‘Feminist’ Hillary Clinton Pays Women Staffers Less than Men

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[ Ed. note – the latest batch of Clinton emails from Wikileaks has produced a rather surprising revelation. Clinton, if nothing else, would have a strict policy of paying her female staffers on an equal par with her male employees–or so most of us would assume. Apparently, however, this is not the case. According to latest disclosures from Wikileaks, Clinton’s female staffers are paid considerably lower than the men. This may be the most interesting email leak yet–interesting in that it is not what we expected.

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‘Days of Cinema’ Film Festival Concludes in Palestine

“Days of Cinema” is a film festival which has been running all this week in Palestine and which wound up today. Films by Palestinian filmmakers, as well as filmmakers of other nationalities, have been featured–more than 60 in all. A little bit more on the festival can be found here:

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US Spurns Russian Offer to Monitor November Election


[ Ed. note – Couldn’t help but laugh when I saw this story. The offer from the Russians obviously couldn’t have come at a better time. The current media uproar over Trump’s remarks about not accepting the election results (unless he wins) is only one spot on the giraffe, of course. The other awkwardness to muse upon is the US government’s history of making sanctimonious demands for Western observers to monitor elections in other countries–but of course now, with it’s own elections being seriously called into question, it refuses such an offer from Russia. ]

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Major Media Build a Universe for Hillary

[ Ed. note – The parallel universe that the media have built around Hillary Clinton is starting to show a few cracks. Two videos released over the past two days–scrutinizing a Democratic Party operative by the name of Scott Foval–have gone viral. The first one, uploaded October 17, has gotten 4.7 million views as of this evening, while the second, posted on the 18th, is already up to 2.1 million. The group which produced them, Project Veritas, is vowing to release similar videos at the rate of one per day from now up until the election.

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Russia Creates Outpost to Fight ISIS Terrorists Fleeing Iraq

[ Ed. note – The supposed liberation of Mosul from terrorists–is it another sham operation? For the past couple of days I’ve had the feeling this is what it is. In fact, seems to me there’s little likelihood it could turn out to be much else. Yesterday I came across this commentary by Finian Cunningham, who seems to be thinking along similar lines…and today South Front has released a video (see above) providing evidence ISIS convoys are moving from Iraq to Syria without being bombed by coalition planes. If the report is true, it would seem that the US is once again not serious about fighting terrorists–either that or they just don’t want to bomb their own Toyota trucks.

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“Will my foot grow back?” asks girl bombed by Syrian terrorists

So who supplied the shell that exploded and tore off this girl’s foot? Was it the US? Saudi Arabia? Turkey? Israel? And the children left brain damaged in this Aleppo hospital? Who do we thank for their plight? Where are the humanitarian concerns professed by Western leaders like John Kerry? Or that new British court jester, Boris Johnson?

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