Whitewashing Israeli War Crimes, the NYT Turns its Back on Survivors and Critics


So it’s settled, according to The New York Times: Israel was not at fault in a strike that killed 10 civilians near a United Nations school in the 2014 assault on Gaza, nor was it guilty of breaking the law in other instances that left innocent victims dead during that conflict.

This, at least, is what the Israeli military claims, and in a one-sided story in the Times this week, Isabel Kershner takes the Israeli military findings at face value, never questioning its conclusions or seeking commentary from outside sources.

She opens her piece with a summary of the military’s own account of the strike on the school, recounting it as established fact without attribution. Kershner goes on to say that the army also declared itself innocent of deliberately causing civilian deaths in two other attacks during the 51-day offensive: a strike on the Bureij refugee camp and the death…

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Crime and No Punishment? Israel Gives Itself ‘Not Guilty’ Verdict on 2014 Gaza Airstrikes


[ Ed. note – It hardly needs to be pointed out (but I’ll take the trouble to do so anyway) that a military authority investigating itself for war crimes is not likely to render much in the way of a “fair” and “impartial” verdict. I’ll also take a wild guess and say Dostoevsky would have agreed. ]

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Jill Stein Visits Louisiana to Help Flood Victims


[Ed. note – Looks like Jill Stein has been pretty busy lately. In addition to visiting Louisiana to help victims of the recent flooding, she has also just done an interview on PBS in which she renewed her call for the cancellation of student debt, and also called for an end to “regime change wars,” which, as she correctly pointed out, “are not making us safer.” There is a video of the interview below, and directly beneath that a second video showing what might be referred to as ‘creative editing’ that PBS apparently did –cutting out a portion of the interview in which Stein was sharply critical of Hillary Clinton as well as the TPP. ]

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Was Julian Assange’s Lawyer ‘Suicided’ Earlier This Year?

 photo jjones_zpsnoolzult.jpg

John Jones, attorney for Wikileaks founder Julian Assange

Back in April of this year, British tabloid newspaper The Sun reported on the death of John Jones, attorney for Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. Some are now questioning whether the 48-year-old human rights lawyer’s demise might be another addition to the “Clinton body count.”

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Palestinians Say Thank You To Celtic Football Fans!

Celtic Palestinians!

Palestinians express their thanks for the amazing display of solidarity shown by Celtic football fans in Glasgow, Scotland last week. Humanity at its finest! Sadly, in a show of pettiness, the Union of European Football Associations, or UEFA, is attempting to punish the fans by imposing penalties, in the form of a hefty fine, upon the team. The fans, however, seem to be taking it in stride, having set up a crowdfunding appeal, raising enough to pay off the fine as well as to send some extra money left over to Palestinian charities! See report by RT. The UEFA should hide its head in shame.