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Russia: US Training Syria Terrorists to Carry Out False Flag Chemical Attack

[ Ed. note – The Russian Ministry of Defense has issued a statement citing evidence that “American instructors” are training insurgents in Syria to carry out chemical weapons “provocations” that can then be blamed upon Syrian government forces. The false flag attacks will likely be widely broadcast over Western media and used as justification for a US attack upon the Syrian military, the Ministry of Defense says.

You can go here to read the full MoD statement, and here to view an RT report on it. Below is an excerpt from the statement. This is not, of course, the first time that the Russians have issued warnings about terrorists planning chemical attacks in Syria. On February 13 they issued a similar warning, and sure enough just two weeks later–on February 26, an alleged chlorine gas attack took place in East Ghouta. The only thing the Russians got wrong was the place: the initial statement had pointed to Idlib Province as the site of the possible attack.

As for the latest warning, as you can see, it is quite detailed in the information it presents. (The emphases in the excerpt below are my own):

It is be stressed that insurgents do not stop taking efforts to organize provocations with the use of poisonous agents in order to accuse the government troops of using chemical weapons against civilians. 

In regard to information about preparation of provocations by insurgents in the Eastern Ghouta, the Russian party has evidence that American instructors have trained several groups of insurgents near al-Tanfa in order to hold provocations with chemical weapons in the south of Syria. 

In the early March, the sabotage groups were deployed in the southern de-escalation zone near Daraa. formations of so-called Free Syrian Army are located there.

They are preparing provocations using explosive devices fitted with poisonous agents. In the future, this fact will be used in order to accuse the government troops of using chemical weapons.

Components for these chemical munitions have already been transported to the southern de-escalation zone under cover of humanitarian convoys of a number of non-governmental organizations.

Insurgents have not only components for poisonous agents but also detonating fuzes camouflaged as packs with cigarettes. 

Besides, the Jabhat al-Nusra armed formations with support of so-called ‘White Helmets’ are preparing staged chemical attack near the settlements of al-Habid and Qalb Luza located 25 km northwest Idlib. Therefore, 20 containers with chloride have been delivered there.

It is planned that the event shall be widely broadcasted in the western mass media.

Such provocations will give the USA and its coalition grounds for an attack against military and government facilities in Syria.

“The Russian Ministry of Defence stressed that there is clear evidence of preparations for the possible strikes. There are groups of missile carriers deployed in eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea, Persian Gulf and Red Sea. It causes a question – whom will the USA support with these strikes? Will it be the Jabhat al-Nusra and its affiliates that commit outrages in the country? The Russian General Staff continues monitoring situation in the Syrian Arab Republic,” said Colonel General Sergei Rudskoy.

What’s new in this statement, of course, is the part about “American instructors” being involved. But another thing I find striking is the detail regarding detonating fuses being camouflaged as packs of cigarettes–this would strongly suggest that Russian intelligence has been working overtime monitoring the situation.

The Russian MoD statement should be considered in the context of recent comments by Nikki Haley at the UN in which she threatened attacks against the Syrian government.

“We warn any nation determined to impose its will through chemical attacks and inhuman suffering, but most especially the outlaw Syrian regime, the United States remains prepared to act if we must. It is not a path we prefer. But it is a path we have demonstrated we will take, and we are prepared to take again.”

Haley made that statement on Monday, March 12. Two days later, on the 14th, she joined British Prime Minister Theresa May in accusing Russia in the alleged nerve agent attack in Salisbury targeting a former Russian spy and his daughter.

“The United States believes that Russia is responsible for the attack on two people in the United Kingdom using a military-grade nerve agent,” Haley said.

Incredibly, she then went on to warn that Russia may be plotting a chemical attack in the US:

“If we don’t take immediate concrete measures to address this now, Salisbury will not be the last place we see chemical weapons used,” she said. “They could be used here in New York or in cities of any country that sits on this council.”

