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Hezbollah Gives the Israelis Something to Think About

Recently Hezbollah released two videos, both within a space of about two weeks, depicting missile attacks upon an Israeli offshore oil/gas platform. This comes at a time when Israelis have been doing a lot of sabre rattling, as well as, likewise, laying claims to a gas field which lies off the Lebanese coast.

Here is the most recent video:

And here is one which was released about 10 or 12 days prior to it:

Here is a map of Lebanese offshore gas fields. The dispute between Israel and Lebanon is over block 9, to which Israel is laying claim, or at least laying claim to some portion of.

And here is a map of the gas fields off the coast of Israel…the Hezbollah videos appear to be threatening an attack upon the Tamar field unless the Israelis back off and quit trying to lay claim upon block 9…

“He who impinges on the future gas and oil facilities inside the Lebanese maritime borders–his facilities will be impinged on and he knows Lebanon is capable of this,” Nasrallah says in the video.

You’ll note of course the “disputed zone” in the above map. The word “disputed” is a word the Israelis are fond of applying to occupied Palestinian lands in the West Bank (this due to a finicky distaste for linguistic implications of the word “occupied.”) So what gives with the dispute over block 9? The Israelis seem to be employing the same philosophy here as in their settlement enterprise in the West Bank–grab as much as you can. Create facts on the ground (or in this case, in the sea).

4 thoughts on “Hezbollah Gives the Israelis Something to Think About

  1. I do not claim to know anything about maritime international law but I do know that Israel has a long history of claiming territorial lands that do not belong to them.

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  3. Summit Flyer good comment : Israel has no claim to an inch of anything. They are as Francis Parker Yockey put it ,in his book IMPERIUM : ” A race – religion – people – state “. They used subversion , racial cohesion , myth , money to steal what they have : ” The Nuclear Armed Zionist Entity “. A ghetto of hate ,with political power which runs through International Banking , Rothchilds which own the West . Hezbollah is has the dash ,and elan to defy Israel ,and International Judaism. It has discipline , funding , cohesion and dedication.

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