Phyllis Bennis’ Delusions of ‘Massive Opposition’ to Israel Evaporate Under Harsh Light of Reality

By Jeff Blankfort

There is massive opposition to Israeli actions in the United States today, particularly importantly in the Jewish community, where there’s been an enormous shift in that discourse.

So you still have organizations, right-wing organizations like AIPAC that include very wealthy donors, no doubt, but they no longer can even make the claim–which was probably never true, but it certainly is no longer true–that they speak for the majority, let alone all, of the Jewish community.

You now have an organization like J Street in the center. You have Jewish Voice for Peace on the left, which has over 200,000 supporters across the country. So you have a very different scenario now of where public opinion is.

— Phyllis Bennis, interviewed on The Real News Network, September 14, 2016

Massive opposition to Israeli actions in the United States? Within the Jewish community? Who does Phyllis Bennis thinks she’s kidding and, as importantly, why is she doing so? That there is no sign of any activity or combination of activities in the US opposing Israel’s actions that qualify as massive among the larger public and definitely not within the Jewish community should be patently as well as painfully obvious.

Her comment becomes even more mystifying since it came on the day that Barack Obama announced that the US would award Israel a record breaking $38 billion in arms over the decade beginning in 2018. What opposition there was to the deal on the part of the public, much less the Jewish community, was barely visible.

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Stein Talks Mostly Sense While Trump, Clinton Debate Inanities


By Richard Edmondson

It was a smart move on Jill Stein’s part to do a live stream during last night’s televised debate as it underscored the willful and dogmatic intractableness exhibited by the Commission on Presidential Debates in excluding her. As Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton quibbled over such mundane matters as who founded the birther movement, Stein was giving mostly sensible answers to a host of complex issues facing us.

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Washington Seeks a ‘We Fly, You Don’t’ Zone Over Syria

US officials are loudly calling for–demanding almost, although we haven’t quite reached that point yet, it seems–a no-fly zone over all of Syria–a no-fly zone in which Russian and Syrian planes would be grounded, while US coalition planes would continue to carry out bombing missions.

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Is the US Effectively Under Military Rule?

 photo carterdunford_zpssoxsvr59.jpg

[ Ed. note – The “accidental” airstrike against Syrian Army forces last Saturday raises some serious questions about who is really in control of the US government at this point. In the following article, Finian Cunningham argues that the US military has in essence usurped control over the campaign in Syria from the president. ]

By Finian Cunningham

A schism within US government has come spectacularly into the open, with the Pentagon and CIA militarists seemingly subverting the president’s authority over Syria policy.

This amounts to a brazen pulling of rank by the militarist elements within the US power structure over the civilian titular head of government. This power struggle came to light dramatically – if briefly – with the US air strike last weekend on the Syrian army base near Deir ez-Zor in which over 60 troops were killed.

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Lavrov Says Ceasefires were ‘Bogus,’ Nixes Future ‘Unilateral’ Meausres

Fort Russ News | September 22, 2016

Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov made history today at the UN’s meeting of the Security Council, declaring that future unilateral pauses couched as ‘ceasefire agreements’ are off the table. He has skillfully referred to the mounting factual evidence of the US’s continued flagrant violations on any number of points of agreement over the course of this conflict.

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Assad Says US Attack Was Intentional, Lasted for More Than an Hour

Launching an aerial attack on military personnel of another country and then claiming afterwards it was an accident –sounds like a familiar story. Has Ashton Carter taken a page out of the Israeli playbook? According to the findings of the Independent Commission of Inquiry into the Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty, the combined air and naval assault that took place on June 8, 1967 lasted for two hours and was preceded by eight hours of aerial surveillance.