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Israel Plays a Card in Nuclear Armageddon Poker Game

In the video below, featuring a news/talk show on Russian TV, one of the guests makes a stunning revelation–that Israel has not expelled any Russian diplomats. The entire program is worth viewing, but I call your attention especially to the comments on Israel, which begin at about 7:51:

While the US, Britain, and other European countries all expelled Russian diplomatic personnel over the Skripal  poisoning affair–in the case of the US, 60 officials from the Russian embassy in Washington were declared persona non grata and ordered to leave–not a single Russian diplomat has been expelled from Israel, according to the guest on the show.

His comments are confirmed in an article published March 26 in the  Times of Israel:

As opposed to the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Germany, France and other Western countries, Israel did not expel any Russian diplomats this week, The Times of Israel has learned.

On Monday, several countries announced that a total of about 100 Russian diplomats thought to be spies were being expelled in response to Moscow’s alleged involvement in a nerve gas attack in the UK.

The Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem on Monday refused to comment on whether it has expelled or planned to expel Russian diplomats. But the Russian Embassy in Tel Aviv told The Times of Israel that Israel has not expelled any Russian diplomats.

The writer of the piece goes on to note that in not joining the bandwagon of diplomatic expulsions, Israel has placed itself–“in the company of countries such as China, Brazil and India, who have similarly tried to keep away from this controversy, a Russian official told The Times of Israel, speaking on condition of anonymity.”

This is major news. But yet we’ve heard scarcely a peep about it from the mainstream media…and even the Times of Israel report is short–only 10 paragraphs long.

This begs the question of why: despite the calls for diplomatic expulsions and tightened sanctions from Israel’s most rabid, vociferous backers in the US–the very people who now seem to be deliberately provoking a confrontation with Russia–Israel itself for some strange reason has not gone along with it all. Despite being a purported “client state” of the US (we do, after all give billions each year while our politicians endlessly proclaim there is “no daylight” between Israel and the US), Israel has not followed the lead of the US and Britain in expelling Russian diplomats.

Why isn’t the Jewish state showing the same “solidarity” over the Skripal matter exhibited by nearly all other Western nations? And why isn’t its failure to do so major news on every media outlet in America?

You’ll note that the Times of Israel’s source on the matter was not the Israeli government or any of its cabinet ministers but an official with the Russian embassy in Tel Aviv. What is going on now is a nuclear Armageddon poker game, and Israelis are playing their cards very close to their vests. They have silently signaled to the Russians (imagine a gangsta rapper speaking with a Yiddish accent): “Hey, you know all that crazy Russophobia we be hearin’ from the West–we ain’t down with it, bros!”

But why aren’t they down with? The anti-Russian hysterics are being pedaled by their most fervent and fanatical supporters in America–and amplified to earth-shaking decibels by the mainstream media, who also are uniformly pro-Israel. Why on earth would the Israelis not be down with an East-West confrontation? But questions like these seem lost on the Russian guests in the above video. “Israel isn’t joining in the insanity”–this seems to be the most salient point for them. The question of why does not seem to play much into their thinking.

If a nuclear war were to break out between the US and Russia, are there those who would stand to benefit? It has been suggested by some that the destruction of what has long been referred to as Pax Americana could pave the way for a Pax Judaica to rise up in its place. In other words a world ruled by Jews.

Over the past seven years or so, since the war in Syria broke out, the possibility of nuclear war has transcended from the “unthinkable” to the “thinkable.” In fact, I would say quite a few people are thinking about it these days. If you doubt this, then go here and read about a network of “doomsday camps” that are now being set up around America, including one in West Virginia that is said to be pulling in national security officials from Washington D.C.

Above I asked the rhetorical question: are there those who would stand to benefit from a nuclear war? But perhaps a more proper question would be: are there those who think they would stand to benefit? Or put another way: are there people so sick and deluded they actually long for a nuclear war because they believe they themselves, or their group of people, might gain something from it?

Another pertinent question we might ask is: if a war were to break out between the US, Russia, India, China, and the EU, would any of these countries bother to lob an ICBM at Israel? Or would they all be preoccupied with targeting each other?

One thing is sure. A lot of people would die. Very little on this planet would be as it was before. In the event of such a war, one of Russia’s prime objectives would have to be neutralizing US missile batteries placed near its borders. European cities, now flooded with immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa, would likely become radioactive wastelands. But other areas would be devastated as well. Major cities in both hemispheres, East and West, would probably be hit.

The only way to stop this is for all of us to say no to the insanity. Those pounding the drums for war with Russia–that is to say any and everyone who thinks they can win a nuclear Armageddon poker game–need to be removed from their positions of power in Washington and placed in insane asylums.