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Ahed Tamimi Interrogation Video Discussed in New Report

I do not make a habit of visiting the Daily Beast. I simply don’t care much for their editorial policies. But an article published today on an alleged video of a police interrogation of Palestinian teen Ahed Tamimi is worth taking a look at.

Before I get into the details of the report, let me just comment, as an aside, that for a while now it has seemed to me that we are witnessing a growing rift among Jews over the policies of the state of Israel. The rift is primarily between Jews who live in the West and Israeli Jews who by and large support the policies of apartheid.

For instance you might want to go here to read an article, published a bit over a week ago at the ultra-Zionist Aurtz Sheva/Israel National News website–an article which assails Ronald Lauder over a mildly-worded comment in which the president of the World Jewish Congress criticized “Israel’s capitulation to religious extremists” while at the same time referencing a “growing disaffection of the Jewish diaspora.”

Israel’s policies and all the boycotts they are generating, in addition to making it increasingly hard to cast Jews as victims, are bound to be causing headaches for Jews who oversee vast business empires in the West–empires which depend upon public goodwill for continued profitability. And this is probably a major source of the “growing disaffection” Lauder refers to.

Now comes the Daily Beast article.

Written by a Jewish writer, Jesse Rosenfeld, the article offers a rather realistic view of the occupation, describing Ahed Tamimi’s village of Nabi Saleh as a place where “unpleasant daily encounters with Israeli settlers and soldiers are a fact of life.” Rosenfeld also makes reference to “vitriolic condemnations” heaped upon the Tamimi family by “hardline Israeli politicians” and by “national activists,” and he additionally cites figures showing that the conviction rate of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli military courts is “near one hundred percent.”

It’s almost sounds as if the Daily Beast is championing the cause of Ahed Tamimi!

But let’s get into the nuts and bolts of the article, which you can read in full here. Rosenfeld apparently was given access to a video of an interrogation of Ahed that took place on December 26. The video, he says, is nearly two hours long, and in it the two Israeli interrogators show no regard for her rights as a minor.

5 thoughts on “Ahed Tamimi Interrogation Video Discussed in New Report

  1. “The rift is primarily between Jews…”

    Don’t fall for the ‘good Jew vs the Bad Jew’ it’s another distraction in their very large bag of tricks.
    Notice that damn near every group that is talking about the occupation of Palestine is controlled by Jews?

    They’re controlling the dialog, just like the control the MSM, giving the GOYIM the idea that something positive is happening regarding Palestine, when in fact you’re being herded to accepting their sanitized Final Solution.

  2. The final solution should be the undoing of Israel ,that all those people that immigrated to Palestine since the formation of zionism, be returned to where they immigrated from .Those countries where they come from ,for the most part support Israel no matter what so they should be more than pleased to take them back . The Middle East problems solved .
    Another final solution could be for the Israelis to start behaving like human beings but this is way too much to ask.I like solution number 1 better.

  3. Well said Greg
    Richard unfortunately doesn’t see this charade and needs to be constantly reminded of the fact

  4. I think all of you, with the exception of SF, have misinterpreted this article. I am simply positing the existence of a rift in Jewry. I am not taking one side or another. Nor am I even suggesting there is a “good” side or a “bad” side that one could presume to even side with or make common cause with. I’m simply saying that the rift exists. There have been efforts by Jews to deliberately sow divisions in Western societies (between blacks and whites, etc.), so should we be surprised to see Jews now beset by rifts within their own tribe? If you’re an atheist you might tend to look at this as something like “poetic justice.” On the other hand, it might be God’s justice.

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