There seems very much an agenda being put into place now by criminals in the Deep State to provoke a war with Russia. If this turns into a nuclear war, we are likely to see scenes straight out of the Book of Revelation. ]

13 thoughts on “Russia: US Training Syria Terrorists to Carry Out False Flag Chemical Attack

  1. “on February 26, an alleged chlorine gas attack took place in East Ghouta. The only thing the Russians got wrong was the place: the initial statement had pointed to Idlib Province as the site of the possible attack.”

    Maybe the Russians did not get it wrong. Consider the possibility that the planned location was changed after the Russians publicized it.
    Why isn’t the case of the White Helmets brought up at the UN? Syria should bar their entrance to any and all territory over which they have control now.

  2. Haley needs to be administered some sort of calming medication and then fitted for and carried off in a strait jacket for intense therapy. Humankind would benefit….

  3. is there any “outlaw” regime in the Middle East more flagrant than the
    Synagogue of Satan cult compound full of Jesus hating psychopaths
    with nuclear weapons, and a contingent of fifth columnists in the
    “JEW” worshipping cult compound….the ZOG USA ?


    did the Eskimos or pacific islanders attack the USS LIBERTY…?


    illiterate bedouins with a secret pancake recipe…?

    camel jockey…’International synagogue of satan “EDOMITE” Bankers…?


    means …. motive…opportunity….cui bono

  4. It’s ironic that the guy is so congenial and mild-mannered, this while the media relentlessly portray him as some abhorrent, despotic thug. It all underscores how insane the media have become.

  5. You have a good point. They may have changed it after the Russians publicized it.

  6. The US stands ready to oppose and strike any nation using chemical weapons? High sounding words. Let’s conveniently forget US use of Agent Orange on the people of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

    US foreign policy is completely at the service of Israel.

  7. In an unguarded moment, carried away by furious indignation, world leaders of organized jewry unwittingly disclosed what it would take to solve the “Jewish question” definitively in the Western world.
    No violence is involved, no mass expulsions, just a stroke of the pen — a law that is at once in complete conformity with the European/Christian morality and exclusionary for Jews, as it would make the respective country(ies) “unlivable” for them. If such a law would pass, they threaten (promise) they would all have to leave, whether they are religious or “atheists”:



  8. Jews should start circumcising bananas instead of children’s penises. It wouldn’t be quite as harmful. Most or all of the politicians will probably be bought off, so I’d be rather surprised if the law passes, even in Iceland.

  9. Thanks for this “cutting”-edge news. As a 74 yo uncircumcised Christian male, I have no burning emotional or religious oar to ply — or knife to wield — in this struggle. (In principle, of course, I oppose mutilation of any sort as regards the God-given miracles that are our bodies.)

  10. Iceland is in many ways an exception.
    • They refused to repay the debt to the IMF, which they said was imposed on their nation by a corrupt former government; no amount of pressure and threats moved them. Then I remember dark predictions about how Iceland would be “ruined” by this act because they will never obtain other IFM loans again. They had no intention of borrowing again. Iceland prospered so it dropped out of the news.
    • Iceland was the only state that gave Bobby Fisher asylum and then citizenship when all the others, cowed by the US, refused him entry. (Japan had treated him HORRIBLY, thrown him in prison for “attempting to enter Japan illegally” because unbeknownst to him the uS had cancelled his passport.) He lived in Iceland thereafter until he died.
    * Iceland boycotts Israel and supports the Palestinian cause.
    The list of all of Iceland’s ‘anti-semitic’ crimes was given by Arutz Sheva here:


    Can you imagine this hymn being recited before Easter on public radio in the US, let alone by the President????
    The Demand for Crucifixion

    The Jewish leaders all decide
    That Jesus must be crucified
    The Prince of Life their prey must be
    The murd’rer set at liberty

    Christ led from the Judgment Hall

    The Jewish crowd replied
    “Away with Him!” they shouted,
    Their enmity undoubted
    “He must be crucified!”
    The righteous law of Moses
    The Jews here misapplied,
    Which their deceit exposes,
    Their hatred and their pride.

  11. There likely are “anti-Semites” in Iceland, just as everywhere else, but politicians are always for sale. I’ll still be surprised to see the law passed.

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