin, to reach the outside, and once out of the caterpillar they then settle nearby and begin pupation, i.e. the metamorphic transformation from a pupa to an adult insect.

It is at this point that the caterpillar becomes the protector of the wasp pupae. It covers them with silk in order to protect them until they reach maturity. It refuses to eat until they hatch, and if another insect approaches it will fight it away with violent head swings. Eventually, after the adult wasps emerge from their pupae, it dies.

The photo I’ve posted above shows such an enslaved caterpillar–one that has become obsessed with protecting the wasp pupae. The video below shows a similarly-situated caterpillar in action–basically fighting wars on the wasp’s behalf:

It’s of course one way of looking at America’s endless wars on behalf of Israel, particularly the war now taking place in Syria.

In a post yesterday I included a video which featured an edition of the RT program “Cross Talk.” One of the guests on the program is Mohammed Marandi, a professor at the University of Tehran.  I usually find Marandi’s commentaries interesting, and his February 15 appearance on Cross Talk was no exception. In one segment of the show, he commented how “everything that the United States does in this region is about Israel.”

In a later segment in the same show, Marandi commented that “one wonders who is in charge in the United States.” He could perhaps just as easily have contemplated the question of who is in charge–the host or the parasite:

A bit earlier I alluded to a type of parasite known as a “parasitoid.” This is a parasitic organism that kills its own host. If we think of Israel and its lobby as a parasite, the question might leave us wondering, then, if the calamitous effects we are seeing in our country today are a result of the deleterious actions of a parasitoid.

Or maybe to put it another way: will the fighting of needless wars abroad and the seemingly endless attacks on the First Amendment here at home eventually do us in completely–much like the mice running up to befriend the cats or the caterpillars banging their heads on behalf of the Glyptapanteles wasp?

If you look at the caterpillars infected with the Glyptapanteles, the mice infected with the Toxoplasma gondii, or numerous other animals vitiated and contaminated by parasitoids, it is, as Marandi puts it, hard to know “who is in charge.”

This is something all Americans need to think about. Our own survival could be at stake.

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  1. Dear Richard Edmondson

    Excellent article, thank you.

    Lovearth Network The Largest Network On Earth Online Since May 3, 1997 http://Lovearth.net

    Love Is The Answer Mark R. Elsis An environmentalist, filmmaker, poet, web entrepreneur / developer and writer, here to protect our future generations.

  2. The analogy you present is a very legitimate one in my view.But not only in the US but in Canada , Australia,New Zealand , France, the UK and most of the NATO states.The fact that it is being realized means that eventually things will change .The world will refuse to live under the thumb of a foreign power as it realizes that it has been invaded.
    It is time for the world body to experience a detoxification process just like a person would do the same upon the realization that it has parasites.Once cleaned , sanity which is usually affected one way or another , can be restored.

  3. Jews built a totalitarian system . One cannot escape them . Before the internet it was much ,much worse . Today we have some escape ( if you stay off of the Jew Tube etc) , and the brain washing goes on 24 / 7 from cradle to grave . They rule organized Christianity, academia, mental health, Hollywood, Banking , Retail , and above all the crass low culture of mass thinking within the Talmudic phoney ” Liberal Conservative” divide . Even within this ” movement ” , and sometimes on this esteemed site , we see the Jews power as some ” critics” will use Jew cliche , shibboleth , and versions of false propaganda history to criticize them ….this is the deadliest circle of all . The only way to stop the infectious disease of Judaism is to DROP their ownership of the mind ,heart ,and spirit . Hard ,but the only course of true liberation.

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  5. Excellent analysis. The entire US foreign policy in the region is in the service of Israeli interests.

    There is a heretical strain of American Protestantism, namely, Christian Zionism, that enables and aids the parasitic pro-Israeli lobby in the US. In fact, the pro-Israeli lobby is composed of Zionist Jews and their Christian Zionist lackeys.

