Israeli Court Sentences Palestinian Journalist to 6 Months in Prison for ‘Incitement’

 photo dweik_zpsd66d2msv.jpg

Palestinian journalist Samah Dweik

[ Ed. note – Praise the Lord for women of courage. In the photo above, Palestinian journalist Samah Dweik looks rather defiant and unrepentant as she is hauled off to jail for “incitement.” Apparently such laws apply only to Palestinians. In addition to the story below about Dweik, you might be interested in recent comments by Israeli opposition leader Isaac Herzog, who believes the country is caught up in “growing hatred and racism” which he says is encouraged by right-wing politicians.

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Palestinian Leadership Slams Quartet Report


[Ed. note – The British newspaper The Independent (hat tip Blake) has published a report underscoring what we pretty much already knew: that Israel had engaged in heavy lobbying of Quartet members in order to water down the report just issued. Here are a few key quotes from the story:

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Anti-Democratic Pro EU Protestors

[ Ed. note – This woman feels her life is being destroyed, but obviously hasn’t a clue who is responsible for it. ]

By Jonathan Blakely

Britain is divided post brexit. The main cities voted to remain and the other areas in England & Wales to leave. The disconnect between our political representatives and the people has never been greater. Scotland voted to stay in the EU and is now pushing for another independence vote. The Pro EU campaigners are now bereft. Despite being a rare example of direct democracy in action they have since the result tried to undermine it’s validity and call for another referendum or for the result to be ignored. This will not happen, the people have spoken , the Queen accepted David Cameron’s resignation, possibly even suggested it.

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