Clinton Scheming to Gain White House Through Back Door

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By Robert Bridge

Next month, Donald J. Trump, with hand on Bible, will be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. Or will he? The recent talk about recounting votes and ‘faithless electors’ suggests this highly contentious power struggle is far from over.

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Samantha Power Tosses Logic Out the Window

It would seem obvious to anyone with a modicum of sense and logic that the way to get humanitarian assistance to the people of Eastern Aleppo is to liberate it from the terrorists. In fact, I put up a post a bit earlier consisting of two videos showing exactly that: aid being distributed to civilians in a newly-liberated area of the city.

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Jesus Left Behind at Christian Zionist Bash

leftehindRecently the people at We Hold These Truths posted a podcast interview with former Christian Zionist Craig Hanson, who earlier in November staged a one-man protest outside a Christians United for Israel event in California.

You may remember a prior podcast with Hanson I posted back in October in which he discussed his indoctrination into Christian Zionist ideology at an early age, as well as how he began to see the light after meeting some Palestinian Christians.

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Trump’s New Appointees Have Same Old Wall Street Connections

[ It seems like every time Americans vote for “change we can believe in” (Obama campaign slogan from 2008), what they end up getting is the same old same-old. Betsy DeVos, named last week as Trump’s choice for Education Secretary, turns out is the sister of Erik Prince, founder of Blackwater USA (known today as Academi), the company that supplied paid mercenaries for the US war in Iraq (a war Trump says he was opposed to). Steven Mnuchin, announced today as the president-elect’s pick for Treasury Secretary, is a former partner at Goldman Sachs.

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Syrian Army Liberates Portions of E. Aleppo as West Strikes Back with Propaganda Avalanche

As you can tell from the above video, the Syrian Army and allied forces are making tremendous strides in liberating Eastern Aleppo from terrorists. But of course, every time Russia and Syria begin to make gains in this struggle, that’s when we see a ratcheting up of Western propaganda. The present case seems to be no exception.

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Democracy Now Described as ‘Criminal Cheerleaders’ for Bloodshed in Syria


[ Ed. note – Once there was a time when Democracy Now! was considered the go-to program for reliable alternative news, views, and information. Sadly, this doesn’t seem to be the case any more. That, at any rate, is the take you are likely come away with after reading the very informative article below by Vanessa Beeley.

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