Media Documentary: How Americans Become Convinced that Palestine Occupies Israel

While attitudes toward Israel held by the American public are starting to change, particularly among younger Americans who get their news from the Internet, polls taken in years past have shown that a majority, when questioned on the Israel-Palestine conflict, actually believe it is the Palestinians who are occupying Israel. Certainly we can imagine that those who get most of their news from Fox and CNN might be inclined to harbor such erroneous ideas…but of course, if you went to Israel and conducted a similar poll among Jewish settlers in the West Bank, you’d probably hear identical views expressed.

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75-Storey Building Catches Fire in Dubai But Fails to Collapse in Its Own Footprint!

Weren’t we were taught on 9/11 that when a steel-frame office building catches fire, the fire will burn hot enough to melt steel girders? And when that happens, will not the building collapse neatly into its own footprint? Isn’t that the only likely result, and wasn’t that pretty much the essence of the NIST report on the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7?

So how in the heck do we explain what happened Wednesday in Dubai where the 75-story Sulafa Tower caught fire and burned for three hours–but yet did not collapse? That’s a tough one. I really can’t figure it out!

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Mike Pence Can’t Decide Whether Israel Has Nuclear Weapons Or Not

[Ed. note – The exchange with Mike Pence shown in the video above took place in 2011. The gentleman asking the questions about Israel’s nuclear weapons is the author of the piece below. Donald Trump seems to be picking some real doozies. According to a report here, Trump may be considering Harold Hamm, an oil industry mogul who supports fracking, for the job of Secretary of Energy. So consider: between Pence’s devotion to Israel, and Hamm’s philosophy of “drill baby drill,” the elites running America–or most likely a good many of them, at any rate–will probably not have too much to worry about should the idea of voting for Hillary Clinton prove too toxic and nauseating for the majority of voters. Or at least that’s kind of the way it’s looking now. ]

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Olympic Training Under Apartheid; Palestinian Swimmer Prepares for Rio

A young swimmer plans to represent Palestine at the Olympics. Let’s hope she makes it to Rio. I guess it all depends on whether the Israelis decide to arrest her for “incitement” between now and August 5.

After posting this, I came across another video of a Palestinian athlete–a runner–who also hopes to make it to Rio…

9/11 And Our Political Crisis: A Talk By Christopher Bollyn

This talk by Christopher Bollyn took place at the home of New York firefighter Rudy Dent on June 26. The event was originally to have taken place at a public theatre in Nyack, New York that had been rented for the occasion, but the theatre owner reportedly came under Zionist pressure and the venue had to be changed.

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