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Mainline and Catholic Churches Can End Zionist Wars

By Charles E. Carlson

An organized structure exists that can bring wars to an end. It is somewhere within the long forgotten, slumbering Mainline and Catholic churches. It is you whom we are speaking to. You possess the organization, money needed, and the purpose.  Some of your denominations already have anti-war movements. What you may lack is an understanding of Neo-Christian Zionism, and the will to face it. Simply stated, your leaders may not see the need to challenge World Zionism, and they want peace within your halls.  But is there a church that does not recognize Jesus’ Beatitude, “Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God.”

Neo-Christian Zionist churches are the root problem, often referred to as “Dispensational, and sometimes “Evangelical,” they are intellectual and spiritual captives of the world Zionist movement. Unfortunately, We Hold These Truths (WHTT) and our many silent allies have been unable to change them fast enough. Their mainline competitors can. Neo-Christian Zionists’ unscriptural position must be faced and challenged in the Christian marketplace. Neo-Christians are the only sect that claim to follow Jesus, but that accept the false premise that the Israeli State can march into God’s kingdom in mass, without first being converted to Christianity, without even believing in Jesus Christ. This is the essence of Christian Zionism. It makes Neo-Christians willing servants to Jewish Zionists’ war posture.

Fortunately, traditional Christian churches, including Catholics, have never accepted the anti-Christ idea that any ethnic group has a free passage to Heaven in mass. Only Neo-Christian Zionists believe and teach this. Jesus’ words, about those who knock first, then enter, and about doing the will of the Father in order to enter his kingdom, are clear and present in every New Testament book, starting with the fifth chapter of Matthew, and to the end. It is known by Traditional pastors in every Mainline sect.

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8 thoughts on “Mainline and Catholic Churches Can End Zionist Wars

  1. furthermore since the truth is the most powerful weapon on earth
    and the “proselytes” to talmudic judaism must Hate Jesus and the truth
    as {{{their}}} BAD FAITH synagogue of satan religion….requires
    since the money changers and pharisees have a mass murder
    for filthy lucre business model that requires the braindeadgoy
    to worship the “Jewish” state called “Israel”…24/7/365

    John 8:32 – no one HAS to believe lies


    the solution @ Matthew 13:39-43

    Free Palestine

    Be Bold, Be Manly…Be Brave

    Share the Truth with a ….victim of lies,
    and “faux-authority” worship

  2. Catholic Hierarchy fear doing anything , lest they lose money ; their main purpose in life , maintaining the Sinful Sistine Chapel and Museum; the sheep at every Mass in the churches across the USA , are full of ” mind my own business “. Wars or raping of young children are not my problem . Never heard of it before , don’t want to hear it now .
    Catholic , French Textile mill owners gave to the Church , but ran rough shod over the workers . They lived near the churches in big houses, etc .
    Sad state of affairs .

  3. neo-christian zionists

    what to call these misbegotten

    anti christians? 666 christians? jew puppets? fools? lost?

  4. No one has to believe lies, but lots of people are believed. You are correct, the parable of the weeds doesn’t promise the deceivers a very pleasant fate.

  5. The problem is that half the congregation is so brainwashed by the media they probably support the war that any bold church pastor might dare to call an end to. You’re right, Joseph. It’s a sad state of affairs.

  6. They seem practically to view Jews as deities, so “worshipers of Jews” would perhaps be an apt description. I once wrote an article expressing the view that Christian Zionists should just convert to Judaism. I’ll see if I can dig that up and re-post it.

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