The Frightening GMO Food Fraud

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B’Man’s Revolt has published a review on the newly-released book Altered Genes, Twisted Truth, by Steven Drucker, and judging from the review, the book is quite an eye-opener. If you are concerned about the fraudulent science purporting to show the “safety” of genetically engineered foods, as well as the media’s attempts–not just to obfuscate the matter but to outright lie about it–then this is well worth your time to read.

Below is an excerpt. Follow the link to access the full article.

Not only is it manifestly untrue that GMOs are GRAS [“generally recognized as safe”], but through the discovery process in a lawsuit that he and a number of very knowledgeable scientists initiated, Druker learned that FDA administrators overruled their own scientific experts in declaring them GRAS. That is to say, GMOs have been treated as though they were no different from new plant varieties created by traditional methods when it is not true and the decision-makers at the FDA have known all along that it is not true. They are not recognized as safe even within the FDA, itself.

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Decency Without Hope

By David Shulman

Toward the end of Palestinian director Hany Abu-Assad’s powerful new film, Omar, short-listed for the Oscar in the “best foreign language film” category, the eponymous hero (played by Adam Bakri) says to Nadia (Leem Lubany), the woman he has loved and lost: “We have all believed the unbelievable.” The impossible backdrop to their love is the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian West Bank; and indeed there is much that is unbelievable about this occupation and the reality it has created and maintained for nearly half a century.

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