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‘A Life Worth Living’–The Story of a Palestinian Catholic

A very interesting talk by Dr. Bernard Sabella, a Palestinian Christian and lecturer at Bethlehem University. He gives his thoughts on the border protests in Gaza and Israel’s murderously brutal response, but I would say of particular interest are some anecdotes he relates regarding interaction with Jews on campus during his younger years when he was attending university in the US. It seems they didn’t want to have much to do with him–possibly because he would occasionally point out the inconsistency inherent in US Jews campaigning for civil rights in America while ignoring Israel’s racist policies toward Palestinians.

Sabella is a thoughtful man who, despite the seriousness of the topic, employs a certain amount of humor in his remarks. His talk was given recently in Washington. From a description of the video:

Amidst a sometimes confusing barrage of news about the Middle East, Dr. Bernard Sabella, a Palestinian Christian, offers an enlightening, often humorous, personal narrative accompanied by reflections on lessons learned from his life in a conflict zone. Displaced from his home in infancy with his refugee family and educated in Jerusalem’s Old City before pursuing university studies in the US, he became a committed educator, scholar, member of the Palestinian Parliament, and director of a church aid agency. Throughout his life Dr. Sabella has devoted himself to promoting peace through understanding, on the path of absolute nonviolence. A Life Worth Living speaks with a voice worth listening to, alternately anecdotal and analytical while poignantly pondering the past, present, and future of the Holy Land.