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Election Meddling? What About ‘Israelgate’?

The media can’t seem to stop blathering about “Russiagate.” Perhaps it’s a convenient way of deflecting attention from the real elephant in the room: Israelgate.

The annual AIPAC Policy Conference is set to open tomorrow in Washington. More than 30 Congress members are scheduled to speak, including Ben Cardin, Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, Marco Rubio, etc.–all likely to pronounce their undying love for Israel.

You’ll note that the above video opens with a mention of a separate conference, one called “The Israeli Lobby and American Foreign Policy,” that was held March 2 at the National Press Club. The ILAFP is basically an anti-AIPAC conference that has become something of an annual tradition in its own right–sponsored usually by the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy and the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs and customarily held each year a day or two before the AIPAC Conference begins. You can go here to access an 8-hour video of the event.

I’ll close this post on a bit of a humorous note…It almost sounds like satire, but it’s true: the New York Times and the Washington Post, the “legacy” media outlets which can’t seem to uncover any incriminating exposés documenting Israeli meddling in US elections, have won a “prestigious” media award for their supposedly valuable, professional reporting on the “Russiagate” story.

20 thoughts on “Election Meddling? What About ‘Israelgate’?

  1. Oh how the “Conservatives ” will grovel ,and the ” Liberals ” beg for approval during these upcoming days . The Jews Left / Right Matrix ,created the mechanism to trap . Applause ,and pleading as they audition for who can be first in the hearts of The Anti Christ State of Israel . As the Jews ran the First Communist Party Congresses ,the Trotzkites would compete with the Stalinist to be ever more faithful ….this is the Jew Way . Ignore this deadly Talmudic cycle at your peril !

  2. Typical behavior from the (((MSM))).

    Yes, the annual “I’m an American Traitor for Israel” conference should be entertaining, seeing which US politician debases him or herself the most, bowing and scraping to Apartheid Israel.
    My money is on Nutty Nikki…

  3. I guess that if they just keep doubling down on the lies , the public will just keep lapping it up and the ones on the fence will end up thinking ,it must be true.
    Just like the Syria white helmets ,the lies and dissinfo just keep coming .Surely there must be a day of reckoning on the horizon.

  4. Even if the lies don’t succeed in deceiving everyone, they still serve the purpose of creating massive public confusion.

  5. It kind of makes you think of a bunch of people all vying for starring roles in a porn movie. I guess controlling Congress and controlling the porn industry are very similar endeavors.

  6. The Jewish Marxists became “neocons” as they hotfooted it from the left to the right side of the political spectrum. It’s all about what’s “good for the Jews” and Israel.

  7. “Another major AIPAC goal is to codify the US commitment to give Israel $38bn over the next 10 years that was committed by the Obama administration. AIPAC wants Congress to enact a law to make those funds available to Israel regardless of who is in the White House…”

    I guess the next thing they’ll be asking for after they succeed in getting this will be a constitutional amendment. You would think that the extent to which the Israel lobby has taken over the US government might serve as a warning to the leaders of Russia and China. If so, at least something good would have come from all this. Alas, I’m not sure either country has sufficient wisdom to learn from it and act accordingly to secure their own interests.

  8. Russia gate is a DNC fantastic myth,constructed at the horror of POTUS Trump election, to which I’m greatful for,because I saw the takfiris in Syria being given a lifeline and more people slaughtered on a industrial scale in Ukraine. Russia is a vast country and their leader Vladimir Putin has huge ideas and infrastructure projects to develop his nation,he has little time to micro engineer vast sociological in the USA,but Israel and its servants have been eating away at the once mighty America for decades,the Israeli lobby is like Ebola on US society and power. p.s.,Recently Elon Musk a alleged jew launched his car into space,well consider this ,America has abandoned it’s civilian space program,apart from efforts to weaponize space tech assets.America could have had a man on Mars with the money spent on Mad Ziocon wars,and we are talking trillions of dollars :/ ,So yes the Jewish power system has way too much sway and are meddlers in All US political activities..

  9. p.s,type o,”sociological changes”,Israel is a Cancer or perhaps a bunion on America that needs to be banished or removed

  10. You’re analogy between the Israeli lobby and Ebola is probably an apt one, Ozy. I would say the devastating effect upon the body politic is probably analogous.

  11. I’ve just found the chance to read through this…great post, great comments!

    My old head simply aches at the unsavory machinations going on in the Beltway and far beyond. America needs a (Second) Declaration of Independence. President Higo Chavez detected the odor of sulfur in the UN during Dubya’s reign of world-class incompetence and state terror. Mustn’t one smell the acrid stench of treason, from Trump throughout, in today’s ZioIsrael-Occupied WashDC?

    Pity the Palestinians, the ultimate victim.

  12. The public education system no longer teaches people to question or think critically, and the millenials that we see today are the result. I have a feeling, Robert, that when old timers like us fade from the scene, the country is going to be in even worse straits than it is now.

  13. We quite agree about public education today and have lamented several times on our blog about this deficiency, that by-the-way is no accident. What is needed in a crisis as Ralph Townsend (died 1975) opined is character and intelligence. The young are not being raised and educated properly to have both these traits. Education today is about indoctrination, and not about developing critical thinking skills in the pupils. It is hard to be optimistic about the future. Encourage homeschooling.

    As to pity for the Palestinians, yes, but as David Duke has said “We are all Palestinians now,” Whatever one may think of the man, we think he has a valid point as the Jews pretty much are running the world now.

  14. You’re right, Larry. Education today is all about indoctrination. Kids have “holocaust education” drummed into their heads from the moment they enter first grade till they graduate from high school. Anyone who questions the official narrative is immediately dubbed a “holocaust denier” and subjected to ostracization for their heresies.

  15. Point well taken about DDuke and his apropos observation. Duke is well-versed, articulate and, IMO, justifiably alarmist re the Zionist takeover of the “holy” land and its myriad ripple effects. A year or so ago, a producer at my local public-access TV cable affiliate (I was one myself from 2005-2011) aired a particularly spot-on Duke video clip. In a local e-mail aftermath where I was my friend’s only defender, he and I were roundly vilified, especially by a female university professor–a “liberal” and activist Jew but, I learned firsthand, merely another gatekeeper for Zionism. We had crossed that “line” that must not be crossed…the upshot was that I crossed her and her fellow (mostly non-Jewish) travelers off my list of correspondents worth my ever-dwindling time in this earthly vale of tears. (As a substitute, I have just subscribed to your blog and look forward….)

  16. The Russians did not “interfere” in our elections to bias us in favor of the man who was going to bring them more sanctions ad send more US troops to Syria. Obviously not.
    They did not do anything they are being accused of EXCEPT for one thing I was made aware of recently. I cannot prove it except to say the honest faces of the accusers convinced me that this particular misdeed was done by Russians:

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