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Syrian Ambassador Addresses UN Security Council

The above video is an address by Syrian Ambassador Bashar Ja’afari to the UN Security Council after the council–yesterday– unanimously adopted a resolution calling for a 30-day ceasefire in Syria. During the ambassador’s remarks Nikki Haley got up and walked out, apparently unwilling to listen to anything he had to say.

In his address, Ja’afari discusses Syrian casualties in Damascus due to shelling from terrorist-held East Ghouta. He lambasts the US and other countries for supporting the so-called “moderate rebels” who have killed Syrian civilians, and he stakes a claim to the right of Syria to resist US occupation:

“According to the article 51 of the Charter, my country has the right to defend itself with all legal tools. There is a military presence, a colonial presence, a US presence, in our country and we have the right to respond to that. She (Haley) threatened us and we’re threatening her from this rostrum because we have the right to defend ourselves according to article 51 of the Charter.”

He also makes a good point: that whenever ceasefires have been agreed upon in the past, the terrorist factions have used the ceasefires as an opportunity to regroup and re-arm. Perhaps they will do so this time as well, although apparently the groups occupying Ghouta don’t, at least for now–despite yesterday’s UN vote–seem to be laying down their weapons. The following is reported by RT:

Jihadists in control of East Ghouta are “deliberately exacerbating” the humanitarian crisis in the Damascus suburb, hindering all government attempts to help civilians, according to the Russian Center for Reconciliation in Syria.

“The humanitarian, social and economic situation in Eastern Ghouta is deliberately exacerbated by the leaders of the al-Islam, Failak Ar-Rahman and Jabhat al-Nusra illegal armed groups,” Maj. Gen. Yuri Yevtushenko said on Saturday. “All attempts by the government of the Syrian Arab Republic to provide assistance to civilians in the Eastern Ghouta region are blocked by militants.”

The Russian Center for Reconciliation in Syria specifically noted that Jeyish al-Islam militants continue to terrorize the local population and prevent civilians from leaving the militant-controlled areas by blocking a humanitarian corridor near Muhayam al-Waffedin.

Over the last 24 hours, the militants in control of the suburb of East Ghouta detonated 27 mines and fired two missiles into residential areas of Damascus. One of the rockets hit a house in Rukn ad-Din district of the Syrian capital. “There is significant destruction and casualties among civilians,” Yevtushenko said. “Over 24 hours, a total of four civilians were killed and 51 more were injured.”

The Russian military accused the terrorists of deliberately subverting the negotiation progress and attempting to provoke government forces to respond. 

7 thoughts on “Syrian Ambassador Addresses UN Security Council

  1. Does anybody ask what strategic purpose would be gained by the Russians & Syrian government, in target-bombing hospitals and schools??
    Yet the BBC is repeatedly broadcasting this absurd accusation.
    We live in an age of monumental deceit.

  2. Other world representatives have to listen to Haley’s diatribes but she walks out when others have their say .Especially this is Syrian territory that is in this war and she should have the decency to at least listen .This is the way the US treats other nations that dare to stand for their own sovereignty. She is an insult to the word diplomat .

  3. The US has a history of picking some of the most absurd characters to serve as UN ambassador. In the Obama administration it was Samantha Power and Susan Rice; John Bolton and John Negroponte in the Bush administration; Madelaine Albright in the Clinton administration.

  4. No purpose whatsoever would be served by it, just like Syria had no reason to launch a chemical attack in 2013 at the very time UN inspectors were in the country.

  5. Spot-on comment, summitflyer. Haley hasn’t the decency of a gnat. I don’t know if this term has become widely used, but my number-one e-mail correspondent refers to her as Ambarrasador Haley [or is it Ambarrassment Haley?…either way an apt descriptor].

  6. The Syrian ambassador is a honourable man,i would rather listen to what he has to say than
    to that neocon warmonger that wants to see his country destroyed,`i would think the Syrian UN ambassador would be the one person it we should be listening to as it is ,`HIS COUNTRY!!! :/ they are discussing..Why are our leaders in the west supporting terrorists and seeking to creat failed states with their regime madness and now they risk even WW111 with Russia,also if western MSM journalists think those plucky guys in Ghouta are soo great why don`t they send their journalists to get facts on the ground????,well we all know the reason why because like in Idlib they are likely to come back WITHOUT A HEAD!!

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