26 Pictures that will Alter the Way You Percieve the Universe

26cometThe above photo shows a comet, similar to the one on which the Philae probe landed recently, superimposed–to scale–upon a picture of Los Angeles. With all the billions of comets said to be out there, what do you suppose the chances are of one of them slamming into the earth at some point? According to NASA, the general scientific consensus on this is that a comet did hit the earth some 65 million years ago…and wiped out the dinosaurs. A legitimate question to ask is: did this event make human evolution possible, and had it never occurred, would humans be nonexistent and would dinosaurs still be roaming the earth?

Another question is: what made the comet hit us? Was it simply a chance event? I certainly don’t have the answers to these questions, but you can go here and see 26 very striking pictures–not quite as striking as the one above, but very, very striking nonetheless–that will “make you re-evaluate your entire existence,” as the photo essay attests.