Federal Reserve Issues Emergency Appeal for Supplies of Thin Air


Greg Bacon

New York–The Federal Reserve today held a press conference to issue an appeal for suppliers of thin air.

“We at the Fed are alarmed that we are running short on the very valuable commodity used to issue our notes, thin air,” said Fed Chair Janet Yellen. She continued, “We first noticed that our supplies of thin air were running dangerously low prior to the General election, but chose to not bring up this emergency so as not to influence the voters, but we are now approaching emergency status, with our supplies of thin air getting precariously low to successfully operate.”

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Swastika on the Moon (Satire)

By Ariadna Theokopoulos

AriadNews, 12/26/2015: Millions of people, most of them in the Northern hemisphere, looked in awe upon the full moon on Christmas morning. Fewer knew that it was the first time since 1977 that the Moon allowed us to glimpse its rarely seen “dark side,” the hidden face of the Moon that we don’t normally see, nor that it will not happen again until 2034.

And a lot fewer yet know anything about the discovery of the horrible symbol apparently carved deeply into the pock-marked surface of the moon: a swastika!

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How to Avoid Getting Charged with ‘Hate Speech’ (satire)

[Ed. note – Perhaps one day the governments of France, Germany, and Canada will pass laws against “Baldecaust Denial.” ]

By Ariadna Theokopoulos

The trial of Arthur Topman has a lot of people worried, as well they should be. The laws in force in all European countries, including Rumsfeld’s “new Europe,” against “discrimination and incitement to hate” curtail the freedom of expression and stifle historical research. Prison terms have been imposed for years now in France on those who have taken issue, or even looked askance, at the official Holocaust narrative. More recently, criticism of Israel has been categorized as anti-semitism. But are these critics bona fide anti-semites?

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UN Members’ Crass Insensitivity to Netanyahu (or, we pause now for a moment of silence)

[ Ed. – You can certainly understand  why Netanyahu would feel the way he does considering all the Israeli scientists that Iran has assassinated; considering also, of course, the suffocating sanctions that Iran and its lobby in America have imposed upon Israel all these years, not to mention Iran’s stockpile of some 400 nuclear warheads as well as its deliberate policy of nuclear ambiguity. These, of course, are things not to be take lightly. ]

By AriadnaPress, October 1, 2015

Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, spoke at the UN, berating the UN members for their silent indifference to Israel’s existential danger, faced with Iran’s threat.

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