Geoengineering Report for week ending November 18

Program includes updates on Fukushima, including spiking cancer rates in Japan, as well as dire health impacts upon military personnel who were aboard a US Navy ship that was kept in the vicinity of Fukushima in the immediate aftermath of the disaster; Fukushima fallout surging to higher-than-normal levels in Hawaii; massive marine life die-offs on the west coast of the US; an alarming story regarding plans by the US Department of Homeland Security to conduct biological research on the public–specifically a bizarre announcement that the department intends to release “chemical and biological simulant materials” at the Chilicco Indian School campus near Newkirk, Oklahoma; Trump’s practice of appointing industry lobbyists to regulatory posts; and finally the administration’s attack on net neutrality.

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Why Does Israel Keep Attacking Syria?

In the above video we see a political analyst expressing disappointment that Putin has not spoken out against Israel’s repeated airstrikes on Syria. It’s a legitimate concern, and one which I’ve expressed previously myself. Interestingly, however, almost at the same time the video was uploaded by Press TV, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov angered the Israelis by describing Iran’s presence in Syria as “legitimate.”

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‘And the White Bird Will Fly Over the Earth’

Beautiful tune sung by four Russian girls on a train. The song is an old folk song entitled “Beyond the Quiet River,” about Christian Russia. The girls form a singing group called Beloe Zlato, or “White Gold” in English. The name possibly is a reference to the White Russians who fought the Bolsheviks during the Russian Revolution one hundred years ago–I can’t say for sure–though doubtless if a singing group in America were to take the name “White Gold” they would immediately be branded as “Nazis.”

The video was initially posted by the Russian Faith website, which informs us that Beloe Zlato are “famous for performing in random places: in trains, in the metro, in malls, in the streets, outside in the falling snow – everywhere.” And by the way, Russian Faith is apparently now having some You Tube censorship issues, so enjoy the video while you can. I don’t know how much longer it will be available.

‘War to Save the Children’ — Talk By Vanessa Beeley

Recently Vanessa Beeley discussed the cynical manipulation of children to promote war in Syria.  Entitled “War to Save the Children,” her presentation was given as part of a London event entitled “Media On Trial.” It is a very important talk, and Beeley does a superb job of underscoring the hypocrisy behind the so-called “humanitarian interventions” so incessantly pursued by those who decidedly are not humane. The irony here of course: that the “war to save the children,” as it were, is in reality a war that kills children.

Held last month at a church in London, the Media On Trial event was organized by Frome Stop War, an independent anti-war group formed in 2011 in response to the bombing of Libya.

Take an Interactive Tour of Antarctica

Al Jazeera has posted a fascinating interactive video presentation that takes you on a scientific expedition to Antarctica. Join with a team of scientists as they study the impact of climate change–watch as they drill for ice core samples, and also send a robotic submersible deep beneath a glacier where it measures warmer-than-expected ocean temperatures. You’ll see icebergs floating in the Southern Ocean, lots of wildlife, including pigeons, and giant glaciers so close-up you can almost feel the wind blowing off them.

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