Humor: Toilet Training Obama

 photo toitrain_zpsycopbvsu.jpg

Ariadna Theokopoulos | Boldface News

Toilet training, a difficult task with infants as well as pets, can be as gratifying when its succeeds as it is frustrating when it fails.

Experts suggest the key is to have patience and be consistent, and no one has shown more patience with Obama than Putin in trying to save him from embarrassment. Nevertheless, time has run out for Obama, who must be counted now as a toilet training failure…

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Fascist Felines


[ Ed. note – The great, pressing question of our day may well be: do holocaust denial laws in Europe apply only to humans, or also to cats? ]

By Ariadna Theokopoulos

There are two kinds of analysts of current world events: those who “connect the dots” of known events or observed trends, and those who identify trends in advance, before they have even sprouted dots to connect. I strive to be among the latter. Feline fascism is such an emerging trend.

There has been an unusually large number of cats whose physical appearance is strongly reminiscent of Adolf Hitler’s most recognizable facial traits: his mustache and his hair falling over one side of the forehead.

Is this odd similarity a random occurrence or is it an inherited particularity in feline offspring of National Socialist cats that seek mates sharing their ideology?

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Ted Cruz Finally Gets the Respect He Deserves


Hillary Cruz and Ted Clinton. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. If both Cruz and Clinton end up winning their respective party’s nominations, we will truthfully be able to say that the dysfunctional US political system has selected the worst possible candidates from both parties. The dog in the above photo has figured out what the people apparently have not: that the fix is in.

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Jewish Groups Take Credit for NY Times Parody; Web Site Taken Down


Two Jewish activist groups have taken credit for a spoof edition of the New York Times that appeared yesterday and that created a sensation online as well as in print copies handed out on the streets of New York.

Sadly, the online version of the parody has been taken down, apparently due to pressure applied on the web host. However, a portion of it has been archived here.

The articles that appeared in the caricature were quite witty as were the fake ads, including the one shown here as well as another for “Shalom Cement” (“no walls say ‘Apartheid’ like Shalom Cement”).  The charade seems to have brought smiles all around, with the lone exceptions of the New York Times and their Zionist cousins in Israel.

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New York Times Gets Bent Out of Shape over Paper’s Parody

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The parody of the New York Times that was launched today now seems to have gone viral. An unidentified spokesperson for the paper (i.e. the real New York Times, not the very realistic-looking spoof) has been quoted by the Jerusalem Post as saying that management  “objects” to anyone attempting to “cloak their political views under the banner of the New York Times.”

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