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‘America and Israel are Butt Buddies’–Protest Held Outside AIPAC Convention

Russians are truly fortunate people. They don’t have to shield their eyes from the embarrassing spectacle of their leaders bowing and prostrating themselves before the Israel lobby. The protest in the above video took place yesterday, on day one of the AIPAC convention. There’s a lot of anger expressed in it. You can kind of understand why.

It’s almost like our political officials are worshiping a golden calf or something. I suspect the scene inside the AIPAC convention now is very similar to the spectacle which confronted Moses when he came down from Sinai.

Here is a look inside the AIPAC convention of two years ago when the presidential campaign was in full swing. Shield your eyes. It’s hard to watch.

12 thoughts on “‘America and Israel are Butt Buddies’–Protest Held Outside AIPAC Convention

  1. Er the title of this article is abit blokey or College humour, tho quite apt in terms of US/Israeli relationship, for me i Just Don’t Get It.America is the most powerful nations since the Roman city state under Augustus Caesar, bowing and scraping to Israel Makes No sense :/ ….

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  3. Donald Trump is under AIPACs thumb as all of the rest . International Jewry has absolute power over the politics of the West ,with that authority at it’s height today . Its march began after WW2 ,and tentacles flow across Ideology. The Left / Right divide just their tool . As the Jews money power grows with ” Decontrol ” , ” Privatization” , while collapsing Middle incomes ,and crushing the poor the Jews world power cycles on. ” Russian influence ” disdained ,Saudi Arabia ( Israeli Ally ) frowned upon , and Britians ” Special Relationship ” ( Jew Rothschild’s ) considered ” patriotic “. Today the ” Conservatve ” side of the Jews matrix the most dangerous . Beware of Trump’s economics and his ” war plans “.

  4. This yearly prostration of the American establishment to AIPAC conventions is right in our faces , so no one can deny who rules the American political class in US elections.The Russian interference was /is just a smoke screen .The AIPAC convention is where the interference in US elections clearly is .How many congress and senators will be outdoing each other in the frenzy of who is the best Israel supporter ?

  5. It’s not only the images from inside the AIPAC Conference that bother me. I am also bothered by the images showing the protesters. Why is it that in practically all the photos I have seen of anti-Israel protests figure prominently people with Palestinian head covering? Do the photographers select the frames that contain them because they are colorful? Or aren’t there enough Americans among protesters? The subliminal message is that it is mostly Palestinians who protest. If true it is very sad. There should be lots and lots of Americans protesting the takeover of US foreign (AND domestic) policy by Jewish interests. It is a NATIONAL problem. I can understand to some extent if there is a preponderance of Palestinians in a protest against, say, Trump’s decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, although that also affects all of us in many ways. But against AIPAC? Why a man with a Palestinian head covering and a Palestinian flag in the foreground? Why not an American flag?

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  7. Yeah, SF, I guess you could kind of think of America as having become the second “Jewish state”.

  8. Well, you’re right–Americans should be the most outraged of all at the extent to which their government has been subverted by a lobby for a foreign country. And I think a lot are. For the majority, however, it doesn’t seem to “register” or “click” in their brains, or else they’re too terrified of losing their jobs if they speak out. That’s probably a factor in it too.

  9. did Gideon hate Jesus and have a copy of the Talmud…


    what is a laser beam specific definition of a “Tare”
    @ Matthew 13:39-43…?


    are modern day so-called “Jews” really “Judahites”..
    “bad figs of Judah”….or merely descendants of gog
    and magog… “PROSELYTES” to Talmudic Judaism
    as Benjamin Freedman & Arthur Koestler allege

    did Ezra & Nehemiah read from the Talmud…

  10. “America and Israel are Butt Buddies”

    Well, that’s one way to put it. I can’t say I disagree.

    The children of Israel have always been stupid/retarded—read the book of Numbers. America has, as well—been stupid.

    Rather, is it ‘stupid’, or is it evil?

  11. Deuteronomy 28 is not written to, for, or about “Jews”….!

    the modern day so-called “Jewish” state is not “Israel” !


    See Revelation 3:9 – & Matthew 13:39-43 !!!

    A global “Jewish” /Synagogue of Satan Terrorist
    {{{THEY}}} could come out ! – http://hardylaw.net/flir.html

    the truth hating Jewish terrorists who print the currency
    and own the media and pay the crack whores in Congress
    are not …”our” Government if “we” love truth & Jesus !


    ….from the mouths of babes…

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