    Much more is at stake as you allude to above. We need not surrender our true liberties out of fear of being smeared as “anti-Semites”. I would say that our survival and our culture is at stake.

  6. Excellent presentation! I fear the worst (but, in a morbid sense, welcome the worst) for Zionist-Occupied America and its mostly (cleverly) dumbed-down populace. My fullest angst and empathy, meanwhile, continue to lie with the victimized Palestinians.

  7. Thanks Robert. Yes, “the worst”–it does seem to be headed for us if we don’t take action to fend it off.

  8. Yes, Christianity, at least in the West, has been corrupted by “Judaizers,” something which early Church fathers such as St. John Chrysostom warned about many centuries ago.

  9. Thank you, Richard for this extremely important article.
    Amazing! One obvious hypothesis is that the Jews have been a hundred or more millions of years in the making! Toxoplasma gondii (TG) seems to have been an early prototype, rather modest in capabilities: it only destroys its individual host, not whole countries, much less the planet. It is not equipped with a Samson Option.

    The flaw in this evolutionary-based hypothesis, however, is its implied assumption that “Jewishness,” as expressed in its carriers, is a natural phenomenon producing a subspecies capable of living in ecologic harmony in its environment, rather than an aberration, a mutation that throws one species into antibiosis (antipathetic symbiosis, disadvantageous or destructive to its environment).

    Perhaps a more valid hypothesis is that TG was created by God (or Nature, take your pick) as a teaching tool for humanity, to help us recognize a set of ingrained, hard-wired behaviors as inimical to life and act accordingly.
    In the interest of science and for the sake of future generations, carefully identified specimens should be isolated and preserved in a sterile medium (e.g., amber):


    Include the study of TG in the curriculum of schools at all levels!

  10. I guess “Yahweh” figured everything would be best this way. Or maybe “G-d” created man and “Yahweh” created the parasites.

  11. Larryzb,he made some very insightful comments but i think this zio stranglehold is slipping,one would just have to look at the dower mood of your average ziocon,their future looks bleak and desperate.Project American zio century is in the graveyard and Iran’s star is on the rise.Its a New world..

  12. The stranglehold is “slipping”? I wish I could feel as optimistic as you. As in “what goes up must come down?” Global Jewish power is at its apogee: it owns the global banking system, it has the US military might and its “diplomacy” (term used to refer to the bribe or threaten method) and throughout the Western world it has a large and obedient contingent of satraps doing its bidding against the interest of their own nationals. It has groomed them by doing what it does best: appealing to the lowest common denominator and the basest instincts in people: greed, addiction to instant gratification of all sorts and at all cost, disregard for human life, alienation from any spiritual life and from nature, lack of empathy.

    What is slipping is America’s standing in the world and its ability to mend its economy and take care of its own people, but that is not a problem for the Wanderers: they can always move to a new host or multiple smaller ones.

    Iran may be on a rise but it is a steep incline and it is a long way to the top.

    Russia is only real and significant opposing force and Putin has achieved a success in turning the huge ship around that is just short of a miracle. The problem with such “men of the hour” is that they often have no successors. If something happens to him there is no one to replace him. Medvedev the Atlanticist?
    Russia is not free either — its central bank is still tethered to the Rothschilds, as opposed to Iran, the only country left (after disposing of Libya) outside the control of the globalist shysters.
    Russia is also virtually alone, it has no powerful and dependable allies (China is not trustworthy).
    To take on the global Jewish power it is necessary to wake up the world to help it understand its true nature. Russia cannot do that; it can only nibble at the edges of it. It cannot confront it head on because it can never expose the huge lie of the package called Holocaust — a Pandora box that once opened will also expose the role of the Soviet Union in helping to manufacture it and the real holocaust perpetrated by the glorious and sacred Red Army in Europe during and after the war.
    I don’t feel very optimistic right now but ardently wish to be proven wrong.

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