Israelis Shoot Another Teenage Girl


[ Ed. note – The seventeen-year-old “female terrorist” posed such a threat to the heavily armed Israelis that they just had to shoot her dead. Wasn’t any other choice. Or at least that’s their version of events. I keep waiting for the day when the Israelis shoot a pregnant woman and justify it on the grounds that the fetus was trying to stab someone. ]

BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — A Palestinian teenage girl was shot and killed after she allegedly attempted to stab an Israeli border policewoman near the Ras Biddu checkpoint north of Jerusalem on Monday.

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Nakba Day in Occupied Palestine

 photo nakbaday_zpsjgnmq3g7.jpg

[Ed. note – Sixty eight years ago more than 700,000 Palestinians were driven out of their homes and into the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and neighboring Arab countries. The Zionists not only displaced large numbers of people but also carried out massacres. Today is the day of remembrance. As may be expected, Israel commemorated the event by carrying out attacks against the occupied population. ]

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Brazil’s New Interim President Was US Informant

[ Ed. note – It isn’t mentioned in the above report, but worth keeping in mind in all this is that it wasn’t that long ago, as I reported in an article back in January, that Brazil and Israel were in the midst of a diplomatic standoff over the former’s refusal to accept the credentials of Dani Dayan, Netanyahu’s appointee to serve as ambassador to the South American country. Rousseff’s government rejected the appointment due to Dayan’s involvement in–and outspoken support for–Israel’s settler movement.

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