Memoirs–When the Sandstone Crumbles

What Would Happen…

–if an ancient papyrus manuscript were discovered containing a previously unknown text written by John, the disciple of Christ?

–if an archaeological team working in Syria came into possession of this text?

–if the text turned out to be written by the same man who also wrote the Book of Revelation?

–if the war raging in Syria might potentially escalate were the contents of the text made public?

–if the national governments backing the opposing sides in that war became aware of the contents and were prepared to kidnap–or kill–to gain possession of the antiquity?

–if a voice from the ancient past were to materialize suddenly, and terrifyingly, out of the fog of time?

An archaeological team enters Syria on a quest as terrorists loot and destroy antiquities thousands of years old while seizing increasingly larger swaths of the country…the book also contains a “story within the story”–narrating the life of John the disciple in the years after the crucifixion…

Close to the end of the first century an aged disciple John is imprisoned on the island of Patmos. Here he meets Quintus Cintugnatus, a young Roman playwright who has been banished there for satirizing the Emperor Domitian. With the Roman emperor’s death, the two men are freed, but John by this time is frail of health, and in his closing days and hours he tells Quintus the story of his life. Captivated by the tale, the young Roman writes it all down, producing what in effect is the disciple’s memoir…Nineteen hundred years later the papyrus of the memoir is discovered in a remote area of the Syrian desert.

The Euphrates River, Syria

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