Country Music Singer Launches YouTube Tirade at Iran

[Ed. note – Singer Charlie Daniels has made a promo for the National Rifle Association in which he addresses “the ayatollahs of Iran and every terrorist you enable.” Imagine if Mr. Daniels instead had said, “to the supremacist rabbis of Israel and every terrorist you enable.” Imagine how much more germane and apropos the message would have been. Shucks! What a squandered opportunity! ]

By Ariadna Theokopolous

You don’t know zilch about America, Mr NRA. Your America is one of celluloid, a throwback to the “support the war effort” propaganda movies once churned by Hollywood for the “good war.”

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Saudis are ‘Preferential Fall Guys’: Ken O’Keefe on the Redacted 28 Pages

In his usual characteristic and “colorful” language, Ken O’Keefe dissects the so-called redacted 28 pages as well as the ingrained corruption and dysfunctionality of the US political system, plus a few other topics. The last time I posted a Ken O’Keefe video we had a complaint from one of our readers about the profanity–and yes it’s true, I normally don’t post anything containing a lot of obscene language. But O’Keefe, in addition to being an ex-US Marine, is also an unabashed truth-teller, so in his case I normally make an exception.

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Terrorist Chief Visits US; State Dept. Says it ‘Didn’t Know’

 photo moderatemassacre_zpsd4nmddeh.jpg

A terrorist leader drops in for a friendly little visit in Washington. What can you say that hasn’t already been said a hundred times before? The US is supporting terrorism in Syria. US officials are hypocrites. There are no ‘moderate’ rebels, etc. It’s all starting to sound like a broken record.

For more on the Al-Zara massacre, see A Moderate Massacre: US-Backed ‘Moderate Rebels’ Slaughter Civilians in Syrian Town.