‘Feminist’ Hillary Clinton Pays Women Staffers Less than Men

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[ Ed. note – the latest batch of Clinton emails from Wikileaks has produced a rather surprising revelation. Clinton, if nothing else, would have a strict policy of paying her female staffers on an equal par with her male employees–or so most of us would assume. Apparently, however, this is not the case. According to latest disclosures from Wikileaks, Clinton’s female staffers are paid considerably lower than the men. This may be the most interesting email leak yet–interesting in that it is not what we expected.

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US Spurns Russian Offer to Monitor November Election


[ Ed. note – Couldn’t help but laugh when I saw this story. The offer from the Russians obviously couldn’t have come at a better time. The current media uproar over Trump’s remarks about not accepting the election results (unless he wins) is only one spot on the giraffe, of course. The other awkwardness to muse upon is the US government’s history of making sanctimonious demands for Western observers to monitor elections in other countries–but of course now, with it’s own elections being seriously called into question, it refuses such an offer from Russia. ]

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Dr. Mads Gilbert Discusses Plight of Gazans in US Speaking Tour

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“They don’t want our pity, but they do welcome our solidarity.”

–Dr. Mads Gilbert

By Jeff Smith

Dr. Mads Gilbert, author of the books, Eyes in Gaza and Night in Gaza, in which he describes what it was like to work under the bombs with Palestinian colleagues during Israel’s 2008 – 2009 and 2014 invasions of the Gaza Strip, recently completed a US speaking tour that took him to various venues in Michigan, Indiana, and Texas.

In Grand Rapids, Michigan, Dr. Gilbert spoke to an audience of about 100 people at Calvin College. A Christian liberal arts college associated with the Christian Reformed Church, Calvin has previously hosted various speakers who focus on Palestine, among them Ali Abunimah, Nora Barrows-Friedman, and Mazen Qumsiyeh.

A guest of Grand Rapids-based non-profit, Healing Children of Conflict, as well as of Calvin College’s History Department and Middle East Club, Dr. Gilbert provided an astute fact-based analysis of the situation in Gaza. However, Dr. Gilbert’s presentation did not just rely on facts. It was also structured around powerful stories of Palestinian civilians whom he has met while working in makeshift operating rooms at Gaza’s Al-Shifa’ hospital.

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UNESCO Backs Motion Nullifying Jewish Ties to Temple Mount

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[ Ed. note – What if it turned out there really was a Jewish temple in Jerusalem at one time, but that it did not stand where most people now think it did? A year ago I published an article entitled Wailing at the Wrong Wall: Misunderstandings About Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, which explored that very question–namely that the temple stood at a different location from what is today referred to as the “Temple Mount.”

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